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  1. I was also thinking that Dreamthief could be a talent taken by anyone. I don't think there's enough there for a full class in a class-based system like 13A but it would make for a very interesting option for a Sorcerer or even a rogue - the latter may even be more appropriate. A multiclass-only class might also work, much like the ninja on the AD&D version of Oriental Adventures all those decades ago....
  2. I've been thinking about this some more, particularly after reading 13th Age Glorantha (and that's no small feat). I'm now thinking that I would replace the Icons with Pacts & Passions. Pacts is simple enough (see above); Passions are inspired by Lawrence Whitaker's innovative mechanic for Mongoose and require you to Love or Hate something. Otherwise, they work as Icons do in 13A. The Passion should be something that drives you to adventure. Pacts will be particularly important for sorcerers - as already noted - and I'm thinking that certain sorcerer powers might be heightened when the PC has a P&P die result of 5 or 6. With that out of the way, the next bit to work through is the mechanics for the Sorcerer class. I think once I've got that right then I can work out how everything else works (including the magic items and/or whatever mechanically replaces magic items as per the 13G innovations). Monster stat blocks are easy; getting the Sorcerer right is really the thing I need to make the Young Kingdoms work for RPing. Finally, I'm really just going to convert Lawrence Whitaker's work for MRQII. He's got a better grasp of MM's lore than I do and he's an infinitely better designer - so good, in fact, that I keep wondering why I don't just use the RQ rules....
  3. That's why the druid is such a good chassis for the sorcerer: Using talents, you can build a druid who is a competent melee combatant while still having some spellcasting ability. That's actually one of the reasons I decided to start with the druid to build my version of the sorcerer.
  4. I basically agree with your points other than as explained in the reply above this one. By the way, which warlock are you referring to? And, yes, I would give some thought to dreamthieves in due course, although maybe they're better as NPCs. Also, dreamtheft would work as a talent for the way I envisage the sorcerer working (again, see previous reply).
  5. Focus? Definitely an epic fantasy take with PCs ultimately being forces for/agents of Law, Chaos, and/or the Cosmic Balance. Icons would be the Lords of Law and Chaos, possibly the Cosmic Balance, possibly Fate, and also the Elemental Lords. Classes would be the existing barbarian, commamder, fighter, ranger, and rogue. Custom class would be a sorcerer built on the druid chassis so that the choice of talents would model a range of classes. The animal companion talent serves as an excellent starting point for summoning creatures and even binding them. The Icons would also determine spell access as is the case with the occultist and I think the spells would otherwise be conversions of what exists in MRQII. Two races: humans and Melnibonéans. The former would be touched by Fate and thus lucky. The latter would have a bonus sorcerer talent. With some work, this should balance them against each other while feeling very different. I do like the various d100 versions of Elric and Stormbringer but there's a lot of work for the DM when it comes to creating monsters and NPCs which is not the case in 13A. That's my primary reason for wanting to go this route. Anyway, I'll keep reading the 13th Age version of Glorantha to see what other things might jump out at me.
  6. I bought DLoM when it was first released and was rather disappointed. It struck me as a sloppy cash grab during the d20 boom/glut rather than a genuine attempt to convert Stormbringer to d20. And I've been banned at RPG.net for a while for obscure reasons that I don't recall.
  7. Understood. I didn't actually mean as an official product but a fan-based conversion.
  8. Now that 13th Age Glorantha has been published (and it's outstanding), I wonder if there is any interest in a version of Stormbringer powered by 13th Age?
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