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    I first started playing using the old RQ II rules. I have played a lot of games, but seem to be drifting back to d100.
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    Getting ready to run a Borderlands campaign using the new rules
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    Mostly a GM (I am always thinking "I could do this better" when I play...)

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  1. I know the Karotechia are canonically wiped out, but I was thinking that in my DG I would have them still be around (Nazi's make excellent enemies, in my estimation). Anyways, Oberfurher Galt had a magic item called Ring of the Anziques that gave him protection from kinetic energy attacks equal to his current POW. That works for weapons that just have a damage rating, but what is a good way to handle weapons with Lethality ratings? My first inclination is to simply assume the Lethality roll doesn't automatically kill him, but use the roll as damage, as if the Lethality roll failed (ie: 2d10 damage)... how does that sound to folks?
  2. I have been signed up for a while now and didn't get any notice of the update/preview.
  3. Ah, I never remembered reading about giant stone heads and petrified humanoids coming out of the cliffs, that was what was confusing me...
  4. Anyone have any idea what the illo on pg 123 is supposed to be?
  5. I wrote up this little pamphlet for use with MRQ a few years back, but should be usable with BRP with little trouble. It is a bit more detailed than the standard disease rules. Disease for RuneQuest.pdf I will probably convert it to BRP soon, since I don't play with MRQ anymore...
  6. From what I know (and I'm not an expert), the "average" IQ in the US is around 100. The average INT in BRP is 13, which should be around the 100 IQ range. So BRP INT is more likely to be something like IQ x 8 rather than x 10.
  7. I like that idea of a riposte. The only problem I would have with it is that the better the parry the harder the riposte. So if you rolled a special parry, you would have less of a chance for a riposte than if you had rolled your parry on the nose. I'm sure there is a mathematical work-around to that, but I'm too sleepy to think of it...
  8. Interesting. That makes for a nice middle ground between the Fatigue Point system and the simplified system in the book. How long does recovery take in your system?
  9. As part of my ongoing world conversion to BRP I've come across a problem. Three of my races have innate psionic abilities and the earlier versions (other game systems) had them using Fatigue rather than mana or spell points. I'd like to keep with that concept and since there is nothing to keep these races from also using magic, I need to differentiate somehow. Given this situation, what would be a good Power Point to fatigue point conversion rate? Any pitfalls I'm not seeing?
  10. That's good to hear. I'm thinking that this is the correct solution for the type of cultures/religions in my world. Thanks everyone who replied for your thoughts.
  11. How badly would it break the mechanism to have there just be a single Allegiance score that can go down (as well as up). For example, the goddess of the culture in question for my current game values chivalric/gentlemanly behavior, valor and heroism (especially in the face of overwhelming opposition) as well as learning/study. So in this case the allegiance might go down if a character did something cowardly, or killed captives, etc. Those acts don't really count for allegiance to any of the neighboring religions, and they aren't really appropriate for the equivalent of devil worship in this setting.
  12. I just picked up the Big Gold Book and I'm really excited about getting back into the BRP system (played RQ back in the day). I'm going to be using it in my own homebrew world and want to use the Allegiance rules, however, each of the cultures in my world have a single god that they worship. Now, without a yang to the culture's ying, would Allegiance work using the following axis; (for cultural deity) vs (against cultural deity)? With "against" in this case meaning against societal mores, not necessarily for malicious ends. Like a Cimmerian barbarian who likes writing poetry and eschews violence. A (sorta) real-world version would be like Christian vs un-Christian (as opposed to Satan). Does that sound workable? (Assuming i made any sense).
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