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  1. And a completely over the top one ... shooting the messenger for having the absolute sheer gall and temerity to ask for a substantive update. And not providing any real idea of what is going on ... though it seems to hint that nothing has been done on the RMR Sourcebook as it only mentions some work done on formatting the comic, which was, of course, not the main part of the KS project. Not a really good sign (YMMV), and I have backed KS projects that are as much as 3-4 years late, but where the creators have kept us updated with the glacially slow progress, at least, even when the explanations/excuses have shown a lack of planning or really poor decision making as the root cause. Who knows what the heck is going on with this! Phil
  2. Does anyone have any contact details for anyone at Alephtar Games? They haven't been updating progress on 'Red Moon Rising' and haven't been responding to queries about (lack of) progress in any substantive way ... They haven't even logged in to the KS Webpage for a month ... there's obviously something going on, but they don't seem to be able, or want, to share ... Phil McGregor
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