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    I started directing for AD&D (dragonlance, forgotten realms and a little planescape), then I changed to Vampire: dark ages, L5R and cyberpunk. After that I started to get in and out of the scene. In this period I mostly played as PC and tried call of Chtulhu and AD&D Darksun. I also tried directing some RQ campaigns but always failed miserably and also a Vampire: dark ages campaign set in Cordoba during the califate that was a success.

    Now I came back to RQ and I am currently writing various materials for that game, mainly a campaign set in Fronela.
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    Currently I am directing RQ6 and playing D&D 3.5
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    I have been watching my brothers play RQ since I was 10, but I didn't quite get the hang of it. But a few months back I started writing and now I find myself with almost 200 pages of different materials. so now my goal is to finish writing my campaign and then I would like to publish it at some point.

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  1. And what about ducks? Do they start sqacking in a specific tone maybe? I don't know why, but I imagine them really proud and really noisy when they are angry or sad. And dwarves? What happens when they see they're a cog in a system? Do they have something like existential crisis? I imagine decagonists don't really know if they have emotions or don't, since they are born into the system and are assigned a duty since they are born? molded? But it must be hard for individualists when they are starting to find themselves, right? And if they can feel emotion, I guess it must be pretty intense
  2. Thank you all, really really useful, I'm going to play that scene on the next session inshallah. Yeah, I imagined it like a really really deep throat singing, something like this:
  3. Good morning, people: I Am thinking about a scene to play in Riverjoin where a group of human PC and a troll NPC find another troll who is sad. The trolls start talking in darktongue, after a few words the sad troll starts weeping, they hug and pat their backs, and then each one goes on their way. If the PC ask their troll companion about the matter, he says "he cryes because Gbaji's curse hit him many times now, two females already rejected him, and he fears that if he doesn't give healthy child to a female he won't be acceptd by any other female ever again." The problem is that I d
  4. Oh, and another question: On page 205 of GtG says that Meriatan was king Gundreken's lover, so the question is simple: how does homosexuality play in Glorantha (specifically among Loskalmi, Jonatings and Janubians), and sex in public? Is there a topic about this already in the forum? I have to ask because I've already played Zoria with my players once, and well, I imagine there are public displays of love and sex in Zoria, hetero or homosexual, but I don't really know how would a Loskalmi react to these, or an orlanthi, or a troll, or anyone else. Can you help me?
  5. Hello again: Returning to the original topic, I just wanted to ask you guys a question: I have doubts about how to play the events of the War against War, more precisely, how to establish a system of priorities so I don't pass a really important event or character as something petty. For the moment, I've been reading anything I find on GtG, magazines, etc. and then writing questions about whatever is not clear, so one of the goals for players could be answering those questions by taking part in the events. For instance, what happens with the trolls of the black forest, are they
  6. Thanks, That is actually the material I used to write Zoria, I just took the names, places, people, key words, etc. and added some details to adapt it to RQ. I want to adapt my campaign to the official material and the campaign setting starts in 1621 T.S. So I intend to use these future invasions as hooks so the players decide where to go at the end of the campaign. Let's see, the idea is that each proposed path of the setting (eastern, western and northern) has three scenarios with three adventures each, so after each scenario I will write a few hooks for possible adventures, a
  7. Hello everyone, I am currently working on a full campaign setting around this topic. You know the war against war, the KoW and what happens in there, and I would really appreciate some feedback from you. I haven't read the conversation yet, so just tell me if I mention something that you already discussed. For the moment I am playing the eastern part of the campaign, centered in Riverjoin, Zoria, Barleygrove, and part of Rathorela. I am trying to stick to the official material as much as I can, adapting it from heroquest, old runequest and magazines, and writing my own stuff only to
  8. Sorry about the mess, I made it public. This is the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bl6lr46ipfzfkm/AAAKveg8TITMuv08H-slDOdYa?dl=0
  9. Hello everyone, It is my first time writing in this forum. I am writing this message because I am writing diverse materials about Glorantha blending, adapting and developing different sources such as articles from the fanzines Ye Book of Tentacles, Tradetalk and Tales of the Reaching Moon with up to date materials such as The Guide to Glorantha or the Stafford Library. The thing is that I need someone to review my materials because I don't know if I am missing important details or not, so I need someone more knowledgeable to give me a second opinion.I inform you in advance that everything
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