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    I started directing for AD&D (dragonlance, forgotten realms and a little planescape), then I changed to Vampire: dark ages, L5R and cyberpunk. After that I started to get in and out of the scene. In this period I mostly played as PC and tried call of Chtulhu and AD&D Darksun. I also tried directing some RQ campaigns but always failed miserably and also a Vampire: dark ages campaign set in Cordoba during the califate that was a success.

    Now I came back to RQ and I am currently writing various materials for that game, mainly a campaign set in Fronela.
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    Currently I am directing RQ6 and playing D&D 3.5
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    I have been watching my brothers play RQ since I was 10, but I didn't quite get the hang of it. But a few months back I started writing and now I find myself with almost 200 pages of different materials. so now my goal is to finish writing my campaign and then I would like to publish my it at some point.

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  1. Sorry about the mess, I made it public. This is the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bl6lr46ipfzfkm/AAAKveg8TITMuv08H-slDOdYa?dl=0
  2. Hello everyone, It is my first time writing in this forum. I am writing this message because I am writing diverse materials about Glorantha blending, adapting and developing different sources such as articles from the fanzines Ye Book of Tentacles, Tradetalk and Tales of the Reaching Moon with up to date materials such as The Guide to Glorantha or the Stafford Library. The thing is that I need someone to review my materials because I don't know if I am missing important details or not, so I need someone more knowledgeable to give me a second opinion.I inform you in advance that everything is written in Spanish, in case that may be a problem. Keep in mind that all are incomplete works that I update daily, well more like thrice a week. here's a dropbox link with all my materials:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bl6lr46ipfzfkm/AAAKveg8TITMuv08H-slDOdYa?dl=0These are the materials I am working on right now: Afinidades rúnicas: the set of rules I use for the runic affinities, including the use of the chaos rune.La tercera profecía: a campaign settled around the Kingdom of War in 1620 that tells events that precede the War against War.Los hsunchen: an article about the hsunchen with systems to make them more colourful and fun to play.Notas Glorantha: an adaptation of RQ6 rules for the Glorantha setting.Resumen magia: a mash-up of third and sixth edition rules I use for magic.El hijo pródigo (now a part of Cuentos apócrifos): a tale about the first owner of the Magic rune and how it ended up in the hands of Arachne Solara.
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