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    Started playing Basic D&D when I was 6. Moved up to AD&D, then Mythus (or Dangerous Journeys). Played White-Wolf, Rifts, Star Wars d6 (loved it!), and other games. Discovered a love of the Cthulhu Mythos through playing the Arkham Horror Board Game, and just had to get Call of Cthulhu, loved what I saw, and decided to check out BRP and loved it even more.
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    New York (the greatest city - most smelly, most crowded, most rude, most expensive...)
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    Raised in the sewers I learned the art of ninjitsu

    RPG lover, Board Game lover, Cartoon lover, in other words, a 5 year old trapped in a 30-something year old's body.


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  1. With Old Republic around the corner, I am drooling to play some pen and paper star wars as well. Was thinking of trying to use BRP for it too. If I get anything typed out and worked on, I'll post it up.
  2. Any updates on the release date? September is here and almost gone. Though I know that generally in the publishing world everything is subject to change, just wondering if anyone has any info or heard anything?
  3. Yeah. I did a search for Melee Round in the BGB pdf I have and it only appears twice, and it seems to just be used as an interchange for Combat Round. Thanks for the clarification. I thought it meant Melee Round, but wasn't sure.
  4. I noticed in some of the equipment table they will have 1/2 MR or 1/4 MR. I never saw any explanation to what MR is. Anyone know? I'm probably just not being a careful reader. Just throwing it out there.
  5. Cool, definitely will have to print this out. I made a booklet of about 20+ pages that have all the charts and sidebars full of information which functions like a GM screen. Wanted to upload it, but the file was originally too large. I reduced it, so it might work. Anyone know the attachment policy for this site?
  6. Rod, sorry to hear about you being laid off. Hang in there. Ordered Cthulhu Invictus, Invictus Companion (myself and the wife are history and mythology and Cthulhu buffs, so this will be a treat for both of us), Malleus Monstrorum (because I don't want to spend $300 in printer cartridges printing the thing out ), and BRP Witchcraft ('cause I love me witches). Can't wait to get them. Between that and Tad William's Shadowmarch trilogy (of 4 books ) I gots my summer reading.
  7. In the AH RQ book 2 (Gamemasters Book), they had ship stats and rough combat guidelines. Would those work as a basis on what to make statistics like vehicles and spacecraft to be?
  8. STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although the d6 is still to this day pretty damn cool.... before the dark times, before d20. BRP Star Wars would be pretty super awesome.
  9. Anyone go to this thing? Didn't make it myself. Too much stuff going on here lately.
  10. I downloaded it a while ago. Just posted it in the downloads section for those interested. http://basicroleplaying.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=398
  11. Hello all: Just a quick combat related question that I'm sure has been asked before, but my oversight, and/or laziness missed. With Critical and Special Successes. With Critical Successes the damage is full and db is rolled normally and it bypasses armor. With Special Successes, armor is counted normally and the weapon's special ability is performed (bleeding, impaling, etc.). So the question is: Do the weapon's special ability come into play during a Critical Success as well, or only a Special Success? Is it a balance of well the armor is not counted, so it's a free damage ride?
  12. Got my copy of the hardcover in the mail yesterday. What a great product. Very nice, and got a great deal on amazon for it.
  13. Thanks Merak Gren, much appreciated. Put the word doc up. It's word 2003 and it has the Goudy font in it, so if you don't have it, it might mess up the spacing a bit until another like-sized font is exchanged. http://basicroleplaying.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=392
  14. One question I thought of in terms of the Critical and Special Success when the skill is modified is in combat. When you use the multiple attack option, say you have a skill of 120% and you divide it into two 60s. Would the Critical and Special Success be rated at the 60s then?
  15. Thanks a lot Chaot. Much appeciated. Usually, when I print out character sheets, I use card shock or cover stock. Makes them more durable for erasures and messy players (myself notorious for spilling tea on my stuff). Here is the word file for those that want the base to make changes: http://basicroleplaying.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=392
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