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    Downloaded from Scribed. Awesome portfolio.
  2. 427 downloads

    Word 2003 version of my crappy BRP Sheet. The font is Goudy, so those that don't have it will need to change it to another font that is equivalent size...unless you can find the font of course.
  3. 547 downloads

    Just my home made character sheet. Tried to put in as much as possible with conserving space so it wouldn't be a book. Comments and criticisms very welcome.
  4. 788 downloads

    Here is a draft for review by the experts. Just something I wanted to put together that would give a good easy to read and review overview of how the system worked, and as a guide of reference for both new and seasoned gamemasters. Also included in the back is an extra large resistance table. That was all I could think of putting on it without it becoming too big. Although if there is anything that those viewing it think should be on it, or if they find errors please let me know. As is implied in the title this is only the first version. Comments and criticisms are most welcome.
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