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  1. Thank you so much for your replies. These were exactly the kinds of responses I was hoping for. It gives me another perspective against which to compare my ideas. It's not so much the rules I object to, it's the thought of trying to explain them to a new player. TrippyHippy: Your point about a larger Size having disadvantages is a good one. I think it gives some balance to that trait. Previously I had thought that there are a lot really tough women that aren't very large and therefore Size would put them at a disadvantage. But then I thought: no, they just have high STR and a high Brawl. I think EDU makes sense if you frame it as a measure of how much you hit the books. So you could be a physician that skated by and did virtually no studying. I think I was getting hung up on the description of 40= high school, or whatever it is. If I abstract the trait a little in my mind, it makes more sense to me. I'm not buying the empirical nature of Appearance as a rationale for using that over charisma. After all there's a stat called Power that's pretty abstract. But I appreciate your perspective. Numtini: I completely agree. I think the optional rule of setting a base of 10% in related firearms skills once 50% is reached in one is a good start but I don't think it goes far enough. I think I'd be tempted to say: buy your skill points in the one firearm you want to specialize in. Then your score in the other firearms is 1/2 of your specialized skill. You can then buy points to boost the other firearm skills. Thanks again to both of you for your responses.
  2. Hi all: First off, I want to say I hadn't played CoC since 4th edition and I've been so impressed with the quality of 7th edition products. Having said that, I have some questions. I'm looking at bringing new players into the game. As I look at the 7th edition rules, I see lots of places where I will need to be a 'rules apologist' during character creation. Or I see places where I will need to explain counter-intuitive or overly-complex items to the players. I think that starts the experience of playing CoC off on a sour note. So I'm asking these questions because I'm thinking of making changes and I want to know if there's a good reason not to. Why do Listen and Spot Hidden still exist as separate skills? Could they be combined into a skill called Awareness, Situational Awareness or Perception? Why is Education not related to occupation? Shouldn't they have ranges, like Credit Rating? Or at least a minimum threshold? I can see a PhD working as a cook (especially in a Modern Setting -- ha ha) but I can't imagine someone with an Education of 20 as Physician. Why do we still have Size as 'an average of height and weight'? Doesn't that automatically create a disadvantage for female characters? It's not STR, it's purely a measure of bulk. Although there certainly are tall and muscular women, if I want to create an 'average' woman, she will automatically have disadvantages in combat (HP + Damage Bonus). Has there been any talk of reskinning this attribute as something else? Like Body (muscle tone, athleticism, etc...) or does that mess up some other aspect of the Size attribute? The attribute Appearance is described in 7th edition as general charisma. I don't know why the name bothers me, but it does. If the name of the attribute requires explanation ('oh it's not just your physical appearance, it's also...") then I think it's not a good name. I can make changes on the fly when reading published campaigns, but is there another reason I need to keep the name the same for players? Is it referenced in player-facing material that I need to consider? Can we call it 'Social' without breaking anything? Psychology is really 'Detect Motives' or 'Assess Person' or 'Social Awareness', right? It isn't used for psychological healing. Is it ever used as a knowledge skill? I think calling it Psychology really 'buries the lead'. It's a crucially important skill in an investigative game and new players might not understand its importance. If you don't highlight the importance of the skill to new players, I think you'd likely end up with a bunch of characters that have Aspergers. the 10% baseline also feels very low for the description of a skill that 'everyone has'. Would it break anything to have it related to the Social attribute (APP)? Say SOC/2. Again, I understand the motives behind leaving a lot of this stuff the same in each edition of CoC. I think that it's admirable, really. And I'm honestly asking these questions because I know I don't know the nuts and bolts of the system as well as I should before I start changing things. Thanks in advance to all for their feedback!
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