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  1. Thank you so much for your replies. These were exactly the kinds of responses I was hoping for. It gives me another perspective against which to compare my ideas. It's not so much the rules I object to, it's the thought of trying to explain them to a new player. TrippyHippy: Your point about a larger Size having disadvantages is a good one. I think it gives some balance to that trait. Previously I had thought that there are a lot really tough women that aren't very large and therefore Size would put them at a disadvantage. But then I thought: no, they just have high STR and a high
  2. Hi all: First off, I want to say I hadn't played CoC since 4th edition and I've been so impressed with the quality of 7th edition products. Having said that, I have some questions. I'm looking at bringing new players into the game. As I look at the 7th edition rules, I see lots of places where I will need to be a 'rules apologist' during character creation. Or I see places where I will need to explain counter-intuitive or overly-complex items to the players. I think that starts the experience of playing CoC off on a sour note. So I'm asking these questions because I'm thinking of
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