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  1. I actually looked at both RQ and HQ before I picked up the RQ slipcase edition, I (and most of the people I play with) prefer the crunchier games.
  2. I realized that the new Runequest ( and Heroquest too I suppose) is very backward compatible, which is why I started looking at the old stuff.
  3. I just kind of discovered the new version of Runequest and started looking at the previous stuff, I didn’t realize that these combined editions were so old.
  4. Just noticed that of the classic Glorantha compilations only Pavis & The Big Rubble does not list a non PDF version. Is there no dead tree version for this book or is it just out of stock?
  5. Great, I already ordered the Runequest Glorantha book set and wanted more information on Glorantha, I will most likely get both guide and sourcebook, I’ll have to think about whether or not to get the other books you mention.
  6. I’m planning to buy the Guide to Glorantha and I’m wondering if I should get the Glorantha Sourcebook also. Does the sourcebook have any info not contained in the guide? Do I need them both to get a complete picture? Please give me any advice that would point me to the best source of info on Glorantha.
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