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    Started playing rpg in 1979 - started with ad&d then moved into the horror genre with CHILL & CALL OF CTHULHU. I am a big lovecraftian and I collect all things cthulhu. I am also published as I wrote for goblinoid games for the cryptworld monsters macabre supplement. I also ran games at icon, a long island based convention in stoney brook.
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    Call of cthulhu - down darker trails
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    Phoenix arizona
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    Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Married to a wonderful woman and father to the best son anyone can ask for.While not working as a Service provider specialist I am interested in Horror genre including horror movies and horror RPGs such as call of Cthulhu and chill.I am also an avid collector of all things cthulhu

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  1. Yeah that is what I thought...
  2. Would you consider a saracen a occupation or not? I would personally say it's not a occupation... Any thoughts?
  3. An open letter to chaosium As a fan of the greatest rpg call of cthulhu since 2nd edition I need to say I love the 7th edition but I do need to ask (beg) for the following settings and campaigns. 1. Dark ages - need I say more? 2. Gaslight - cthulhu by gaslight needs to come back 3. Colonial - imagine playing in colonial Arkham 4. Dreamland - please release this for 7th edition Can we also get a 7th edition of the brotherhood of the beast module?
  4. Has anyone tried their hand in creating templates for call of cthulhu 7th edition in here lab?
  5. Has anyone played as a saracen in cthulhu dark ages? I was thinking of creating a character but I wonder if there are any rules specific to creating a saracen. An example would be an average saracen cavalier would be highly educated compared to his European counterpart.
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  8. Has anyone attempted to convert the Wampyre from necroscope to the 7th edition?
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