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    Started with red and blue book D&D (translated to Norwegian), then got the Rules Encyclopedia, shortly thereafter I moved on to MERP, then D6SW, then RMSS, then a few years of D20 silliness, HARP, Vampire, Spacemaster and then on and on…
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    HARP, HARPSF and BRP are the games my attention can at least somewhat manage to focus on…
    Settingwise I’m creating my own, with a few friends, a joint venture. Called Pentarus. Great stuff, if I may say so myself. It started initially as a world vaguely based on Glenn Cook's series "Black Company", but is nothing like that really.
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    Bergen, Norway.
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    I’m male. I’m somewhere around average of height in this country. I have hair on my head, in my face, chest and apparently on my back and shoulders too.
    I have eyes that see quite well, except when things are too close, then I need glasses.
    I enjoy social philosophical discussions, I like Foucault, Habermas, Bourdieu, Giddens and many other intelligent people.
  1. yeah, https://joindiaspora.com/ is not open yet, for some reason. Plenty of other pods though.
  2. https://diasp.de/ should work… if not just have a look see here: http://podupti.me/ and pick an appropriate pod…
  3. Right. So I'm looking at the unarmed combat super power, something that might come in useful over the next few sessions to properly pound my more than sure of themselves players… for this I see no problem… but lets say one of the players acquired this super power (and someone will eventually the way things are going)… it says that there is an opposed roll on the resistance table… trying to figure out what this meant I found no clear explanation. So if, my evil npc had 4 levels and the unlucky wannabe-ninja player had 1 level, I would place wannabe's level 1 as active and evil overlord ninja's level 4 as passive on the resistance roll table for the players roll, and inverted for my evil overlord ninja-monk killer of doom? then both roll and on we go? Or is there some other mechanic that I have over-looked that is intended for this?
  4. Yup. I've had no problems with it as of yet. Works well, of course its lacking in stuff, but given that its an alpha and brand new (sort of), I have few complaints.
  5. Something along those lines yes… ehm… it, you know, we… ehm… different people, different connotations… I prefer … ehm… who are you? I have this odd feeling of… uhm… here, have a corpsicle!
  6. Many things, depending upon context, amongst them: "of or relating to society or its organisation" … of course you can just google it or go here and have a look-see.
  7. I just want to make people aware (those who aren't anyway) about the Diaspora* Project. Come join your own future!
  8. I suddenly became interested in a system like this, referring to my last question in the Dragon Lines book… Reputation and Honour are two types of social "hit points" I can think of just now, Pride another, which would somehow be related to appearance/charisma (and perhaps something else?). Of course the name and nature of how it works would vary from setting to setting, even culture to culture, so here an initial decision must be made, if its to be a generic as possible system… or setting-specific. I know L5R has a system for this type of thing, not sure it lends itself well to BRP though, been way too long since I looked at that game… and its very setting-related… Status should, at least could, also be tied into this, perhaps as a complementary bonus of some sort. Hmmm...
  9. Question: The Jeweled Courtesan Style… the third technique witty repartee -> nimble defence [fast talk or etiquette] … can I use fast talk or etiquette as defensive skills now? I wonder what the intention behind this technique is, because frankly I have issues understanding what its good for… or is there some stuff in DL or BRP I have overlooked when it comes to social skills?
  10. a sticky with links is not the same as a sub-forum with the respective threads in them, which I would still prefer to the current solution.
  11. I concur. I miss the separation of discussion threads and product threads into two different forums, or sub-forums. I see the, or at least, a rationale behind the current state of affairs, yet the possibility to ask questions and look at products in a separate thread was very nice. As of now a lot more browsing is needed if looking for a specific product thread. Where questions I might have about that product already might be answered or I could come with my own questions, instead of starting a new thread, which isn't always necessary in my opinion, or going through pages of threads looking for the threads... and then seeing the thread disappear when answers take time coming, thus it would possibly take even more time to get answers for product related questions, that would best be listed in that thread… if of course the idea with the product threads is to have related questions posted in them… Its not a big issue, but it was nicer and more practical the way it was, in my opinion at least.
  12. Rhonx Aibia … I like it, yet 20-30 damage in BRP sounds a bit too deadly… I will go properly through this, the art is lovely and the beasts … mmmm
  13. Oh and one more thing. Can the vilkacis take on the spirit/ghost wolf shape after the first initial stage? or is it limited to the actual physical shape change?
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