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    Play since 1998. Not a professional writer. Have been a Call of Cthulhu keeper and D&D DM for some time now and intend to start an adaptation of Castlevania to BRP.
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    D&D5E, Call of Cthulhu.
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    Graduated psychologist, brazilian civil servant.
  1. Hey, does anyone have valid links for that? It would be much appreciated!!
  2. Can you point me some instructions manual or tutorial - if there is such a thing - so I could master those features? I just bought the Keeper's and I'm kinda lost. Thanks!
  3. So we can buy 100 extra power points spending 10 points from the budget. Those would add to the normal POW pool. OK. But then there's the eventual matching characteristic vs characteristic. I feel it could be quite overpowering having a character clash their 113 power points against some poor 18 from his opponent. Am I too concerned?
  4. That was exactly what I wanted to know. Your very helpful answer is much appreciated, thank you very much, sir!!
  5. Thanks a lot, g33k. I'd like to run a game with the Magic (not Sorcery) Power system because I'm fond of the roll-for-the-spell-to-happen thing. Are you familiar with "The Magic Book" supplement? Would you consider the "Wizardry" options presented there to run well with the basic Magic Power? Again, thank you for your insight.
  6. Hello! I'm a bit confused about how compatible are the rules for summoning in the supplement Advanced Sorcery, for Magic World, and the rules for Magic Power as described in the Basic Roplaying core book. Any thoughts are welcome, thanks in advance!!
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