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  1. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    I would say probably not as it says add the damage bonus, not the damage modification. Small people with clubs will be more dangerous in my Glorantha. πŸ™‚ And larger creatures with clubs will deliver a few numb arms, legs and heads... Stephen
  2. StephenMcG

    New to Runequest?

    good point, editing now... haven't played the new rules, my current campaign uses a mix of RQ2 and Heroquest. I am guessing magic in battle is gonna be more accurate, Rune magic looks to come in much more quickly in RQ:G
  3. StephenMcG

    New to Runequest?

    Part of Runequest to me is the fact I have been playing and reading about it for almost 40 years. I forget that others might be coming to it for the very first time. I understand that Glorantha might be overwhelming to a newcomer, I forget that Runequest might be intimidating, there ARE a lot of moving parts. If you are new to the system, what should you do? My advice is start small on both Glorantha and the system. Grab Apple Lane. Build some characters (don't use the whole background thing, that can come later when you grok the core system and will speed up the delivery of playable characters). Make everyone human, you can even make everyone worshippers of Orlanth, there is enough diversity at beginning level without having to import multiple cults and races. Don't worry too much about runes and passions, tell the players you will be open to them making changes between sessions if their initial choices are not as optimal as they would like. They should not stress about spell choices but at least half of them should have decent healing magic (again be open to swapping magic between sessions, it is a great way for players to explore the system. As GM you need to be a few pages ahead but you can paint the wider world and other cults as weird and obscure. You can mention all these things and the draw of alternatives to Orlanth will take your players away from this base. It should only take a couple of sessions to play through but by this time you will all be content with the basics: 1) How to hit, parry and dodge 2) how to manage strike ranks 3) how important spirit magic is 4) how a cult provides a connection between the character and the world 5) How passions and runes extend the basic system. You will also see how much time you have before any of the more complex stuff like skills over 100% and sorcery and shamanism will take to become relevant. Ignore that stuff in the book to begin with. Your players will either be quite content in their Orlanthi bubble and keen to explore the world, or they will be bursting to try out other cults and magic. You could then offer to run through the background stuff to fill in their character backgrounds and broaden their passions etc, this will begin to introduce them to Glorantha's deeper history or you could just run with what you have, letting players decide their relationship to stuff as you encounter them (which would be less coherent but quicker and less prone to folk worrying about making the 'wrong' choices). The big rule of thumb I got from this community is do whatever provides the most fun to your players. Everything is disposable to that end. If you veer wildly from canon, who cares. If you want a game more tied to the mainstream start another set of characters using all the bells and whistles once you and your players are comfortable with what matters. There you go. The rules you have in your hand will provide you with more than enough information to do Apple Lane, when you have run that you will know enough to judge other stuff and how to use it in your Glorantha. That's my two cents as a grognard, enjoy the game youngling, it has been a pleasure of mine for nigh on four decades and it looks better than it did back in the day.... Stephen
  4. StephenMcG

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Sorcery Inscribing spells - p390 - "For each point of POW added to the inscription, the base strength, range or duration of the spell is increased by 1 without requiring any manipulation by the sorcerer". Does this mean that the power has to be allocated to strength, range or duration when the POW is added, fixing that whenever it is cast in the future or can those bonus points be allocated as desired each time the spell is cast? If Boon of Kargan Tor is inscribed with one POW then the magician casts it (strength 1, duration 1, range 1) using two magic points (as it would cost that normally). If the spell is inscribed with four POW can that four intensity spell (strength 2, duration 3, range 1) be cast with two magic points or does it still require five magic points? The description is also silent on whether an inscription can be fed, beginning with a 4 POW inscription and then adding more and more POW as time goes on, or whether you need all the POW when you make the inscription?
  5. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    Yeah, but lots of players (I am pointing no fingers) are highly motivated by that extra damage and, when you see your mate destroying trollkin with an impale and all your crush does is be a but more successful in hitting (which is also true of Mr Stabby) then the club is discarded and everyone begins to look the same... I have played with the current rules since 1980 or so, I have never changed them and it is only reading the changes to slash in RQ:G that made me begin to question the status quo. Why upgrade slash and leave crush unloved.... 😞
  6. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    Absolutely nothing. But there is plenty wrong with a club. Sometimes your character just needs a club and doesn't need the system actively working against that choice...purely for the reason that it works on clubbing rather than stabbing...
  7. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    If I dont have a damage bonus that I should not use a crushing weapon. It is obviously not a direct thing but the lack of good characteristics tends to steer you down towards a club which will rob you of any bonuses for rolling well that your more stabby colleagues get. Obviously I am straying far from simulation and delving into more gamist territory but I think the RQ2 system (for most player characters) said do not use hammers and maces, use bows and spears if you want to be effective. RQ:G now provides similar damage for slashing weapons. Crushing weapons should be left to beasts and trolls...
  8. StephenMcG

    So many errors and contradictions

    You know. I agree that a book straight off the shelf for $55 means we have high expectations. However, Chaosium,. in this thread, have pointed out their willing to engage and actively doing so (another thread is already generating traffic). I think however you are going a bit far to say that the product does not work as advertised. I could easily run this game quite effectively from the rules as written. There are one or two areas where things are not as clear as they might be. That is disappointing for what is otherwise a quality product. I think if it had been black and white with ring-binding we would be more forgiving of the imperfections in the rule explanations. The look and feel lead us to expect more. It is always a risk pitching in with edition 1.0 but when you do, you need to understand that there is likely to be stuff not quite right. I think I am content that Chaosium are listening and working towards making this product better. I dont think it is a money back situation... Stephen
  9. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    You keep pulling me out of my game and into the real world! Coshes and clubs do exist though and often because you have a character where you do not have the characteristics necessary to give yourself a high STR score or the wherewithal to purchase a sword. Again - not sure the system should be making such decisions on behalf of my players. Stephen
  10. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    I never take too much realism into my fantasy roleplaying. πŸ˜„ I guess it comes to your group and how you look at weapon choices. I quite like my players to be using different things because of the look/feel/narrative of the sheets rather than being drawn to the weapons that give you greater game advantage. Thus my instinct for all special attacks to have similar game advantages wrt damage but to give each a different special advantage. I think that the stunning impact of a crush would quite happily provide distinct advantages to trolls and centaurs using big clubs without robbing those unfortunates whose stats limit them to a light mace from the benefits of a special attack. Stephen
  11. StephenMcG

    Care and Feeding of Sorcerers

    Personally I would make this part of the game. If he wants to find folk who will teach him then he needs to go out and find those people. If he wants to go off-piste then he needs to go looking in places where there may be fragments of lore that he needs. This would be an excellent case for going to the Big Rubble or other ruins/ancient temples that may have suitable sorcery for a Lhankor Mhy sage to pursue. Obviously if it was readily available then he would be able to go to a local temple and ask about it. The next issue will be that, once he has found this lore, does he share it with his temple (of course I hear folk cry) or keep it as a "personal research project and all will be revealed when the thesis (grimoire) is completed"?? Will he risk being illuminated? Will other sorecry related types learn of his discoveries and seek to claim them for themselves (their cults). I reckon I could come up with a whole campaign around this desire... Stephen PS: it could almost be CoC-like. The sage seeking forgotten and possibly forbidden knowledge with the potential for unleashing chaos or god-learnerism all over again....
  12. StephenMcG

    No love for crushing?

    I remember first playing RQ2 and the best result in combat was an impale. You lived for those moments arrows or slingshots would impale an opponent. slashing and crushing were added on but they were always the poor relations of special attack rolls. Now, Reading RQ:G I see that slashing has grown up and is at least as good as impaling but crushing remains the poor relation. If you don’t have a damage bonus, don’t use a hammer seems to be the message. It seems an unnecessary reduction in diversity of weapon types. I intend to give damage parity for special attacks, I see good game reasons for consistency in this. Impales get value because they stick in the target with the potential for causing damage if the opponent moves. slashes will get value as they will cause bleeding. This will require immediate first aid or Healing 2 . Moving and fighting will risk the bleeding getting worse. crushes will get value as they will get a resistance roll to see if they temporarily disable the location crushed. This will be similar to subdual rules but for any location. I am also inclined to give subdual using a crushing weapon slightly better chances of subduing on a successful hit. Thoughts?
  13. StephenMcG

    So many errors and contradictions

    D'oh! Time to put my money where my mouth is. I will try to get my sorcery questions properly organised tonight and into this thread, it may become my most read thread on the boards....
  14. StephenMcG

    So many errors and contradictions

    I envy folk who claim to enjoy reading rulebooks. It is ALWAYS a chore for me. I am very much a learn by doing kind of person and it takes real effort for me to see how rules in the book will impact during the game. Stephen
  15. StephenMcG

    So many errors and contradictions

    Get them out there Roy. You will help everyone by bringing them to the boards, yourselves if there are accepted answers with8n the community, new folk who might avoid such confusion at the table as they are forewarned and Chaosium, in point8ng out specifics rather than a generic grumble. πŸ™‚ There are quite a few threads going through stuff, I have been asking sorcery related questions which have drawn up other questions about enchantments. It is a bit of work getting it on to the boards but it is valuable constructive criticism rather than negativity that makes the game better over time. Stephen