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  1. 1. Started with RQ2 but kind of moved it to RQG. 2. This one is barely a year or two in. 3. 1616 was the start, each adventure takes place in a season, so time moves quickly and I provide players with training and background advancement each season. 4. It is a Pavis campaign that roles up and down the Zoka Fel Valley. 5. Pavis, the Big Rubble and Prax 6. I gave used bits from so many but I heavily draw on Pavis and the Big Rubble, Sun County, and all the Ian Thompson companion books for Pavis. 7. It is heavily scripted by me, things happen but the order is pretty much determined by the players actions. I am instilling a mythic feel the players feel they are part of an overall storyline which they influence. 8. I am heavily invested in the campaign, as supplemented by Ian Thompson. 9. Highly individualised. I am looking for the focus to be on how the characters interact with the mythology of Glorantha, potentially becoming a part of it. I use Heroquest versions of the characters to play in the hero plane. 10. Relax. You won't know close to 1% of the existing material but you know 100% more than the players. Stay a page ahead and you will be a master. Learn what you want, along with the players. Have a blast.
  2. I have lived in Pavis and Sun County for so many gaming years. This stuff is great, my current game is rushing toward the Cradle, this could not come at a more opportune time and evokes my 1980's RQ memories quite strongly. Much appreciated.
  3. I cannot imagine this being massively active but it should be useful for spreading useful work. I have a similar set up for HERO game and I promise to copy over a number of macros I have been using online. Much less fancy than what David produces but I think useful...
  4. Must have been a great idea then! 🙂 Is there a link to that?
  5. Is it worth having a game set up where folk can create macros and other people can see them work and copy them for their own games. A sandbox? It would need some to create the games it folk and make them GMs so that they can see behind the scenes... Would this be valuable, or a waste of time? It might also be a place for @dvdmacateer to test things out, should he want? Stephen
  6. I was thinking you were talking about Fog of War. With dynamic lighting it should be fine. Just leave some space above (or to the side of) the map, put the chart and tokens there, drop in some light on the GM layer so everyone can see that, you can mark it off so the light there does not interfere with the map. As I said, the easy thing I'd to do it on paper in front of you and let the players trust you but thus gives everyone the information to manipulate and p,an against.
  7. I have played a few times on Roll20 and I never had any issues with doing it like I did when we were all at the table, sorted out the strike ranks, wrote it down on paper and called folk as they were due. Of course, with bright shiny VTT you want to use it. 🙂 I created a token for each character, first time just a box with character name in it. I had the strike rank box at the top of the map and allowed players to move their tokens onto the strike ranks they were acting. If you are using fog of war, then you can pre-explore that bit of the map. I found fog of war a pain to use most of the time. Stephen
  8. I have been using HeroQuest to run Heroquest for my RuneQuest players. Each character has a dual character sheet, one for his physical self and one for the Hero Plane.... It has worked pretty well and the change in mechanics really brings home the different dynamic.
  9. I have always (since RQ3) shied away from sorcery. It has never sat comfortably in my brain. I am determined that, in my current game, I am going to make it work. We are transition from a game that hybridised RQ2 and Heroquest into a hybrid of RQG and Heroquest. I have a Lankhor Mhy and a Flintnail cultist in the group and so the opportunity and motivation are there. My first question is the presentation of sorcerors as less emotional and not driven by their runes (like most rune cultists). Does this mean they do not access passions to give them augments, or seek to gain runic inspiration, or does it mean they simply log more cerebral passions and the runic inspiration is less driven by the "emotion" of the rune and more an inspiration of the logical elegance in utilising a rune in this way? Obviously the LM character will be easier than the Flintnail as LM guidance exists in the book right now, there is nothing Flintnail (I plan to see what inspiration I can take from Ian Thompson's "Hidden Measure" stuff) but I would welcome any insights, hints and tips that folk might be kind enough to share. Stephen
  10. My group caught onto "Violence is ways an option" and "There is always another way" as the dynamic tension within Sartarite society. They treat these as the cult catchphrases if Orlanth and Ernalda respectively. What would be the catchphrases of the other major cults in Glorantha?
  11. That is an issue in Roll20. The GM is not facilitated to run a cast of thousands. There is nothing like the combat sheet holding a dozen NPC stat blocks like there was in RQ2. It would be amazing if there was a GM sheet for squads etc.
  12. Just to say, I have bought ALL of the token sets currently on DriveThru...
  13. Something Chaosium could do quite easily as an income stream is just put a few sets of tokens into the Roll20 store. It shouldnt be too much work (I would have thought) and it totally enhances playing the game. I would immediately buy an adventurer set - supplementary cults adventurers - chaos - trolls - elves - dwarves - praxian nomads - Lunars - Orlanthi and then I might start to think a bit more closely about whether I should be spending more money....
  14. OPriginal Pavis, the Big Rubble and TrollPak boxsets for £77 in total. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/maureewalke-1?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Auction ending soon...
  15. Thought it might be worth showing an early character sheet... Gundrig - Ben.pdf
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