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  1. Yeah, if you have a pro account, steal David's stuff rather than mine! It is MUCH prettier. And it can do more complex stuff. No brainer. If you don't have a pro account then please do root around and ask Questions.
  2. @RandomNumberI play a variation of the rules and have been pushing things onto a sandbox site created for users here. You would be welcome to ask to join, steal what's there and ask for tips on doing other stuff. The character sheet us great but ties you into rules as presented. It is not hugely difficult to make roll20 do most of what you want...
  3. When I read the question my immediate thought was a rare form of light elemental. You take damage when engulfed and it should be able to enlarge itself to engulf others...though doing so might reduce its coherence and cause it to dissipate. A radiation elemental would be invisible to everyone but a light or darkness cultist and those light cultists would have a natural immunity to the elemental... Stephen
  4. I have six of those, may have to invest in more. πŸ™‚ When I read that there are heroquests inside - I find it difficult to keep my credit card in my pocket...
  5. I took the plunge with Roll20 as there are things I wanted to change. You can get a lot done with very little knowledge, what you lose is some clever functionality and almost all the polish! The character sheets make everything look good...
  6. So the window has shifted from hit parry tedium to one side pulling out the big guns first? It was too easy to die in RQ before, does this not make it even more likely? I also presume everyone has a repair matrix to buff their weapons etc? And the first cult to discover the Sword Protection battle magic spell is going to find themselves with a lot of adherents... πŸ™‚ Stephen
  7. This depends on your group and its tolerances but broo are disgusting and their method of procreation particularly so. My players have a visceral hatred of them. If your group are open to body horror and want to divert onto a different route, the broo could simply ask to be implanted in one of its enemies. This would be Alien-like, the larva inside, the PC tainted by chaos, a ticking tome-bomb before it claws its way out. Is there a solution? Can the PC be cleansed? Is there a heroquest, or series of quests? Hints of lost knowledge, or ancient sage that might solve the problem. In the meantime, is there an effect of carrying the larva? Might that chaos taint also provide a bit of chaos feature, triggered by spending a magic point? Will they realise those magic points go straight to Mallia? Stephen
  8. Yeah,have not really moved over to RQG yet, magic is always a wild card in this stuff. πŸ™‚
  9. Many folk criticised RQ2 because early stage characters missed so much. 25% chance to hit is going to miss a lot. I didn't mind that, what I hated much more was when attack rolls were in that 70-90% space. You were almost always hitting but almost always getting parried, simply waiting for the lucky impale or critical. I was wondering whether there is a place for advantage in RQ combat. If you hit and get parried, one of you will have rolled higher than the other. (or, early on, if you both miss, one of you will have rolled lower) That person gains advantage in the next round. The question would be what advantage meant and what you could do with it. My thoughts are, if you gain advantage, the GM passes you a token. You can use that next round to, for example, improve skill by 10%, add 2 damage to a successful attack, alter the hit location dice roll by 2, move your opponent 2m, including a 90 degree change of dancing. Not quite sure if they are all equivalents. πŸ™‚ You can accumulate advantage, using as many tokens as you have to affect the combat. The problem is, that if you do not use it, and your opponent gains advantage in a combat round, they can, instead of taking an advantage token, make you discard all your advantage. You can only gain one advantage in a round, either through hitting or parrying. I don't want to add too much bureaucracy but I thought this might provide some strategic element when many rounds simply go through a hit parry, hit parry, hit parry stalemate and emulate, to a degree the ebb and flow of a swordfight. Thoughts? Stephen
  10. I have been playing an RQ2 game that used HeroQuest versions of the PCs when they hit the HERO Plane. It is all based in the Big Rubble and so there are plenty of spots where the players transition quite easily, sometimes unexpectedly. I tend to do the RQ game until I narrate something unusual, a fish talking to them, a cloud taking the form of a rune or simply walking through a portal where they notice shadowy figures around each of them. It is then that I hand out the HeroQuest character sheets, they know the game has changed and their play style needs to as well. They had a free-flowing dip into a Zorak Zoran heroquest where they were supplemented by their Grey Company predecessors and it got wild, riding the statue to Robcradle and kicking Kygor Litor in the belly. Their ability to interact with trolls has plummeted. They had a much smaller HeroQuest, trying to find the identity of a Lunar Agent which was more puzzle-y and very stage focused that they failed at, with little consequence. I use the Heroquests to change the pace of the game, introduce new elements, get round obstacles that would be near impossible in skill focused RuneQuest. I miss having a huge library of heroquests to riff through for particular purposes but have gotten a but better at simply making stuff up. I do buy everything that says it contains heroquesrs in it though (are you listening Chaosium? It us an open door to my wallet). Stephen
  11. I used to have a conditional bonus to magical items, they enhanced the skill of the user but only advanced at half the usual rate (until the enhancement was paid for.
  12. Oof! This is a serious upgrade to what I was suggesting but one that I might consider for an upgraded villain, or upgraded item. πŸ™‚ What I value is the pointer to the enchantment rules and then see if I can find a similarly powered spell. That should give me an idea of how powerful the effect is. Thank you. Stephen
  13. Well, if we are talking straight decapitation then I agree. If we are talking just a neck hit, then I don't. πŸ™‚ Especially if it is simply a normal hit rather than special damage. In the hands of a high skill swordsman, doing an aimed blow, has a 31% of doing a special inside 4 rounds. I am essentially not even doubling the chance of that special and, in this case, that special would get special damage (slash in the case of a broadsword). I was thinking that a parry would indeed be possible. The spec you are talking about is David's not mine. I like David's suggestion but I think it us indeed a step up in power. Am going to look at Bless Thunderstone to see what I think about judging something on that level. I had neglected thinking about enchantments, which folk are right to point me towards. The point of my mail however was trying to gauge the relative power of a sword that gives an auto head hit rather than special damage. I now have several idwas on building vorpal swords of varying power but no idea of what the relative power is. Also, you have no idea of the abilities of the opponent, nor those abilities in relation to the players. I have managed to have this campaign running for three or four years and only killed one character so far. I think I am doing OK.
  14. I am thinking of throwing in a magic item in the next game I run. The villain has made a vorpal sword using Thanatari magic. I am conflicted about how to make it work. I know that it holds magic, POW was poured into it, the swordsman choose to activate using a native point which uses up some if the stored POW and it remains active for 15 minutes, like a rune spell. What happens then? My first inclination was to say that, when activated, special successes gain an automatic head location rather than a slash effect. But really that is just the equivalent of waiting until SR12 and taking a hit chance penalty. Should it be on top of the slash damage? Should there be two POW costs, they may not know they both also inflict INT damage that automatically is dedicated to Thanatar... Essentially I want them to think hard about tackling this guy. I want them to explore combat options like disarm etc. or using other tactics. I also hope they get the sword with some magic left in it, which they can use (risking chaos taint) and potentially being tempted to deal with devil if they want it recharged. This will be their first potential compromise, chais until now has been the foul side of gorp and broo. Thoughts? Stephen
  15. I am inclined, when not interested in investing more time in the contest that has similar result outcomes, to adjudicate who wins a contest by either who succeeded by most, or failed by least. In all cases, the lower the roll the better. I do like the advice on making a tie a feature rather than a bug though. πŸ™‚ After all, contests are often at the heart of a game and the more interesting these can be, the better.
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