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  1. How about usable vehicle rules. The BRP rules are terrible.
  2. Hello, Is a spell casters chance to cast spells limited to his flight skill while flying? What about riding a land animal, would the spell skill be limited to his ride skill? What if the caster is merely levitating/hovering and is not moving?
  3. silent_bob

    Fly Skill

    Ben, Was the fly skill left out of MW by mistake? I notice that several of the monsters have a fly skill but I can't find the skill listed in the book.
  4. Good point Ben. Below is a link to a catalog of all the old Stormbringer/Eric adventures. You can find most of this stuff on Amazon or Ebay: http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?page_id=8
  5. It would also be easy to convert some of the old Stormbringer/Elric stuff to MW since that is what it is based on. You can get the Elric core rule book for $3.98 at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Elric-Fantasy-Roleplaying-Young-Kingdoms/dp/0933635982/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1420662132&sr=8-2&keywords=elric+rpg
  6. Rod and Loz, The cover looks AWESOME! I am very excited about this conversion!
  7. The Modern Equipment Catalog SUCKS! Don't buy it. If you want more stats for modern weapons and improvised weapons get A Kick in Your Arsenal. You can download it for FREE here:
  8. I think this comes down to what kind of fantasy you are trying to emulate. I don't see a problem with combats between highly skilled combatants taking longer. The sword fights between D'Artagnan and Comte de Rochefort in the Three Musketeers were long and very exciting. The possibility of fumbles, criticals and specials make combats exciting in my opinion. You also have knockback attacks, aimed attacks, disarming, etc...
  9. Obviously, the availability of magic items is a personal preference. RQ3's sorcery system allowed for a huge number of magic items. In classic fantasy, low power magic items like potions and scrolls are fairly common and can be purchased from the wizards guild or alchemist shops. In my campaign, permanent magic items like a +1 sword are more rare and cannot be purchased with money. You would have to find a +1 sword on an adventure or you may be able to trade other permanent magic items for the +1 sword. All permanent magic items cost permanent POW to create on a one for one basis. Example a +2 sword costs 2 POW. Even recharging a wand requires at least 1 POW to prime the wand to accept charges. I don't feel that the permanent POW cost is unreasonable, because in Classic Fantasy it cost permanent POW to cast many rare spells like disintegrate, power word, wish, etc...
  10. John, I am also working on some magic items creation house rules for my CF campaign. I intend to partially base them on your enchantment ritual rules. Here are a few of my initial ideas: Enchanting an item requires a spell lore skill of at least 120%, and the permanency spell is required for most permanent items. MUs cannot create cleric specific items and vice versa. Creation of race specific items, like a cloak of even kind, requires the creator to be of that race. Certain very powerful magic items (artifacts and quasi-artifacts) are beyond the capabilities of mortals to create. Also, clerics can only create cleric specific items and those within the sphere of their deity. For example, incense of meditation, necklace of prayer beads, holy avenger sword. A cleric of Thor could also create magical hammers.
  11. I have been running a CF campaign for nearly 2 years and I am working on some house rules for magic item creation. My version is partially based on John P Meyers's enchantment ritual rules which you can find in the download section. My version will require a 120% spell lore skill and the permanency spell for most items. Racial specific items, like a cloak of eleven kind, can only be created by a wizard of that race, magic users cannot create clerical magic items, certain items are too powerful for mortals to create, etc...
  12. I have been running a CF campaign for nearly 2 years and I am very happy with what Rod has done. My group is currently in the middle of the giant series and will proceed all the way through Q1 - Queen of the Demonweb Pits. I enjoy converting adventures, monsters and magic items to BRP/CF. It is not that difficult, for example here is my version of a cursed scroll: CURSED SCROLL: Unfortunately, when any writing on a cursed scroll is looked at, the reader will immediately be cursed as follows: The reader turns into a black house cat. He or she will possess the same INT and POW as before. All other characteristics are determined randomly as per the characteristics of the new form. All Combat, Physical and Manipulation skills are reduced to zero except for those shown below, while Mental, Communication, and Spell skills are unaffected. The character can talk, and cast spells, but the voice is very cat like. Only a remove curse spell can remove the curse of this nature. However, the DM may allow the cursed characters to remove it by completing a special adventure or performing a worthy but difficult task. The curse is only effective one time as the writing vanishes after it is looked at. Attributes: Char. Roll Average MOV 10 STR 1D3 2 HP 4 CON 2D6 7 DB -1D6 SIZ 1 1 INT Unchanged POW Unchanged DEX 3D6+12 22-23 CHA 3D6 10-11 Armor: None Weapons: Attack Skill Damage Bite 40% 1D3+DB Claws 60% 1D2+DB Rend 80% 2D2+DB Skills: Move Quietly 90%, Dodge 70%, Climb 60%, Hide 80%, Listen 80% Note: The cat can attack twice per round, either with two Claw hits, or a Claw and a Bite. If both attacks succeed, it can then Rend its victim. The cat also has infravision allowing it to see 20m in darkness.
  13. Guys, Page 180 of BRP states: "In human scale, one ENC is generally equal to up to 1 SIZ point. More accurately, 1 ENC is equal to 1/6 of a SIZ point." The first part of the sentence contradicts the second. Does 1 SIZ = 1 ENC or 6 ENC? In other words, would an average SIZ 13 human weigh 13 ENC or 78 ENC naked? If we use the 6:1 ratio, could a horse carry an average man with 22 ENC of armor and weapons for a total of 100 ENC?
  14. Guys, My players and I want a rule where a warrior could stand over a down friend and parry for him or her and prevent the bad guy from killing the friend. I was thinking that if the parrying warrior gave up his attack he could parry for the friend with no -30% penalty. Do you guys have any experience with this?
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