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  1. I've been looking over King of Sartar with an eye toward creating a new scenario or two for Dragon Pass (the AH version of the board game, originally White Bear & Red Moon). However, some questions arise when it comes to mercenaries from Prax (the Bison and Sable tribes are mentioned in particular). 1. How many counters would be available? I'm guessing that the typical Dragon Pass unit is rather small. The only reference I have found so far is that the typical Sun Dome Templar file is 64 men. Also I doubt that large numbers of Prax nomads would hire out as mercenaries and travel as far as Tarsh. My inclination is for 1D3 counters for each of the two tribes. 2. The mercenaries would be led by a khan, but certainly not the tribe's khan; I am thinking he would be subsumed within the units. 3. Would one or more herds (depending on the numbers involved) be included? I know that herds are not needed for support in Dragon Pass, but getting there and back might be problematical. I know there was a thread last year concerning PDFs for Wyrm's Footnotes. I would certainly be willing to purchase such, especially for the first five issues (which I have been searching for in vain since #6 first came out). These need to include the pieces for WB&RM and/or Nomad Gods from the earliest issues. I am not sure if they would be useful in my Dragon Pass boardgame research, but they would be interesting. I understand issue 4 had errata for Nomad Gods. None of the boardgame material was included in Wyrm's Footprints. Perhaps Chaosium will offer PDFs for sale in the fullness of time, just as issues of Jagdpanther can be purchased from Amarillo Design Bureau or Warehouse 23. Any help would be appreciated. Phil
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