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    I started playing RPG in the 70's, initially playing D&D and then quickly converted to Runequest when I became aware of it. I have played the different editions of Runequest, but my favorite is 2nd Edition. I had a long break from RPG because of moving around with work and then starting a family etc. I have recently started playing 5th Edition AD&D at my local Club, but am hoping to introduce them the RQG soon
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    AD&D 5th Edition
    Advanced Squad Leader (WW2 tactical game)
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    Hessle, East Yorkshire, England
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    I am now in my late 50's and find myself with a little more spare time, so wanted to start wargaming again, and my first love was always RPG. Hoping to introduce RQG to members of my club soon (waiting for the new rulebook)
  1. I will definitely be doing the same. Also maybe I will have to put aside a 100 ish hours or so to read through all of the material, Can't wait!!
  2. That sounds like a very interesting child. I hope that it takes more after RQ2 though
  3. It sounds like Runequest (RQG) is going back to its roots, which for me is great, as I still think that the best edition of the rules was 2nd edition. Hopefully all of my old material (Griffin Mountain, Borderland, The Big Rubble etc) will work well with the new rules. Then again, I may just use the 2nd Edition of the rules????
  4. Thanks everyone, I am just preparing a new campaign with new players to Runequest. I am planning to start them as Balazaring hunter gatherers. As they will be learning the game mechanics, whilst they are also finding out about the world - well that's the plan anyway!!!!!!
  5. Thanks anyway. I will just wait to order the new RQG rule-book and see how much has changed from my original 2nd edition Rule-book and then make decisions on what I can use from my old stuff until maybe new versions come out. From what I have seen so far, the new rule-book is looking pretty impressive
  6. That's great. maybe all my old Runequest stuff will still come in handy then. Do you know if there is much difference in the original Griffin Mountain, and the new PDF version that has just been released?
  7. I really cant wait for this to come out and start reading the new rule-book. Hopefully other RQG material will quickly follow. I was hoping that Griffin Mountain would be on the radar to update, or will we be able to use the original with the new RQG Edition
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