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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holdiays everyone! I hope that they are happy and safe for you and yours!
  2. Happy New Year BRPers! :happy:
  3. Happy Holidays and warm thoughts to all!
  4. drohem


    Yeah, I dug the heck out of Voltron too.
  5. Awsome! It's great to see BRP get some more love from Kurt. :thumb:
  6. Yes, that was a great article. It was interesting to find out how the d20 made it's way into gaming.
  7. Hi and welcome! I first started RPGs at lunch time as well; I started with Gamma World.
  8. Hi and welcome Aran! There was the boxed set Worlds of Wonder that contained three genre booklets; one of which was a supers genre called Superworld. This booklet was expanded into the supers RPG boxed set Superworld. Worlds of Wonder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Superworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia You can find used copies of these out of print games on eBay, Amazon, and similiar websites. RPG.net has a large and active RPG auction/trade community as well.
  9. That is a nice stat block! :thumb:
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