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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holdiays everyone! I hope that they are happy and safe for you and yours!
  2. Happy New Year BRPers! :happy:
  3. Happy Holidays and warm thoughts to all!
  4. drohem


    Yeah, I dug the heck out of Voltron too.
  5. Awsome! It's great to see BRP get some more love from Kurt. :thumb:
  6. Yes, that was a great article. It was interesting to find out how the d20 made it's way into gaming.
  7. Hi and welcome! I first started RPGs at lunch time as well; I started with Gamma World.
  8. Hi and welcome Aran! There was the boxed set Worlds of Wonder that contained three genre booklets; one of which was a supers genre called Superworld. This booklet was expanded into the supers RPG boxed set Superworld. Worlds of Wonder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Superworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia You can find used copies of these out of print games on eBay, Amazon, and similiar websites. RPG.net has a large and active RPG auction/trade community as well.
  9. That is a nice stat block! :thumb:
  10. hehe...sorry, but that doesn't diminish your welcome! I guess it would hard to tell anyway, aren't all Irishmen mad?
  11. He embarks on the great adventure. Rest in peace.
  12. I agree. I really dig the BRP Zero edition cover. I think that should be the one for the final product. :ohwell:
  13. Hi and welcome! Thank you for all your great character sheets!!! :thumb:
  14. Hello and welcome Bill! Glad to have you aboard.
  15. Hello and welcome FunnyGuyFromYuggoth!
  16. Well, they got their own spotlight thread then, LOL!
  17. So there's a big thread over on RPGnet about the dumbest races in RPGs and this created a spin off thread about ducks in Glorantha/RQ. Personally, I have really got into Glorantha, and, I must admit, it is partly due to the strange chaos beasts. Some of them are just too wacky for me to wrap my mind around. One of them were the ducks. I think was partly due to the art of back then because they were drawn and portrayed like Donald Duck or Howard the Duck. I didn't like that concept. Personally, my vision of a viable anthropomorphic race would be bipedal and bimanual of humanoid shape. I have seen some art and minatures which portray the Durulz as more humanoid. I am interested in the story and history behind the ducks or Durulz now. I thought that the history and reason why ducks were the way they were in Glorantha was still a mystery, but someone posted that they were actually of some island in east of Glorantha and that there were other bird-humanoid speices as well. So some of the Gloranthaphilies shed some light on this for me please? Is the form of the ducks of Glorantha like Donald Duck (large duck) or are they more humanoid in form? Is the history of the duck race actually outlined in Glorantha canon? Is the duck race actually called Durulz in Glorantha canon? Are they originally from the East Isles? Are they a subspecies of the avian race the Keets? Thanks!
  18. Well, I'm glad it's back up! :thumb:
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