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    I've played a small amount of DnD. I've played some one-shots in the past. I have an interest in Call of Cthulu and Glorantha.
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    I am not currently playing any games. I am interested in Glorantha and Call of Cthulu
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    I love history, fantasy, and sci fi. I love Lovecraft, as well as the world of Glorantha, Warhammer, 40k, and Lord of the Rings

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  1. Hello all, I've been wondering about the nature of the Sartarite clan structure, specifically how fluid the designation of Carl and Cottar is. I know Carls take on more responsibility and fight in the shield wall, but aside from that I'm not sure how one knows she is a Carl or cottar. Is it wealth based, where you just have to be rich enough to afford the equipment? Or is it caste-based, where even a poor Carl has greater standing than the wealthiest Cottar?
  2. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    Thanks for the advice, I actually did get the sourcebook, and I've enjoyed reading it. I like doing deep dives into lore, and I agree that it's not the easiest thing to read, but I'm not too bothered I will take your suggestions to heart, and look for some of the older material. And I'm very excited that the new system is out!!!
  3. RebelScum88

    Business Correspondence from the Bronze Age

    I love seeing little details like this. They really bring the past to life.
  4. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    Thanks, I'll take a look at those, maybe I'll find something!
  5. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    I also saw that! I've been following them on twitter for updates.
  6. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    I've played some DnD in the past, and done more narrative driven rpgs as one shots. So i have a general idea of what play is like. I've played a good bit of KoDP, so I'm reasonably familiar with the Orlanthi culture, even if the time period isn't the same as when the RPG is set.
  7. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    I had found Glorantha.com, it's actually what led me to this forum, but I hadn't seen the webcomic. Thanks!
  8. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    Guess I'm lucky to have come here now! The sourcebook sounds perfect for me. I love reading those kinds of things.
  9. RebelScum88

    New to Glorantha

    Hello all, I picked up KoDP on GOG a few years ago, and I fell in love with the setting and mythology of Glorantha. Its one of my favorite games. I recently discovered that there was more to the universe, and eventually my search brought me here. So, I was wondering what's a good way to a newbie to immerse themselves more in the world and play with other folks?