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  1. I found two versions of the game, both 0.6. One of the two uses the term Traditions for the classes, while the other use Callings. Which of the two versions is more updated?
  2. I just played CoC and Elric! when I was young, maybe 1991-1993.....
  3. I already have it. Thanks. Just want to try traditional Glorantha too. I'm 46....maybe I need something old sometime.
  4. I already have them, thanks I was just wondering which one was the best for practicing. Thanks for your suggestions!
  5. I have OQ in italian and the Refreshed edition in english (printed copy). Thank your winged friend! 28/5000
  6. I'd like to run It. I have HQG.
  7. Thanks, but I have HQG (printed copy). I'd like to try RQG too.
  8. For long time I have no longer played heavy and detailed systems. I come from at least a decade of narrative or light RPGs. Now I would like to try RuneQuest Glorantha .... I read the Quickstart and I had a headache reading combat and magic rules, strike ranks, various bonuses and more. Now ... which game do you consider preparatory for a less traumatic transition in near future? OpenQuest, Magic World or what?
  9. 60/5000 Any news about a kickstarter during 2020?
  10. I have it in pdf, but I prefer OQ.
  11. Hi Newt. Thanks again for the beautiful OpenQuest PDF you gave me for free. Unfortunately, the printed book never came to me. Just to let you know. Good job for the next OQ3 kickstarter!
  12. Thanks I believe I will stay on OpenQuest amd The Age of Shadow books. I don't like hit locations or strike ranks 😞 My only regret is not having a light Glorathan game with the d100 system too (I'm reading HeroQuest Glorantha for this reason).
  13. Hahaha! Exactly Mr. Newt. Thanks to you and D101 Games for this wonderful surprise I am now totally IN with OpenQuest and related games
  14. Exception for the divine magic implementation, what are the main differences between OpenQuest (full version) and the more streamlined "The Age of Shadow" that you recommended to me?
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