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    I have RQ, RQII, RQIII, all from when they were new & I was young; ditto CoC, RingWorld & Pendragon. Failed to get campaigns going then. Excited by 13G and RQG, and hoping for a re-start.
    Played Ars Magica from the end of 3e all through 4e and 5e. Have co-written 4 ArM books for Atlas Games, and helped build the online Covenant of pregen characters.
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    Mad cat-man & software dev, dedicated table-top RPGer. Have (over) filled study with game books.

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  1. Cubicle7 once had a licence to produce material and had a Cthulhu Britannica line - but the core books set in England are now staggeringly expensive! (Typically > £100) Is there any hope Chaosium will adopt, reprint, or rewrite a setting for Britain? (I know we has Gaslight, but I was hoping for a 1920s setting...) What other material do people know of that is available, that is set in Britain, and especially in England (rather than Scotland - I know the old Cubicle7 Scotland books are widely available)
  2. I have Chaosium's Dreamlands, and I have Lovecraft's DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath and assorted shorts in a weighty compilation - but I was actual;ly hoping some gamer had tabulated names so as to avoid the time to trawl through the sources line by line. For the waking world, there are plenty of resources for names; and there are plenty of other gaming-related sites for fantasy names, but none actually gather the non-waking names used in Lovecraft's Dreamlands. I do like to impress my players with a consistent seeming fantasy, so I'm trying...
  3. Starting a Dreamlands (6e) campaign, but running with the new CoC 7e rule books. The Bestiary in Dreamlands defers to the core book, saying "see Call of Cthulhu", for several beasts which are (were) shared. The CoC 7e Keeper Rulebook appears to have purged some of these, so neither book has stats for Gug Leng Spider Moonbeasts Does anyone have 7e (or 6e) stats for these creatures, please?
  4. Has anyone compiled a list of names for characters in the Dreamlands? E.g. if the PCs visit Ulthar, Celephais, or Dylath-Keen, what would be suggested names for NPCs they might meet? I'm trying to prep and add colour...
  5. love, love, love! when does the slipcase version go on sale? or the bestiary & GM's book? if we buy the PDFs of the bestiary & GM's book, and hold off on the dead-trees, can we apply all 3 to a slipcase purchase?
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