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    I've been playing RPGs since I was ten. I've played a little bit of everything, enjoying a wide variety of games.
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    I'm currently playing Dungeon World, Masks, Star Trek Adventures, Blades in the Dark, and 13th Age in Glorantha
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  1. Any updates yet on when the new books will be available via retail?
  2. I used to be shocked, now I'm becoming resigned. The store near me in Hamilton is reluctant to sign up, because it would take too long. The only store in our area who is part of the program doesn't seem to be listing new or upcoming Chaosium releases on their site. Shipping to Canada is higher than I would like, but it may be the only way to get PDFs along with hard copies at this point...
  3. Was anybody able to get a replacement die? I have a friend who picked up a set for me at Gen Con... and still hasn't managed to pass them to me. Now I see that they seem to be available at a distributor up here, so I'm guessing the problem was fixed.
  4. Do the coupons expire, or are they good until we decide to use them? I'm hoping to do one larger order to hopefully save on shipping to Canada, as hard as it is to wait!
  5. Is there an ETA on when 13G will be available for general sale? I'm hoping to pick up both it and RuneQuest, and it could be more convenient to order both at once!
  6. Is there an ETA on availability for us poor souls who missed the Kickstarter?
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