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  1. It's been over six months, any updates on how things are going?
  2. Since HarnMaster is pretty close to being a BRP game have you considered the magic rules in there? Or if you want the perfect rules then adapt Ars Magica - five skills for technique and ten for forms - it worked for me
  3. I have used the original BRP booklet rather than the BGB for many homebrew games... it is a long time ago but I remember hacking BRP booklet and Traveller to produce a % based game for sci fi adventure. When WoW came along I added that to the mix, along with Ringworld.
  4. Listen to your players, as their paranoia often suggests a better route for plot twists that the scenario could take than your original thoughts. If the players go off script rip up the script, improvise rather than railroad.
  5. I did read it and I responded to your inaccuracies. I have not intention of starting a flame war, all I wanted to do was set the record straight with regards to some of your errors. If I have caused you offence I apologise as such was not my intent. I'll edit to try and improve the tone of the post. I actually agreed with you that the Traveller Imperium was influenced later by Star Wars, the massive ships and battle fleets of High Guard, the inclusion of fighters etc. Back to the original point of the thread, it would be interesting to get at least a peek at the setting the author is going to present us with. Will it be science fiction, science fantasy or a combination? Near future, far future, alternative history? Will there be interstellar travel and if so how? Will it be influenced by previous Chaosium science fiction games - Future World, Ringworld, Hawkmoon? Is there a particular book, TV series or movie that will influence the game? I am quite excited to see a new Chaosium sci fi rpg, despite my first love being Traveller, RuneQuest and BRP run a pretty close second and I have found them to be a better fit for certain types of campaign I wish to run.
  6. The CT 77 rules had a maximum ship size of 5000t which is well bellow Star Destroyer size, and no space fighter - the 10t fighter would appear in the 81 revised rules. There were no laser pistols in CT LBB4 Mercenary - Loren K Wiseman did show how to use the CT rules to extrapolate one from the extant weapon list, and they made it into the rules in the Striker miniatures game. They would then be included in every future edition of Traveller Psionics owe a lot more to golden age sci fi than Star Wars, if we read the Lensmen stories, or countless other works of sci fi from the early sci fi greats, e.g. Foundation, Dune even Odd John predates Star Wars by quite a long way. There was no Imperium in early CT - the setting didn't start to be developed until 1979 and would only reach its recognisable form by the early to mid-80s. One change however is the Imperials became the good guys in Traveller - despite the early adventures portraying the Imperium is a much darker/negative view (much more like Star Wars). MWM has been interviewed many times, you can listen to podcasts and even watch a three part youtube video. He quite clearly and emphatically states that Star Wars had no influence on the CT rules themselves, but did have an influence on the setting as it developed, although they steered towards a much harder sci fi rather then the science fantasy of Star Wars. He often sites the main influence behind CT to be the Dumarest saga. In addition it is probably worth pointing out that George Lucas ripped off just about every golden age sci-fi trope he could, added a dash of eastern mysticism and Kurosawa homage and was so doubtful of the success of Star Wars that Splinter of the Mind's Eye was going to be the sequel if one were to be needed. Thus is you have a film based on golden age sci fi and an rpg based on golden age sci fi they will resemble one another without the former influencing the latter.
  7. I would argue that whoever wrote the bit that causes the confusion got the RQ3 version and the new version mixed up.
  8. What ever happened to lay membership of cults? I remember RQ campaigns back in the day when PCs would be lay members of several cults so they could buy stuff/train etc but even the step up to initiate required a major commitment that is at odds with PC as an adventurer paradigm.
  9. How about CJ Cherry's Alliance universe?
  10. I have added spaceships to my setting but they are very hard science, no reactionless drives or artificial gravity. The gates remain the only method for FTL travel.
  11. Thanks for the info - there is definitely enough in there to warrant the purchase
  12. Now that I am the proud owner of Outpost 19 - nice work by the way - I have a question about the other monograph I have just noticed. Is Mission to Epsilon suitable for Future World? What are the similarities/differences? Don't really know why I am asking since it is next on my 'to buy' list...
  13. The true value of the BRP booklet to me was it was easy to convert it to run other games. I can't be the only one who hacked a 'BRP/Traveller mash up' to use the language of the kids today How much effort would it take to scan and create a high quality pdf version of the original booklet? I'll bet there are people out there who would do this for free and then send it to Chaosium to save them the distraction.
  14. Future Wold has a setting - it just needs a bit of love and development = and lets face it generic science fiction OSR setting conventions (cough Traveller cough SWN{Traveller rip off} cough) are pretty generically recognisable in the same way as OSR D&D. I run it as planet of the week space opera with the options of introducing technological magic, transhumanism, Cthulhu horror etc as the mood or theme fits. I remember back in the day borrowing from CoC, Ringworld, Stormbringer and Hawkmoon for what was through the gate that weekend. Big thanks to NickMiddleton and theodis171 - Amazon UK has several vendors offering them brand new at a reasonable price. Now off to drivethru to get the pdf too
  15. Will it be hard sci fi or sci fantasy? Will it involve spaceships, and if so will they be cinematic Star Wars nonsense or Expanse like almost hard sci fi?
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