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    Started playing with WFRP 1ed back in 1998, quickly moved on to homebrew worlds. Loved Call of Cthulhu since the 5th edition. After a 10 year hiatus I got back to the hobby with OSRs, FATE (Mindjammer), and curiosity about D&D 5E. Writing my crazy OSR inspired thing. I'm here because of the new Runequest.
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    Working on an OSR homebrew for White Box. Prepping for Runequest in Glorantha.
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    Vancouver, Canada
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    Ever since I read the 5th ed Call of Cthulhu I loved how simple, elegant and intuitive the system was. After all you can try to explain dice pools, hit dice, or card mechanics to "the normies" but everyone beyond the 4th grade should have intuitive understanding of percentage system.
    I only heard of Glorantha before but with the new Runequest being released and some extensive reading it seems like with its mythical approach to the world it is what I was always looking for in an RPG or tried to implement in my homebrews.
  1. Might be a weird question but whatever. How long are the coupons valid for? I will be moving house in the next few months and having one hardback less to post might go a long way.
  2. Well deserved. When I backed Khan of Khans I thought it would be a delightful little game. It is, but also it is the boardgame that I've played the most in the last year, it's fun, super easy to teach, and my board game group is always eager to play it.
  3. If we're using this examples I kind of imagined them more as movie Drax the Destroyer.
  4. As a part of trying to sell my board game group on RuneQuest I managed to easily convert the most sceptical guy by saying that everyone is sort of barbarian (he really wants to play one) and that he could play a barbarian duck person.
  5. That line about the algorithm was basically me saying "look guys, you would potentially benefit from this," when all I want is more RQ and Gloranthan goodness not present on YT 😅
  6. These videos are great. If you search YouTube for RuneQuest or Gloranthan content there's barely anything in there. If I could change one thing it would be making them longer - about 10 minutes per episode? Also, recently YouTube algorithm seems to like videos over 10 minutes long.
  7. I know it is still ongoing but... When and where will the winners be announced? I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks.
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