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    MOB and I first met 34 years ago, playing through Kree Mt, and RQ has been my favourite game ever since! You have probably met me at Cons around the world...
  1. Greg has been bringing joy, excitement and fun into my life since I was 16, in the early 80s when I played my first game of RQ in Melbourne, Australia. I have played nearly all the games he designed and he has enriched my life and those of my friends in uncountable ways. It was playing his games that gave me the chance to meet my wife as well as some of my best friends. I treasure the times I met with him at Conventions around the world and our last 4 hour conversation on a drive back from Gencon, 2 years ago. He died with his shamanic "boots on" and his legacy will live on in legend. My condolences to Suzanne and his family.
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  3. So my group of RQG PCs will be meeting Wandle soon. Ian has suggested Nymph for when she is happy, Vough for when she is angry. I am just wary that the PCs will foolishly resort to violence (they are easily startled) and want to make sure they regret it if they make that mistake. Any suggestions for pumping her up RQG-style. She has been an ally of the Red Cow (and presumably got some collateral worship) for centuries. Maybe Ulanin the Rider can be summoned to her aid in extremities or Orstalor Spearlord?? Not to mention swarming them with river/local spirits and general dire curses after she escapes. Any other ideas?
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