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    Started with 3rd edition dnd then got into Chaosium titles. Now playing in a 5e dnd group and looking to broaden into CoC and RQG.
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    I also study mathematics.

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  1. Hopefully there will be KAP news at Gen Con. Book of Castles, Book of Magic, Myrmidon, and Samurai are all that are announced. Would love to hear more about any of them.
  2. I think this topic should be extended to include print on demand. There are so many legacy books available in pdf on chaosium.com and dtrpg that will never be officially reprinted. I don't see why print on demand is not an option for all of them.
  3. Perhaps, but the thing is that Jeff has shown the manuscript on facebook. I would think they would at least be talking about it along with the others.
  4. Watched the whole video. It just occurred to me... no mention of The Red Book of Magic. Guess it's pretty far off; like more than the other titles mentioned?
  5. I would like to repeat this question for the HQ Pavis and Sartar books. And then there the RQ classic books that are begging to see print.
  6. Are this and the Sartar books ever going to see a reprint?
  7. The link you provided looks like it answers your need. Perhaps red corners are an acceptable compromise for being able to read on the couch the way you want? You could also have a look at Chessex Dragonskin covers.
  8. A man after my own heart. Don't see much Mises or Austrian Economics mentioned anywhere on the net.
  9. This seems to be a great system. I'm just starting to build up my KAP collection, as I'd regrettably never heard of it until last year's Gen Con. Would love to be able to get a saddle stitched version of this book from Lulu to go with the premium cards from DTRPG.
  10. Hi. I was wondering how the return of ownership affects the Story Path cards, which you advertised as coming soon, and also if the Nocturnal Kickstarter version of Le Morte d'Arthur will be sold here on the Chaosium web store?
  11. I was really interested in this, but that price/markup is a wall I just can't surmount, and I bought the Runequest Leatherette.
  12. Really hope some kind of partnership with Nocturnal continues. Many of Nocturnal's products fit right in with Chaosium's lines. Aquelarre, Hellywood, Story Path Cards and Whimsy Deck would be right at home in Chaosiums web store, and it could only be a benefit for Nocturnal.
  13. Paladin, Aquelarre, Hellywood, and their associated lines, plus the Deluxe Le Mort d'Arthur and Arthurian Concordance would fit right in with the rest of Chaosiums products. I have high hopes. Also, I am curious as to the print quality. Prince Valiant and the Story Path Cards are available as Print on Demand. Will the Chaosium offerings be of the same materials currently on POD or will they get a new printing?
  14. Sorry to see this hasn't garnered more attention. I am kind of just discovering Pendragon and am very excited and I hope the older books that are currently on POD (Book of Battle 2nd Ed, etc) also come to the Chaosium store in an updated format; leatherette or matte finish, for example.
  15. What I want to know is when the RQ Classics will be available in print beyond the Old School Resoruce pack. RQG is supposed to be backwards compatible after all. That's instant material for new players like me who are just now discovering RQ and Glorantha.
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