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  1. David Larkins mentions in the interview at https://www.whatwouldthesmartpartydo.com/2020/10/18/king-arthur-pendragon that there is historical precedent for women fighters, etc and that this change was Greg Stafford's intention. Honestly, it should be up to the group. Personally, in my game I like the idea of females playing more of the manipulative Morgause or Cersei Lannister type rather than a fighter and that's what I'll probably go with, but that's just me.
  2. Love everything about the QS with the exception of 2 things: 1) The illustration of the knights on p. 19 clashes with every other interior illustration in the whole document. 2) The font used for the cover title (white) and section headings (burgundy) doesn't strike me a particularly medieval. Would like to see something more gothic like in the actual medieval manuscript. If I had my druthers such a font would be used throughout, but I know you have to think about readability. Still, more a more gothic font in the section headings would go a long way to give everything that much m
  3. Looks so nice. All but 5 or 6 look big enough to make a good HC book. Could saddle stitch also possibly be an option for the ones that were originally in that format? I.e. Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror etc. That's such a good format for the gaming table because they lay flat more easily. At any rate, thanks so much for this. Really looking forward to them.
  4. I thought Rick said something about this a while ago so I did the search and found it. I understand this is by no means a confirmation and plans can, and often do, change, but there seems to be at least some appetite at Chaosium to offer print options of legacy Pendragon titles.
  5. The books available are stunning. It really is a shame this series will go nowhere in the US.
  6. Sorry I said print option, but I really should have said POD. With Chaosium starting to offer classic RQ in POD, I thought it likely they might do the same for Pendragon.
  7. The version being Distributed by Chaosium is apparently the Kickstarter version, which is offset printed and not POD. No idea if this means it is smyth sewn for the binding, if that is something you are also interested to know. As far as other supplements being translated and brought over, being that Chaosium is just distributing what was published by Nocturnal Media, that would be up to Nocturnal Media and Nosorol. My personal take is that it doesn't look like it is going to happen because unfortunately Nocturnal Media has not has not shown any life as a company for a very long time.
  8. I mean everything on Chaosium's Website listed under "Classic Pendragon". 1st, 3rd, and 4th editions and all suplements.
  9. I was referring to things like Ars Maleifica, Dracs, Bestiarium Hispaniae, etc. that are part of Nosorol's line, but haven't been translated to English and brought over. I suppose the only answer to that question is, as you said to Sid, "That would ultimately be up to Nolosrol, and Nocturnal Media", but if that's the case I don't see anything else coming over.
  10. Will any of the classic titles be getting any kind of print option?
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate that all of these will be postponed to coincide with the recently confirmed 6th edition, which has no release date at this time.
  12. Sounds like a new edition to be announced officially later this year. Jeff talks about it around the 16:30 sec mark here
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