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  1. Thanks, I'm working in a True Ride or a Ride Trance.
  2. Hi all. I'm running the Eleven Light for RQ:G and I want to create the Ulanin Cult as a subcult for Orlanth. Before think to much in the matter, I'd like to listen to your advices. All of them would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Alarius

    Iron armour

    You are right. I have downloaded the last version and this issue is corrrected. Thx. so, all is done.
  4. Alarius

    Iron armour

    I post here and not in Jason Durall thread because this is about a rule in the game master pack. A few characters in the Colymar bribe have a rune iron armour. Iron has two properties. One when enchanted and tempered: it has more armour points. And when unenchanted it has armour points like bronce but has some properties with magic. The armours that the characters have in previous chapter have both properties, more armour and rules with magic. I suppose the rules are right and the examples are wrong. Am I right? Thank. May Lhankor Mhy finds a answer to my question.
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