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  1. I ran the two pdfs ("recent first printing" and "second printing") through diffpdf and these are the differences (barring title page etc at the start). p85 Added "Love (family) 60%" p89 Javelin 1 handed corrected to be damage 1D6+1D4 p96 Spirit magic now has "Strength (2pts)" (was 1pt) p210 "relative finesse of the kopis" (was "of the broadsword") p374 "through which it is possible to pass" (was "possible to past"), and "the shaman must roll their" rather than "the shaman must roll his" p393 Entry 6 in the table of sounds is now "Splashing waves" p40
  2. Sorry, I’m still a bit confused. All the things in the linked change log seem to be corrected in my “Recent First Printing” PDF. Are there any other changes besides labelling it “Second Printing” (which *is* a good idea from a version control perspective)?
  3. Hold on ... looking at the changelog from 7Tigers, those all seem to be in my old "first printing" pdf (downloaded back in 2019). Admittedly this new version says "second printing" in it (not "first printing"). So ... what's changed between the latest "first printing" and this one?
  4. Page 69, Power drain "lsoes" should be "loses".
  5. Stones to kill chaos p85, “these these” should be “these” p86 “This means that he must destroy the elemental using only their Bite attack”; “their” should be “his”.
  6. Tupper

    Open seas

    When I had a look at the Red Book of Magic today, I expected to see Open Seas as a rune spell (presumably to be granted by Dormal). I didn’t find it there. So... is Sorcery the only way to open the seas?
  7. Meteor swarm is missing from the table on page 109.
  8. Thanks heaps for the pictures. That really clarifies the scale for me. Looks like it wouldn’t solve my readability problem. What I’d really love would be vector images of the maps... that way you could zoom in on some of the “busy” bits of the maps.
  9. I have a copy of the Argan Argar Atlas. It's a lovely book, but I find some of the smaller details (especially lakes and hills around Dragon Pass) quite hard to read. Are the poster maps (24 map set of Glorantha or 6 map set of Genertela) any larger/easier to read?
  10. @PhilHibbs Thanks for clearing that one up for me. I guess I'd read how boosting spells worked and just assumed it affected dismissing/dispelling/neutralising as well as getting through countermagic and shields. However now, rereading the core book, there's no mention of boosting helping make spells harder to dismiss. So dismissing is still a valid way to get rid of sword trances.
  11. There’s been some mention of Dismiss Magic tune spell as being a fix for Sword Trance. Certainly that was my first thought. If someone dismisses your sweet trance, you’re both down 1 rune point, but the would be sword trancer is down a round casting the spell (strike rank would be 1+ number of magic points -1) and a tonne of magic points. However in the rules clarifications is this: [\quote] Heal Wound (page 330) Do the extra MPs added to Heal Wound count towards boosting the spell? Eg, if I cast heal wound and spent 5mp on it , would it count as a 2 point spell or a 7 point s
  12. This looks like a fun adventure. One thing is niggling me, though: why is the action on Clayday, rather than Wildday? Shouldn’t it be nights of the (normal) full moon rather than nights of the full black moon? My impression was that Lunars were more powerful on night of the full moon, and weaker when it was a full black moon. Page 8 refers to areas “lit only by the moon”, which suggests a full moon rather than a dark one.
  13. I posted the original topic that lordabdul references, but never got round to mentioning my solution to the problem. Since RHW asks ... I went on a laminating binge. I laminated the softcover booklets that come in the games master pack (calendar, GM's tables, adventure booklet), and then laminated the wrap around screen. I'm quite a fan of laminating softcover RPG books, so I've got it down to a fairly fine art, and I think it came out rather well. I've attached three pictures, one of my slipcase (showing the GM screen in pride of place; the slight discolouration is flash catching the
  14. Finally got hold of my slipcase, bestiary, and GM screen. They're rather splendid looking things. One thing that is bugging me at the moment, though, is how to deal with the GM screen. It looks cool to have the illusion rule on the spine to go with the other books. However, that sheet of paper is very light, and seems to be tricky to get in and out of the little half-box that holds everything together. I wondered if I should laminate it, or glue it to some thick card so it's a bit more robust. What do other people do to make their GM screen look nice in the slipcase, but still easy to ge
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