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  1. I foresee great contests at Greg's funeral games.
  2. The players of Yanioth and Harmast look just like their characters. I know the games master looks just like the unscrupulous character they are haggling with in one illustration.
  3. I am pretty sure this is an error. Very many characters are shown as left handed, either because of the original art or because the original art has been flipped in the design process. 4 of the Pre-generated characters are shown holding their primary weapon in their left hand, only one with it in her right hand and two without handedness shown. In the developed world left handedness is no more than 30% of the population, and in the developing and historic world it is much less frequent. almost unheard of in military contexts. I think if handedness were evenly distributed in Glorantha we would have heard about it. I would expected left-handed characters to have that noted either in the stats or in nicknames. This isn't a solitary incidence. p137 shows a whole army of left-handed hoplites. p193 strike ranks are illustrated left handed as are the ranged weapons on p211. the guard on p221, etc.
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