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    I have been running and playing RPGs for over 35 years - both at home and at conventions both big and small.
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    Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Cypher System, Earthdawn, 2D20 System from Modiphius
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    Peoria, IL
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    Long time gamer from the UK, relocated to the USA. I'm willing to play anything at least once, and pride myself on my extensive gaming collection.
  1. Greg’s creations have been a major part of my life over the years I have been gaming since I first discovered Glorantha and the Cthulhu mythos almost 40 years ago. It doesn’t seem real that he is gone, but I know that in spirit he will still be part of every game I play. My condolences go out to Suzanne and the rest of his family.
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