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  1. Wrestlepig

    Tithing and Magic items

    Harrek's noted as being respectful to the poor, I'd imagine if he goes to some dive bars or kebab cart he'd throw money around but would prefer to trash a fine establishment.
  2. Wrestlepig

    Esrolian Assassin

    Argan Argar might be a good choice. His darkness magic would be very handy, although the cult skills probably aren't relevant.
  3. Wrestlepig

    Grey Ones?

    could be space aliens. just saying
  4. Wrestlepig

    Urox and Lunars

    It is, but it does make a pretty solid argument.
  5. Wrestlepig

    Too Far?

    It's only appropriate, any self-respecting puppeteer knows to take their performances Too Far.
  6. Wrestlepig

    Did Mostal imprison a Dragon?

    I wonder what would happen if you mined a true dragon. Maybe that's what Isilidan's up to.
  7. you can, although you'll have increased tithes and requirements, which can complicate becoming a Rune Lord or Priest. In some cases the cults can clash badly. It does work well for Shamans, surprisingly, since they probably won't take higher advancements in cults and the typical rune spells available to them aren't great. God-Talkers are also a good choice, since you get a lot of the benefits of being a priest without as many responsibilities you can't handle.
  8. Wrestlepig

    Gloranthan Slang.

    "You got Owned!" is a common refrain among victorious Fonritan Warriors.
  9. Wrestlepig

    Gloranthan Slang.

    To truly find authentic slang we need to define Gloranthan Teens
  10. Wrestlepig

    Sphinxes in Glorantha

    as a teller of Riddles, a Sphinx would ideally be related to Nysalor. I can just imagine travellers arguing about how there's other differences between righteous intent and righteous action aside from Power and that answer doesnt make any sense before they get eaten.
  11. Wrestlepig

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    I'm the most curious about the Malkioni ones. I can theoretically hack up a cult on most gods but I feel like there'd be interesting mechanical differences for the very Sorcery-focused ones. I'm also curious about Lodril's supposed update for Gods of Glorantha, and I'd like to see Fonrit stuff, especially Artmal.
  12. Wrestlepig

    Rune Priest Requirements

    I wouldn't really worry about it. Rune Priest powers are nice, but they don't make you significantly more powerful, just more reliable.
  13. Wrestlepig

    Bring Out Your Dead

    The writing of the whole book is really not clear at all since it intermingles so much GM advice and discussion of tone between the actual rules, which makes it hard to figure out or use as reference. outside of rejigging all the writing I'd reccomend having something like the Heroquest Cheat Sheet on Glorantha.com included http://www.glorantha.com/docs/heroquest-cheat-sheet/
  14. Wrestlepig

    What are these runes...

    The first one is Stasis Contained with in Law, it's probably a Mostal thing.
  15. Wrestlepig

    Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

    I'm pretty sure land is public property but if a trollkin came up with enough gold to make my own Sun Dome people would change their tune. Or just kill the trollkin, take the gold and have the same effect on the economy