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  1. Waiting for Auto-Calc Down Darker Trails and Trails Pulp character sheets. Anyone know if they are going to be made available.?
  2. The bloody Cutthroats 9 is on Amazon for free. Will check out Proposition...I'm an old punker....Nick Cave wrote it. Thanks for heads-up.
  3. There was a computer game called NOCTURNE that did a great job with the weird underground American West lost city...trying to remember details. The Mound is a great HPL story...need to read it to get juices flowing.
  4. Here's what I'm starting with.... All the player characters will be survivors of the Delapore family who were burned out of their plantation in the Civil War (Rats in the Walls). A part of the family went North to live, this faction stayed in Virginia, tried to rebuild Carfax, but failed. The surviving Patriarch, Uncle Enoch, suffered burns from the ordeal and has been ill ever since. Doctor's recommend a warm, dry climate...his lungs were damaged in the fire. The remaining Virginia Delapore's cobbled together their remaining fortune and sent some of the clan to South Texas (San Rafael) to set up a ranch/homestead. The PC's are travelling there....when they finally get there, something is wrong...and our adventure starts there. A Town Called CARCOSA...? Maybe
  5. Working on another one....a train based one. Yeah I know it's been done...but c'mon it'll work big time. -Train goes into a tunnel, the tunnel collapses, crash, smash, investigators knocked unconscious...they wake up and have to fight their way out of K'n-Yan. Anyway...a whole set of train based adventures are roiling in my brains. -During a Buffalo shoot off a train, something gigantic and angry knocks the train off the tracks....fight to survive. -Train stops in an unknown town...painted yellow....Carcosa Flatts. Everything is weird. Everyone is worried about the Sheriff (in Yellow).
  6. I have gotten into a Weird Western mood via watching a few Weird West movies....El Topo and Bone Tomahawk to name two. Dead Birds another. So while the iron was hot I ordered Down Darker Trails and am looking at the PDF. Very nice. Anyway....I have a few pretty good ideas for scenarios already. I'm just not sure where to use them. The right players are hard to find. I am thinking of doing a convention scenario for a con that's coming up. (Gotta)Few Ideas thusfar... -Pappy Yig's Snake Oil. Whole towns are going insane and mutating. The enigmatic and wily Alphonso T. Hazard, the salesman/wizard must be stopped. -Whateley's Go West - West Dunwich a weird town folks wander into, some don't wander out. Things happen. -Arkham Ho!....Miskatonic U. sent out a team to research native cultures. Strange caves...lost culture...locals avoid the whole area...investigators are part of the team. Anyone else dabbling with DDT?
  7. You are the Keeper....the storyteller. Have it go how you want. Just be fair, and as long as it's 'cool' nobody will notice. Also you don't have to explain yourself...you're the boss. Being a High Priest...I'm sure whatever god he serves will grant some special boon to one of it's minions. Simple Damage Reduction to outright immunity to physical attacks or only supernatural attacks will work. Just like I said, make it cool, but don't make it impossible.
  8. Stoked...this it the GOLDEN AGE of Call of Cthulhu. Chaosium is amazing.
  9. Is there a way to watch these if you miss them LIVE?
  10. Max, I actually get a kick out of creating my own 'monsters'. Most folks know the typical cast of characters...Ghouls, Gugs, Byakhees, shoggoths etc. Dig around deviant art...find something that looks appropriately horrific...don't bother making up stats...it's unstoppable. These things are the things of nightmares...made of nightmares...dream logic dictates it cannot be destroyed. Banished temporarily...maybe...dispatched...no.
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  18. I am trying to get back into gaming after a real life shake up. The long delays for Call of Cthulhu 7e also was a small contributor to my lapse. Anyway....BRP is hands down my favorite system and I really dig the changes that 7e is bringing. I've run a few 7e games and the new Keeper 'tools' have made running the game more entertaining from that side of the table. The question on how to get this site to work better for Chaosium.... Well for me, the obvious way is bring the Keeper's CULT OF CHAOS here as well.
  19. I am working on an idea for a game based on WW1 aerial combat....aka...lotsa dogfighting. There will be zeppelin attacks, tanks blitzing across the desert, strafing runs on enemy trains, desert spy intrigue taking place in a neutral holy oasis city etc. I have kinda worked out a ruleset...not being able to find any real air combat rules down this or any vein in the Big Gold Brick. Anyway, have any of you developed any rules dealing with aerial combat?? I will post what I have come up with thusfar. Later at least (left them at work actually) The concept is basically something down the line of the old anime show...Area 88 It takes place in an alternate history universe where WW1 never really ended, other than in a stalemate and the various powers have exported the war to other countries. The PC's will be air aces with or without WW1 experience. The setting will be in a ficticious arabian-ish country with various different terrains...desert for the most part. One of the big concerns for the characters will be upkeep of their plane, they are true mercenaries paid by the mission and by bounties for bringing down targets. Anyway...I'm interested to hear how folks have dealt with brp aerial combat.
  20. Cthanx....that's the only rule I found remotely applicable to my aforementioned rules dilemma. So if the party wizard wants to suit up in full plate, he's gonna have to deal with that pesky skill penalty. I have reasonable players, so I kinda doubt I will have trouble keeping the wizard out of the plate mail.
  21. Hello folks, Just one question. Are there any negatives/penalties for magick types wearing armor? I scoured the book (just got it the other day) and haven't seen anything which would deter a spellchucker from armoring up. Is this right? I was planning on converting a few 1st ed. D&D dungeons to BRP for some beer and pretzels old school tomfoolery.
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