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    I have been playing RPGs since my first exposure to Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as a teen back in 1984!

    I have played and collected numerous systems and have a bookcase full of rpgs.

    BRP games has definately been my most consistent system of all time, regardless of build and setting.

    I also loved White Wolf World of Darkness back in the day, although now I just prefer to read those books rather than run games with them.

    Of all the systems that I have, these days I tend to mainly run games with BRP or FATE. They are designed very differently, yet in terms of mechanics they are the two systems that really work for me.

    However I'll also happily run other systems whenever time permits, I just love this hobby!

  • Current games
    As a Player:

    * Dungeons & Dragons 5E
    * HARP Fantasy
    * Dark Ages Fae

    As a Game Master:

    * Gloranthan Epics:
    A long running game I often return to. Uses a BRP hybrid mix based on BGB, with lots of elements ported in from RQ2, RQ3, and RQ6.
    This game is in my blood, I will always return to run a Gloranthan campaign with BRP, this has been my mainstay for years!
    Likely to be streamlined into RQG at a later date

    * Pulp Era Investigations:
    Uses Call of Cthulhu 7E + Pulp Cthulhu 7E. Jazz Age Era 1920s/1930s. Mix of random scenarios, some non Mythos, although seems to have settled into The Masks Of Nylathotep campaign

    * Titan Crawl:
    Set in the classic and whimsical World of Titan, using Advanced Fighting Fantasy. Mainly a gateway rpg that I run for my sons, however it also makes a great little light session with my mates. OSR doesn't need to be any more complex than this!

    *Action Flick Episodes!:
    High octane cinematic action movies series fun! Contemporary Era. Uses FATE Core, although I could just as easily run this with HQ2.

    On the list to run:

    * Weird Fantasy Dungeon Crawling:
    Reusing random old fantasy scenarios, getting back to an old school weird tales sword & sorcery dungeon crawl, like a Frazetta painting meeting an Iron Maiden album!
    Initially chose Basic D&D 2E (or S&W or DCC), but then decided on D&D 5E instead. However I am now more likely to do this with BRP, either set in The Southern Reaches (BRP Magic World), or in The Realm (BRP Mythras). Should be fun!

    * Hyborian Age Epics:
    BRP Mythras + Conan D20 Supplements + Call of Cthulhu Magic.
    Potentially may use Modiphius Conan rpg instead.

    * Mythic Britain:
    Will use Mythras RAW

    * Wizarding World Adventures:
    Just for the sake of something different.
    Will probably suit FATE Accelerated quite well

    * Dr Who Adventures:
    Possibly will consider the Cubicle 7 Dr Who game, although more likely to go with some form of FATE for this one.

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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. Some thoughts after a first read

    These days I prefer systems like FATE and HeroQuest, although for Glorantha I still prefer a version of RuneQuest/BRP for it's nuts and bolts approach. So I think RQG will be my go-to Gloranthan game once it is published. However it's good for Glorantha itself that there is now a 'Glorantha D20' game, given that D&D is still the most commercially popular rpg on the market. As a player I don't mind playing D&D 5E or 13A D20, but I probably wouldn't GM either. However I'll be more than happy to play in 13AG if my D20 GM wants to run a Gloranthan game I'll support anything that proliferates Glorantha as a setting, whether it's rpg related or purely narrative, like the G2G. For me Glorantha is up there with Middle Earth as a setting and world immersion experience. I can never get enough of Glorantha since I discovered it over 30yrs ago. The current depiction of Glorantha since the G2G is new and fresh, yet also reminiscent of the ancient world flavour that initially set it apart in the earlier editions of RQ. 13AG seems to be consistent with this flavour, so I'm happy that it is being published!
  2. I work in community mental health services, and yes there is a big disconnect between the earlier interpretations on 'insanity', and contemporary psychological conditions and psychiatric disorders. I can see value in having Sanity Points re-titled as 'Resilience Points' to better portray modern sensibilities regarding mental health and wellbeing. When it comes to getting corrupted by mythos exposure, I don't think trying to map actual diagnostic disorders to the earlier concepts is all that helpful. Perhaps when Resilience Points (SAN Pts) are lost, they are replaced by 'Dread Points. Once Dread Points have replaced all the Resilience Points then the character has 'The Dread' or is 'Lost', 'Forsaken', 'Corrupted', 'Fallen' etc
  3. MiG’s Alive!

    No, you are right - I am totally incorrect with this! In my mind the MRQ2 logo was on The Iron Simulacrum , but I finally pulled the book out of archives to share that pic, and there is the bloody LEGEND logo staring me in the face! Talk about eating my words...
  4. Esrolian Trade Road

    The HQ book 'Blood Over Gold: Trader Princes of Maniria' was a great read for this, lots of adventuring opportunities working for the Trader Princes as their influence is declining due to the nautical trade routes established by Notchet to Handra. Lots of infighting and generally a great place for a non-epic campaign. However it certainly is a long way from canon these days, and needs to be heavily re-skinned to be consistent with the G2G. I would love to see it revisited with the current interpretation of Glorantha.
  5. Hither came Arkat, sword in hand ...
  6. MiG’s Alive!

    Age of Treason existed prior to Legend. The Iron Simulacrum book I have definately has the MRQ2 logo on it.
  7. Yeah I just got back home and checked the G2G and realised that wasnt Orlanth at all...funny how that got mixed up in my mind I checked back in here to amend that part of my post, but the damage was already done 😊
  8. I guess Deities don't have to be consistent - perhaps Orlanth only has additional arms when he needs them. Perhaps he is blue skinned, or perhaps Air Gods are all depicted in Gloranthan art works as having blue skin. I guess I like the different interpretations Also, is this Orlanth?:
  9. Pickpocket Challenge

    I would make the player-character make a Spot roll (Hard Success required). Failure means the thief gets away with the artifact, although the character can make a subsequent Spot roll (normal success) to catch sight of the thief leaving with it, thus ensuring a chase scene. For the sake of drama, if the player character succeeds in the initial Hard success Spot Roll then make the character catch the thief red-handed stealing his wallet instead. During the kerfuffle that ensures, another thief (working in tandem) steals the artifact (requiring an Extreme Success to Spot). Same outcome - dramatic use of the Chase rules!
  10. Bronze Chainmail

    That's because it's not really bronze, it's actually Hu-metal (of which the closest real world approximation is bronze, for the sake of an anology)
  11. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Absolutely love the artistic flavour of the coloured character sheet; but it just feels way too detailed for gameplay for me, much like the new CONAN sheet. However this one above reminds me a bit of RQ3, and MW, and it will be the version at my table. Looks sensible, nice and clear. (Now it's time for me to tell those damn kids to get off my lawn heh heh)
  12. MiG’s Alive!

    So where does that leave the game lines that used the OGL create their own versions of BRP (ie OQ, Renaissance, RD100, Mythras, etc)?
  13. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    Interesting to read all this background stuff on Chaosium...
  14. Six Ages progress update

    Is Six Ages Gloranthan based, like KoDP was? If so, any idea of the cultures depicted here?