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    I tend to enjoy a variety of rpg settings, genres, and game mechanics, and try not to be overly loyalist to any one rule set.

    However I still find that BRP is definitely my favourite system to run, and I guess it is my comfortable 'home base':

    I tend to like both of the BRP flavours for my 'go-to' games:
    * Chaosium BRP (RuneQuest, Call Of Cthulhu, BGB)
    * Non-Chaosium BRP (Mythras, OpenQuest, Revolution D100)

    Other games I like to run:
    * White Wolf Storyteller (Classic World of Darkness, Trinity Continuum, Chronicles of Darkness)
    * Advanced Fighting Fantasy (Nothing 'advanced' about it! Just basic classic fantasy OSR fun like it's supposed to be; bring on the Beer 'n' Pretzels!)

    In a class of it's own:
    * HeroQuest 2nd Edition (I love Glorantha, but I don't really feel HQG is for me - however I really like how HQ can emulate great storytelling in other genres. An under-rated game, IMO it is ill-suited to Fantasy or Sci Fi, but I think it really shines in other genres like Action Flick, Crime Fiction, Murder Mystery, and Super Heroes. A milestone in narrative storytelling systems. I really hope to see another edition of this, particularly aimed at the genres I would prefer to see it in)

    Other systems I have in my collection which I enjoy playing (many of these settings I also tend to convert to BRP):
    * ICE systems (MERP, Rolemaster, Cyberspace, HARP Fantasy)
    * Traveller
    * OpenD6 ( Ghostbusters, WEG Star Wars, MiniSix,)
    * Savage Worlds
    * Shadowrun
    * Cipher (Numenera, The Strange)
    * FUDGE, FATE Core and FATE Accelerated
    * Dungeons & Dragons (Basic Set, Patherfinder, D&D 5E)
    * Fragged Empire
    * The One Ring
    * Eclipse Phase
    * Ubiquity system (Leagues of Adventure, Hollow Earth)
    * Mechwarrior / Battletech
    * Talislanta
    * CONAN (D20 OGL)
    * 2D20 System (CONAN: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of)

  • Current games
    My longest running rpgs have been two sprawling house-ruled BRP campaigns:

    * 1920s/1930s Action Adventure! Throw in occasional Weird Science, Crime Noir, Supernatural Horror, and Colby Murder Mystery. 'Indiana Jones meets Poirot!'
    * Previously used CoC, BGB, + imported rules from White Wolf's 'Adventure!' rpg. 
    * However it now uses CoC 7E + Pulp Cthulhu book and I'm pretty happy with the recent conversion, it plays really well!

    * A sprawling series of adventures which has evolved over many years since initially using RQ2 back in the day; eventually settling with the BGB as a foundation, along with a liberal mix of rules and concepts from RQ2, RQ3, RQ6/Mythras, and HQG.
    * The flavour for my Gloranthan Epics campaigns have been very RQ2 in atmosphere, which now segways nicely towards the current interpretations of Glorantha; so I'm pretty happy. The upcoming RQ looks like its going for the same atmosphere I like, and depending on how it plays, RQG may well replace my own Glorantha house rules.

    Considering running:

    * Currently thinking of using HeroQuest to run this contemporary-era setting, likely to set it in a stylised Los Angeles, perhaps shifting to other major USA locales such as New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans.
    * Mixing elements from Investigation Drama meets Action Flick genres, with lots of cinematic handwaving!
    * Setting influences: CSI, Burn Notice, Bosch, Dirty Harry, Pulp Fiction, Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice, McGwyver, Elementary, Sin City, Magnum PI, A-Team, Mission Impossible, Baywatch, CHIPS, The Man From Uncle, Hawaii 5-0, Con Air, Die Hard, Luther, The Transporter, Justified, Lethal Weapon, Fast & Furious!
    * Once I get my head around this, it really should kick off nicely with the HQ system!
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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. quicktstart

    There is a bit about Spirit Magic in the Quickstart, but its vague in a good way, as I feel its open to interpretation. One culture might view 'Spirits' as emotive or sentient entities (think tribal fetishes and animism); whereas another culture might view the concept of 'Spirit' as intuitive energy within or surrounding matter (like Chi, Prana, or even 'The Force'). I think keeping it open works well. A Praxian Barbarian may view their fetishes a little differently to the charms of a Malkioni Dronari, for instance, yet both could be using their foci to trigger Spirit Magic. That's how I have read it, but unsure if that's how it is meant to be in the full rules. But it works for me.
  2. Yes it feels somehow like the RQ2 magic we were meant to have, before we all went our own ways tweaking it to work better. These rules feel good to me.
  3. Well whatever the reasoning, these rules seem to just sit better with me. I agree that it will be a little easier for new people to grasp, which is a big plus. Like you say, it also has the advantage of further refining the character sheet by having distinctive magic written on it. Otherwise the equivalent for weapons on the sheet would be 'Orlanthi Weapons' or 'Silver Sword Regiment Training' for instance. I don't mind that, but considering it sounds like its more likely these things will be recorded as 'Broadsword' or 'Medium Shield'l for instance, then it makes sense not to record magic as simply 'Humakt Cult Rune Magic', but to write 'Sever Spirit' or something specific like that in the Rune Magic section. Common Rune Magic being presented as an array of powers that anyone with a Rune Pt can evoke, whereas Special Rune Magic is more specific in approach. Sounds like the best of both worlds, I think most people will like it.
  4. So am I reading this correct? In regards to Rune Magic, you now get a Rune Pt for every POW sacrificed to the Deity, which you can use to access a specific Special Rune Spell, decreed at the time you sacrifice that POW Pt to the Deity. In addition to this you can still use the Rune Pt to perform ANY of the Spells from the Common Rune Magic list - so no change here, its just the Special Rune Spells that must be individually acquired? This seems alot little less variable than what we have been reading in the previous development blogs, although it feels more in keeping with the original RQ concept. I think I prefer it better as it is still quite free-form in regards to the common rune spells, yet places more importance of rune powers specific to a particular deity. Plus it does take some guess work out for newbies. It's a slight change from the previous idea, but I think it may work better. Still sounds fun, I like it. BTW I love these sketches
  5. Play testing not great for me at present, my troupe is currently caught up with several other long-running campaigns, and my own time is getting swamped with other bits n pieces. If that changes then I'll reconsider and see if I can be more actively involved with RD100, but I'm just wearing too many hats at present. In regards to the products that are scheduled, I definitely think another version of Wind Of The Steppes would be good, the BGB version has some great content, so no reason why this shouldn't be in RD100 format as well For me being a Red Moon Rising KS backer I think I would definitely like to see the setting further developed, so I'm likely to throw more coins in for that line I reckon. So some good things on the horizon for RD100
  6. Yes stop it, I'm poor this month !!!
  7. Actually OQ Basics is the one I use at the gaming table (although I have OQ in my bookcase and in my iPad). The digest format just feels very handy, like the Legend rpg book was very handy in a similar respect. For me it much more important having OQBasics in a print edition than having the full rules - I can also refer to my pdf version of the full rules, but the digest hard copy is perfect at the gaming table for me to refer to, or to hand around to the players. For me I kind of like the idea of a rules-lite BRP rule set being in a digest-sized book. In many ways I would of preferred to see the entire line in that format. Sorry to hear that I may be a minority with this
  8. quicktstart

    ...well I guess Humakti are badasses fullstop, heh heh
  9. quicktstart

    I like the description for Spirit Magic much better than RQ3. It kinda feels like the concept of 'Spirit' is more like a form of ethereal energy, like Chi or Prana; it's not purely tribal animistic in viewpoint and the rationale can be used widely across a range of cultures which place their own spin on it. So the title 'Spirit Magic' works well in this sense. I used to like the original term 'Basic Magic', but never could understand why it was also referred to as Battle Magic when half of the spells had no direct role in combat. Common Magic also works, but Spirit Magic does have a good Gloranthan ring to it, and fits the description well. I'm really glad we have the term Rune Magic back in RuneQuest again. Although I thought Sorcery was also Rune Magic, in my brain I viewed that there was two forms of Rune Magic: Rune Magic (Theism) and Rune Magic (Sorcery). For purposes of this Quickstart then having one is fine, but hopefully the full edition of RQG classifies it similarly (not holding my breath on that - I suspect that Rune Magic simply replaces the RQ3 term Divine Magic, which is what HQG has done). I like the idea of Rune Pts, although on my own character sheets I'll probably rename it as 'Runepower', to save confusion with Magic Points. Just feels more evocative as well. I certainly like the idea that Rune Magic is less exclusive than before, although I don't want it being too commonplace in my Glorantha. I don't know if an Initiate should be casually casting Sever Spirit (or something like that), even if it will be difficult for them to cast it again for some time. Some magic just feels that it should be a little exclusive. Rather than a total restriction or having one-use magic like in the old rules, perhaps some kind of negative modifier to the Rune % roll may be appropriate? The modifier could based on the Cult Rank of the caster perhaps? Perhaps for Initiates it would be -20%.per additional 1 MP spent beyond 1 MP. Then Acolytes (Godspeakers) could have -10%, whereas Priests wouldn't have any modifier (just spitballing ideas here). I like the idea that holy days are used to recharge Rune Pts, although I may fiddle with that to find a way to make it quicker under certain circumstances, perhaps time spent in contemplation/prayer/ vows etc - maybe this allows for a weekly or fortnightly POW x5% roll, yielding 1 RP? I like the idea that Rune Magic is a bit more free form, but I do think it possibly needs a little more tweaking in order to place more value on it as a higher form of magic. I guess many of us have been playing our own versions of Glorantha for some time now, so it's pretty hard to capture an interpretation that suits us all. However these current rules certainly are the best ones I have seen for RQ Rune Magic so far, it feels like it's fun now
  10. I've got nothing to add, except morale support - some great ideas spitballing here in this thread, very cool
  11. The BGB allowed for extra defensive actions at a culminative -30% modifier. I think I prefer RQG's culminative -20% penalty, I think it may work slightly better.
  12. Reminding us that bronze remains the default metal works well with these parry rules. Historically alot of time was spent bashing bronze weapons, armour, and shields back into place after a battle, so armaments regularly losing HP emulates this well. The advent of iron (and later steel) was a big step forward in real world history. Likewise in Glorantha this will be similar, with the durability factor making arms and armour crafted from ur-metal (equiv to iron) much more valuable than such forged with hu-metal (equiv to bronze), with better AP etc
  13. Cool, yes thanks Jason for explaining, that all seems pretty clear to me
  14. Yeah this always felt counter-intuitive to me, so I'm not going to use that, it certainly feels illogical for my troupe. So I'm quite unhappy that RQ is doing this, but yeah, no big deal. We'll likely use the CoC 7E approach where you have an extra success level (1/2 skill), then the notion of having 'the best success level wins' is a much more viable way to go