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    Brisbane QLD, Australia


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    I have been playing RPGs since my first exposure to Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as a teen back in 1984!
    I have played and collected numerous systems and have a bookcase full of rpgs.

    BRP has definately been my most consistent system of all time, regardless of build and setting.
    I also loved all the White Wolf World of Darkness stuff back in the day, although these days I just prefer to read those books rather than run games with them.

    Of all the numerouis systems that I have, these days I'll run games mainly with BRP or FATE, due to them being very different experiences. In terms of mechanics, they are the two systems that really work for me.
    However I'll also happily run Advanced Fighting Fantasy for a 'beer and pretzels' rules-lite fantasy

  • Current games
    As a Player:

    * Dungeons & Dragons 5E
    * HARP Fantasy
    * Dark Ages Fae

    As a Game Master:

    * Gloranthan Epics:
    A long running game I often return to. Uses a BRP hybrid mix based on BGB, with lots of elements ported in from RQ2, RQ3, and RQ6.
    This game is in my blood, I will always return to run a Gloranthan campaign with BRP, this has been my mainstay for years!
    Likely to be streamlined into RQG at a later date

    * Pulp Adventures:
    Uses Call of Cthulhu 7E + Pulp Cthulhu 7E. Mix of random scenarios, some non Mythos, although seems to have settled into The Masks Of Nylathotep campaign

    * Titan Crawl:
    Set in the classic and whimsical World of Titan, using Advanced Fighting Fantasy.
    Mainly a gateway rpg that I run for my sons, however it also makes a great little light session with my mates
    Lots of fun, OSR doesn't need to be any more serious than this!

    *Action Flick Adventures!:
    High octane cinematic action movies series fun
    Using FATE Core, although I could just as easily run this with HQ.
    Great fun

    On the list to run:

    * Weird Fantasy Dungeon Crawling:
    Reusing random old fantasy scenarios, getting back to an old school weird tales sword & sorcery dungeon crawl, like a Frazetta painting meeting an Iron Maiden album!
    Was going to use Basic D&D 2E (or S&W or DCC), but then decided D&D 5E instead.
    However I am now more likely to do this with BRP Magic World, and porting the scenarios into The Southern Reaches setting.
    Should be fun

    * Hyborian Age Epics:
    BRP Mythras + Conan D20 Supplements + Call of Cthulhu Magic.
    Potentially may use Modiphius Conan rpg instead.

    * Mythic Britain:
    Will use Mythras RAW

    * Wizarding World Adventures:
    Just for the sake of something different.
    Will probably suit FATE Accelerated quite well

    * Dr Who Adventures:
    Possibly will consider the Cubicle 7 Dr Who game, although more likely to go with FATE Core or FATE Accelerated for this one.

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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. Runequest Quickstart

    I think whoever was unfortunate enough to be exposed to THACO has the right to be called a Grognard (I mean in it's original form and not via some hip indie OSR novelty version which provides it as a nostalgic option!) So yeah by this definition, the 'younger' grognards may now mean anyone who has been playing rpgs before 2000. However the more distinguished amongst this group rolled their first dice before 1980...
  2. Forbidden Lands on KS

    This old school style classic fantasy setting looks fun, very sandbox sword and sorcery gonzo: The KS page shows the actual proposed products, and I think artwork is great. If people dont want to try another system, then porting this into BRP would be easy enough. Screams Magic World to me. Just sayin'
  3. .

  4. Runequest Quickstart

    That is brilliant !!!
  5. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    I was thinking of the big picture and where this book fits in regards to the proliferation of BRP games. It is definitely a BRP game from the MD100 SRD stream, but it is much more Mythras than OQ, which is a little different from the original vision. It would be nice to see a logo on the book identifying it as a ‘Mythras-Compatible’ or a ‘Mythras-Influenced’ product at the very least, given how much of Mythras has been used for this game. PDFs can be altered/updated, but printed books can not. But yeah, I doubt there will be any major changes this late in the project, and I expect it has been so challenging that the author just wants to complete it now. The content and game structure is rather good, and Mythras GMs would probably like having this title in their collection
  6. So what have you been using OpenQuest for?

    Thanks for the free quickstart release that is coming soon in regards to Monkey, you have definitely grabbed my attention now! Getting back to OQ, yes I agree that OQ Battle Magic can easily be retrapped in a Wushu/Wuxia coating. i could see this well done. However in regards to thinking what niche I think OQ shines in, I am a big supporter of using it for classic fantasy. I really love the classic fantasy genre that emerged from many British publications back in the 1980s, many of them portrayed an interesting blend of sword & sorcery, high fantasy, with classic fable elements. Stuff like Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, Dragon Warriors, Brian Froud's fairie and goblinoid artwork, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, etc. That's the kind of flavour I think OQ works well with. D&D OSR games like Dungeon Crawl Classics, Swords & Wizardry / Crypt & Things etc have oodles of atmosphere, and I just think OQ should really be portrayed in that same niche. I love the cover art of The Savage North, Life & Death, etc more of that is the way to go I reckon.
  7. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    Yes and given that it has taken so long to be released, then it probably may benefit from one more delay and be released either as a Mythras or Mythras-compatible product. There is lots of great content in RoR, and making it part of thr Mythras family is probably the way to go now. Mythic Pulp is such a cool genre title; that needs to be a 'thing''!
  8. So what have you been using OpenQuest for?

    I dont know anything about the Journey To The West game mechanics, so I will definately be taking a look at the Quickstart
  9. So what have you been using OpenQuest for?

    Yes yes hurry up with that Newt, mush mush!
  10. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    Yeah when I first backed the project I thought it was going to be OQ with an Edwardian-Mythos setting Then various changes were made, and it became more like Legend and RQ6, it even has many of the working parts retrapped - combat maneuvers are called Fighting Method Bonuses, Luck is called Mettle, and Gifts are there in the form of Special Abilities. Given how much time has passed, it makes more sense for it to be a licencee for Design Mechanism, as it virtually is a retrapping of Mythras now. Otherwise it needs to be trimmed way back down to OQ level again, either works. It just doesn't make sense to have too many BRP rulesets proliferated - but setting books for pre-existing core rulebooks work well. At the end of the day, fans will want to stick with one or two rule sets, and just adjust things for the setting. If I ever run this, I'll tell my players it's the Mythras BRP engine, otherwise they'll just be too confused. Despite all the issues associated with this, the final pdf versions was just released to backers, and they look pretty good in content. I wonder when the hard copies will arrive
  11. So what have you been using OpenQuest for?

    I initially wanted to run an OQ Wind In The Willows with my kids, but decided Fate Acclerated was better for it. In hindsight I also could of gone with HQ. However my lads also wanted a play a classic fantasy game, so I later ended up retrapping some old Fighting Fantasy gamebook plots and used OQ for the ruleset. It was a perfect fit, we had a great time with it! Considering running an asian fantasy for them now, inspired by Journey To The West. OQ is on my list of engines (although I am also considering options of Fate Core/Accelerated, and HQ) But OQ remains a great option for simple BRP rules for classic fantasy
  12. Runequest Quickstart

    Yeah I think many people here in this forum were initially calling it either RQ7 or just the new RQ. I think Chaosium introduced the working titles of RQ4 or RQ2.5. These made perfect sense from a designer perspective, but didnt feel right from a consumer/fan perspective. Referring to it as RQG just solved everything, this was an excellent idea.
  13. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    I like HQ, for me it makes a great narrative universal system, but I don't particularly like it for this setting or genre. I envison HQ to be a great fit for Pulp Adventure or Contemporary Action genres, but for some reason I am not overly fond for it to do fantasy. But that's just me, I really do love narrative systems like Fate and HQ these days. Despite such, I like my fantasy to be 'down and dusty', more gritty than cinematic, and a BRP system ticks alot of boxes for this. HQG is a beautiful rpg book to have, but personally RQ is my preferred system for Glorantha. I would perhaps wait for RQG to be released, then you should be able to use it with any RQ Classic products as well as new RQG products. The game is due late this year/early next year. If you have Mythras but find it too fiddily, then in the meantime I would suggest OpenQuest, especially OQ Basic.
  14. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    Thanks for the offer mate, I may do that at a later date
  15. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    Although I backed RD100 I just never seem to get the time to give it a proper read. Damn this adult life sometimes heh heh The more I see of RD100, the more I like. Especially with how Skills are structured, and how there are modern rules which encourage more narrative play styles. I just wish it was a hardcover, but thats just me. It's nicer to show off to people that way. I know what my next holiday rulebook will be...