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    Been reading and rolling dice since the mid 1980s, and happy to say that I'm still doing it!
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    * Adventure/Investigation (Pulp Cthulhu 7E)
    * Glorantha (BRP/RuneQuest)
    * Mythic Britain (Mythras)
    * Old School Weird Fantasy (MagicWorld, OpenQuest)

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    Also occasionally Shadowrun and Battletech.
    In my earlier days we played Basic D&D, RQ2, Rolemaster, and D&D 3E.
    I bought D20 Modern and True20, but moved into Savage Worlds instead, then wrapped that up and returned to something more sensible like BRP.
    Tinkered a bit with HeroQuest, but its not for my current troupe, so it's now back to some version of Fate Core or BRP.
    I'll probably grow old and grey running these two!

    * Hard Sci Fi (Classic Traveller or BRP: OQ River Of Heaven).
    * Cyberpunk (BRP RD100)
    * Hyborian Age (BRP: RQ or Mythras).
    * Star Wars (Fate Core)
    * Star Trek classic era crew (HeroQuest or Fate Core)
    * Wizarding World (Fate Accelerated)
    * Dr Who (Fate Accelerated)

    Too many games, not enough hours!

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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. Otherwise go with Dark Ages Robin Hood, using RD100 Merrie England 😁
  2. Contemporary Heist/Action Episodes! Inspiration: A-Team, Mission Impossible, Oceans Eleven, McGywver, Magnum PI, Snatch, Burn Notice, Die Hard, The Equalizer, Justified, Hawaii 5-O, Sherlock, The Italian Job, The Fast & Furious, CSI, The Score, The Transporter, etc I reckon watch a whole heap of cheesy action shows and movies, then run brief one-to-two shot episodes in a fast, pulpy flavour. I did this using Fate Core and its alot of fun. However I think that HeroQuest would also be perfect for this! Heaps of over the top action scenes, flimsy plot links, lots of good times, and low GM committment. Perfect for a short period while thinking about which long term serious campaign game the GM may wish to embark on next. Lots of fun! 😎
  3. Mankcam

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    The slipcase for Christmas oh yeah...
  4. Mankcam

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    Wow - this all sounds great !!! Sounds like some great products ahead. The schedule from now to the end of the year sounds very promising. I can't wait to have the hardcover colour books here to look at, and I hope we getthe slipcase editions at some stage. I really like that we see a return to Apple Lane, that place really felt alive for me, considering we kicked a few adventures off from there, and kept returning. I like that we have Steve Perrin back for some old school adventures, and the fact that Barbarian Town is gonna get fleshed out for a setting by Sarah Newton. There's only good news in this post!
  5. Mankcam

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Ken Hite's 'The Day After Ragnarock' setting would be done quite well with BRP, rather than Savage Worlds or Fate or whatever it was put into. I also wish we had seen a new version of Sarah Newton's ' Chronicles of Future Earth' for BRP. This had huge potential.
  6. Mankcam

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    I agree that Bas-Lag could be a great setting for BRP
  7. Mankcam

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    That's weird - my copy wasn't indexed/bookmarked. I did buy it on the first day, so perhaps it wasn't fully cooked. I went back to my account at Chaosium.com and downloaded it again. This time it looks bookedmarked - excellent !!! Thanks for alerting me to this; greatly appreciated! πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Mankcam

    Families in Runequest

    Excellent, this sounds good!
  9. Mankcam

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    I wonder if the RQG pdf will be bookmarked? That would be very helpful
  10. Mankcam

    Happy Independence Day 2018

    To be fair, Lovecraft has got a musical, 'A Shoggoth On The Roof" 😁 (PS: sorry about the double post - I could not work out a way to delete the second one...so you'll just have to take more SANITY loss if you listen to it!)
  11. Mankcam

    Happy Independence Day 2018

    No one is proud of everything that happens in their country, or what shady deals happen behind the scenes, or what goose has got what job 😁 Not weighing in too much on what likely is a sensitive matter in the States, but whoever sits in the big chair doesn't define an entire nation, and it's only temporary anyway. I think it's the notion of national self-pride that counts; it's a concept that has held generations together. Not in an inclusion/exclusion way either, but in a thankful dignified way. I'm proud of my little seat in the sun down here, and I would like to think that others across the pond feel likewise about their own patch.
  12. Mankcam

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    You are all wrong, Conan could not be an Animal Nomad In my classic RQ/BRP Gloranthan game (which is canon for a very small troupe who may remember such), our Conan stand-in called 'Rangos' came from the Praxian wastes, but he rode a horse. Given that we figured he must be a PolJoni. Rangos would probably be happy to drink and fight alongside Bison Riders, and certainly hated Chaos. However Rangos would not be stupid enough to do a pilgrimage to The Block to hunt down Chaos with those Storm Bull Beserkers. He respected Waha's ways to an extent, but lived a life more worthy of Orlanth Adventurous. Pillaging The Big Rubble was more his style, and putting the wind up the Lunar garrison in Pavis. Last known reports of Rangos is that he is a mercenary for Broyan of the Hendriki, and may be in a spot of trouble down in Whitewall...
  13. Mankcam

    New description of Rituals

    This looks good. Paolo stop forcing me to spend money, heh heh
  14. Mankcam

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    Lou Zocchi totally rocks 😎
  15. Mankcam

    Quickstart Corrections?