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    Brisbane QLD, Australia


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    I have been playing RPGs since my first exposure to Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as a teen back in 1984!
    I have played and collected numerous systems and have a bookcase full of rpgs.

    BRP has definately been my most consistent system of all time, regardless of build and setting.
    I also loved all the White Wolf World of Darkness stuff back in the day, although these days I just prefer to read those books rather than run games with them.

    Of all the numerouis systems that I have, these days I'll run games mainly with BRP or FATE, due to them being very different experiences. In terms of mechanics, they are the two systems that really work for me.
    However I'll also happily run Advanced Fighting Fantasy for a 'beer and pretzels' rules-lite fantasy

  • Current games
    As a Player:

    * Dungeons & Dragons 5E
    * HARP Fantasy
    * Dark Ages Fae

    As a Game Master:

    * Gloranthan Epics:
    A long running game I often return to. Uses a BRP hybrid mix based on BGB, with lots of elements ported in from RQ2, RQ3, and RQ6.
    This game is in my blood, I will always return to run a Gloranthan campaign with BRP, this has been my mainstay for years!
    Likely to be streamlined into RQG at a later date

    * Pulp Adventures:
    Uses Call of Cthulhu 7E + Pulp Cthulhu 7E. Mix of random scenarios, some non Mythos, although seems to have settled into The Masks Of Nylathotep campaign

    * Titan Crawl:
    Set in the classic and whimsical World of Titan, using Advanced Fighting Fantasy.
    Mainly a gateway rpg that I run for my sons, however it also makes a great little light session with my mates
    Lots of fun, OSR doesn't need to be any more serious than this!

    *Action Flick Adventures!:
    High octane cinematic action movies series fun
    Using FATE Core, although I could just as easily run this with HQ.
    Great fun

    On the list to run:

    * Weird Fantasy Dungeon Crawling:
    Reusing random old fantasy scenarios, getting back to an old school weird tales sword & sorcery dungeon crawl, like a Frazetta painting meeting an Iron Maiden album!
    Was going to use Basic D&D 2E (or S&W or DCC), but then decided D&D 5E instead.
    However I am now more likely to do this with BRP Magic World, and porting the scenarios into The Southern Reaches setting.
    Should be fun

    * Hyborian Age Epics:
    BRP Mythras + Conan D20 Supplements + Call of Cthulhu Magic.
    Potentially may use Modiphius Conan rpg instead.

    * Mythic Britain:
    Will use Mythras RAW

    * Wizarding World Adventures:
    Just for the sake of something different.
    Will probably suit FATE Accelerated quite well

    * Dr Who Adventures:
    Possibly will consider the Cubicle 7 Dr Who game, although more likely to go with FATE Core or FATE Accelerated for this one.

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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. You can have more than one choice So I went with Trinity Continium, Warhammer 4E, and RuneQuest Adventures in Glorantha.
  2. Cubicle 7 and Call of Cthulhu

    Agree that a version of BRP Delta Green OGL should be used. Minimal hassle to all, and still very much to the tastes of BRP GMs and players. Makes sense to do this.
  3. Under-Half Successes

    Yep this is how CoC 7E does it. I think it will be a shame if it isn't how RQ or other Chaosium BRP systems run things. I know I certainly will be playing them all like this, just for consistency, and the fact that such a minimal addition to the original rules can really make things run so much better at the gaming table.
  4. Under-Half Successes

    I think you might like how Call of Cthulhu 7E does things. It has Critical Success, Extreme (Special) Success, Hard Success (half %) and Standard Success. (Of course it also has Failure and Fumbles) But the extra success level at half % really makes a world of difference. The rules are simple for Hard Success. If a roll is under half %, then a Hard Success has been achieved. They do not generate any special effects, however they are considered better than a Standard Success for opposed rolls, so it works well with Dodge, Parry etc and stops much of the old stalemate combat rolls in BRP. The other thing is if you want to attempt a Manuver, then you don't do damage, but cause an alternative outcome instead (which could be disarming, tripping etc, or pretty much any Spot Rule effect). The outcome is then narrated by the GM, often with the default mechanical effect of incurring that your opponent now makes rolls as Hard Success (or less). Its very simple and really just reworks principles already inherent in the system. I recommend how CoC 7E does this, so perhaps checking out the CoC 7E Quickstart may be helpful
  5. Under-Half Successes

    Isn't this a 'Hard Success' from CoC 7E?
  6. Yes I tend to agree with this, RD100's take on skills is excellent. Easy to read at a glance, with drop-down bonuses for Specialties ('Traits'), so nothing is actually lost. This is a great feature of RD100, and I may end up making RD100 my 'go-to' BRP game yet, it'll certainly be a contender.
  7. Yeah but that's not on the actual character sheet, as you only choose a few Professional Skills. Whereas with BRP/RQ/CoC there is a huge list of skills on the page, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Having Skill Categories greatly helps however (although their actual bonus modifiers are almost too finicky to even worry about calculation). But with all those skills on the sheet, sometimes it's hard to get a feel for the actual character. NPCs are so much easier in this respect.
  8. I think RQG will be great in the fact that the setting of Glorantha will be imbedded in the mechanics. Runes, family histories etc. I also like how the consistent stat block will make the RQ2/RQ Classic reprints current as well. I like the richness of Glorantha, it feels almost like a real place to me. I loved the RQ2 resources which really made Glorantha come alive, and I really like the return of emphasising it's ancient flavour that Moon Design has focused on in the more recent depictions of the setting. However what I dislike sbout RQG will be the lengthy skill lists, and the fact that core characteristics are not a big factor in skill calculation. I think the stat+stat idea in the MRQ D100 SRD games (also in Chaosium's ElfQuest) is the best way to approach skills. For non-Gloranthan fantasy games I'll probably stick with Mythras or OpenQuest, depending upon how complex I want things to be.
  9. History Question about Characteristics

    That's pretty much what I do for PCs with all BRP games; just make every core characteristic generated with 2D6+6. Works well.
  10. Coal sacks? D100 Ox-bones? Apple Lane? That's grim. Of course we really had it tough. I only had a tatty photocopy of my cousin's BRP booklet from the RQ2 box, and a dice that he cast aside. D100? You should be so lucky, it was just an old D20 that I had to multiply by five...but it was a D100 to us! ...and tell that to the kids today and they won't believe you
  11. "Ahh...RuneQuest 3: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
  12. Ducks, Ducks And, More Ducks

    Beat you to it here!: Yeah there was an overwhelming response, heh heh
  13. If you descale combat maneuvers and hit locations, then you are pretty much playing OpenQuest, which isn't a bad thing
  14. Sounds great, I didn't realise it was a slipcase. I'm already putting some money aside for this, thanks for the update!
  15. You know this is really quite a hard one. I love the RQ2 flavour, yet the RQ3 played well in many ways, but there were some awful aspects like Fatigue Pts etc The MRQ D100 SRD improved skills to an extent (although I think that great stat+stat idea came from ElfQuest). My RQ6 hardcover is probably one of the nicest versions to actually read. i have a love/hate thing with RQ6 combat manuvers. Sometimes the options are great, but other times they make the game feel a bit cumbersome. RQ3/BGB combat flowed a bit more smoothly in hindsight, but sometimes was a bit stale. In recent years I played Glorantha using a BRP hybrid mix of BGB + RQ2 + RQ6. That worked reasonably well cherry picking what I liked. If I had gone back to Glorantha a few years later I probably would just run it with OQ out of simplicity (although I still love hit locations at times) For non-Gloranthan fantasy settings I'll likely go with MW or OQ (also very interested in Newt's new D100% rpg he is developing, like a simpler version of OQ). For other settings I'll probably return to the BGB (however I suspect that RD100 could likely replace the BGB for me) Given how much the Runes and setting will be embedded in the mechanics of the next edition of RQ, I think RQG will be what I will use for playing in Glorantha