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    I tend to enjoy a variety of rpg settings, genres, and game mechanics, and try not to be overly loyalist to any one rule set.

    However I still find that BRP is definitely my favourite system to run, and I guess it is my comfortable 'home base':

    I tend to like both of the BRP flavours for my 'go-to' games:
    * Chaosium BRP (RuneQuest, Call Of Cthulhu, BGB)
    * Non-Chaosium BRP (Mythras, OpenQuest, Revolution D100)

    Other games I like to run:
    * White Wolf Storyteller (Classic World of Darkness, Trinity Continuum, Chronicles of Darkness)
    * Advanced Fighting Fantasy (Nothing 'advanced' about it! Just basic classic fantasy OSR fun like it's supposed to be; bring on the Beer 'n' Pretzels!)
    * FATE Core and FATE Accelerated (perfect mechanics for pulpy settings!)

    Other systems I have in my collection which I have enjoyed:
    * HeroQuest
    * ICE systems (MERP, Rolemaster, Cyberspace, HARP Fantasy)
    * Traveller
    * OpenD6 ( Ghostbusters, WEG Star Wars, MiniSix,)
    * Savage Worlds
    * Shadowrun
    * Cipher (Numenera, The Strange)
    * Dungeons & Dragons (Basic Set, Patherfinder, D&D 5E)
    * Fragged Empire
    * The One Ring
    * Eclipse Phase
    * Ubiquity system (Leagues of Adventure, Hollow Earth)
    * Mechwarrior / Battletech
    * Talislanta
    * CONAN (D20 OGL)
    * 2D20 System (CONAN: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of)

  • Current games
    My longest running rpgs have been two sprawling house-ruled BRP campaigns:

    * 1920s/1930s Action Adventure! Throw in occasional Weird Science, Crime Noir, Supernatural Horror, and Colby Murder Mystery. 'Indiana Jones meets Poirot!'
    * Previously used CoC, BGB, + imported rules from White Wolf's 'Adventure!' rpg. 
    * However it now uses CoC 7E + Pulp Cthulhu book and I'm pretty happy with the recent conversion, it plays really well!

    * A sprawling series of adventures which has evolved over many years since initially using RQ2 back in the day; eventually settling with the BGB as a foundation, along with a liberal mix of rules and concepts from RQ2, RQ3, RQ6/Mythras, and HQG.
    * The flavour for my Gloranthan Epics campaigns have been very RQ2 in atmosphere, which now segways nicely towards the current interpretations of Glorantha; so I'm pretty happy. The upcoming RQ looks like its going for the same atmosphere I like, and depending on how it plays, RQG may well replace my own Glorantha house rules.

    Considering running:

    * Currently thinking of using either HeroQuest or FATE to run this contemporary-era setting, likely to set it in a stylised Los Angeles, perhaps shifting to other major USA locales such as New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans.
    * Mixing elements from 'Investigation Drama' meets 'Action Flick' genres, with lots of cinematic over-the-top use of tropes and action!
    * Setting influences: CSI, Burn Notice, Bosch, Dirty Harry, Pulp Fiction, Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice, McGwyver, Elementary, Lethal Weapon, Justified, Sin City, Shaft, Magnum PI, A-Team, Mission Impossible, Baywatch, CHIPS, The Man From Uncle, Hawaii 5-0, Con Air, Die Hard, Luther, The Transporter, Fast & Furious!
    * Once I get my head around this it really should kick off nicely!
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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. Well the logo must be hot stuff at present - I have been responding via phone, and just realised I am posting in two separate threads about the same issue, heh heh This must be what the Media refers to as a 'trending' topic. One day we will look back and say "Where were you during the Logo Crisis?"
  2. The new RQG logo really isn't too far from the embossed logo on the old RQ2 hardcover ( under the dust jacket). This font was also a bit 'Tolkieny', and I think the if the new RQG logo is altered to have gold letters on a red background then this may evoke some familarity with RQ2. Even the more recent RQ2 reprint (RQ Classic, hardcover with dust jacket) had a similar logo on the book itself. Keeping the new logo against a grey stone background just feels a bit like MRQ1 or Legend for some reason. Here is the old RQ2 hardcover without its iconic dust jacket art
  3. If you already have the 6E version, then get the Thru The Ages booklet; it has the 7E conversions for various eras and settings, including Dark Ages.
  4. My favourites have bee RQ2 and DM RQ6.. but the RQG Quickstart was very good, perhaps a 'rune border' at the bottom would have made it even better The new one isnt too bad, I'ld rank it as a reasonable runner up, but a quick make-over is necessary for it to get higher points. All that is really needed is to put it on a blood red backround and it will look much better, that will do the trick rather nicely. Or make it look 'bronzed', thats a cool suggestion as well This is starting to be like those sites that list the decade's top hair styles etc (groan!) Now I read that there was a short lived non-Chaosium version of RuneQuest that had nothing to do with Glorantha or even the BRP/D100 system...its logo should be up there with Runescape. etc Perhaps throw in TitanQuest and Munchkin Quest while we're at it, just to keep all this silliness going until the next big topic shows up O1/1D4 SAN loss, lol
  5. It's a tough audience in the house tonight, heh heh
  6. Nice art. Something you might see in a good quality graphic novel. I'm sure this is going to look great on a glossy page It's also so very Gloranthan, I'm really impressed!
  7. Mythic Constanople and Mythic Greece are both high on my wishlist!
  8. I dont like to criticise, but I am not overly enthusiastic regarding this new RQ logo. Perhaps if the background was blood red it might look much better, a bit like the embossed title on the RQ2 hardcover (under the dust jacket). But if it remains as is, then it looks more connected to the Legend rpg than it does to RQ2, which is not the message to send. I agree that it does feel oddly dated (a decade ago maybe), and kinda a bit 'generic fantasy' rather than 'authentic fantasy'. Hard to know why this is, but that is the impression I get. The RQG Quickstart cover is the opposite; the logo and artwork really connects RQG with RQ2. I dont see a reason why that logo has been superceeded Sorry to be a bit more critical than usual, but I feel that this logo could be a big mistake if it doesnt promote the association of RQ2 with RQG. After all, that connection is driving almost everything else. On the other hand, its really good to know that the RQG Core Rules are near completion!
  9. The logo is okay, but I think it needs some 'red' in there somewhere to get that classic RQ feel. I think the logo on the RQ Quickstart was better in some respects, it felt right to me, I'm surprised that it has been changed. Not a deal breaker however, the game mechanics are the main thing.
  10. I love it that there is another thread going on regarding whether Glorantha has gravity or not. That's the kind of things you got to love about Glorantha
  11. For example, a Feat called 'Trick Shot' might be used to decrease the difficulty modifiers with missile weapons for particular hard shots (ie trying to shoot thru cover, or trying to hit via ricochet, for example).
  12. I reckon Feats are easy, if you want a pulpy game. Firstly, as a default rule, allow any character be able to attempt almost any cool maneuver by declaring that they need to make a Special Success with a relevant skill (occasionally a Critical Success, depending upon the action). This applies to everyone. Its kind of implied in most BRP rules anyway (CoC 7E is more explicit with this) If you want to have a Feat system, you just describe whatever Feat you want (or just come up with a narrative description related to the character concept). Then any maneuvers relevant to the Feat/Concept are made at half skill% (instead of Crit or Spec%), at the cost of 1PP (representing luck or effort). Perhaps using 2PP reduces two degrees of difficulty, bringing this up to normal skill %. That's a consistent mechanic to portray feats/stunts etc. Feats should rarely provide skill bonuses, otherwise there is no reason to advance in skills. However reducing difficulty modifiers in specific circumstances does the trick well.
  13. Two moons Magic is real The Runes do not represent aspects of reality; instead reality represents the Runes Non-humans (The Elder Races) are truly alien to humankind
  14. Possibility of a new version of the BGB perhaps? Not that it is necessary, but new internal art might make it more attractive on the shelves at gaming stores. Well, as least the BRP line is supported, that's a start. From the blurb: " It also allows the gamemaster the ability to create his or her own game world (or worlds), to adapt others from fiction, films, or even translate settings from other roleplaying games into 'Basic Roleplaying'." This never gets old. I tend to use either FATE Core and BRP BGB as my systems of choice for converting settings, depending upon flavour and tone. Both of these books are invaluable to me as a GM, and it is incredibly liberating to have generic rule sets like these. If I have to choose to keep only two rpg books in my collection, then these books are the ones for me, based on how useful they are. Love the BGB. A new version with a bit more internal consistency would do the trick nicely!
  15. Loving this comic !!! Although this is causing me to slightly rethink things... I had gotten used to the Pelorian culture being based off the Assyrians, so the Darra Happan mercenaries depicted earlier worked quite well for me. However in my mind I still retained a Roman-flavour for the actual Lunar Imperial Army. I guess this impression comes from looking at the artwork from the RQ3/HW era depictions of Lunar soldiers, which reminded me of late era Roman Republic Legionaries. This notion shifted in recent years, and I now envision Lunar military attire to be closer to an earlier Roman look, perhaps something similar to Roman soldiers from the Punic Wars period (or perhaps a hybrid look influenced by Assyrians and Punic Wars Romans). Yet the Lunar Soldiers here still look very Assyrian, which feels a bit too Solar Cult to me, pre-Lunar so to speak. Not a criticism; just getting my head around it. I either live with it, or it becomes another one of those YGMV moments. Its all good. Anyway i just love this comic. Those Lunars are pretty impressive with that massive volley of Firearrows raining down everywhere