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  1. I find it odd that APP has crept back in, after CHA replaced it again in RQG. If they wanted to be like CoC, then it doesn't make sense as the Core Charateristics in CoC 7E are % now, not the traditional 3D6 stats. And it looks like there are things like Agility Rolls and such, when we can just use the Resistance Table for things like that. I guess it is pretty much like a slim BGB. Having a current generic ruleset for BRP is a good thing however, so let's see what comes from this...😎
    I love this. I'll probbly never use it, but I just love the nostalgia of it! Thanks for making this! 😎
  2. I love sandbox play, but i also like metaplot. The later just provides me with a rich canvas to have in the background to differentiate a particular setting - in this case Glorantha (Dragon Pass). Whether the PCs directly or indirectly interact with the metaplot is purely up to where the adventures take us. But knowing it exists, then I would very much like to have this one in my colection so I can decided how much of it directly affects my characters. It's not like they will be Forest Gumping it alongside every majort event in Dragon Pass, but they might end up being involved in some pivotal ones, alongside canon characters. Everyone's campaigns will end up being very different, and the main thing is it all sounds alot of fun to me!
  3. Thanks @Puckohue. actually that's pretty much what I did. I just wanted to alert one of the contributors so it gets added to an amended version at a later date. It's a great product, possibly a bit Sartarite-centric , so a bit more meat in there for the other Homelands would not go astray. But otherwise I'm really happy with the product. And the production is also very well done, it looks very similar to a pages from the RQG, so that consistency is also appreciated. Thanks for your prompt response! 😎
  4. The Early Family History is a great little document that I picked up on DrivethruRPG via the Jonston Compedium !!! It's perfect for what I'm looking for, as I want to run characters thru some of the intial RQ2 and RQ3 material, and I like that era with the Lunar Empire overseeing everything in Sartar. By the time a decade of game time passes I hope the surviving characters will be Runemasters so they can jump into some of the RQG material. However I have run into a few errors, unless I am doing it wrong. I was wanting to contact the author(s), but the document suggests posting any queries here on BRP Central - if this is the wrong section, I'll be happy to repost in the correct part of the forum. My issue is this section under the 'Your History' section: Page 8: 'Your History' - 1614 - Grazelanders Raid Tarsh This sounds cool, as my character is a Grazer. However the Events Table seems very wonky to me, some of it is actually unworkable. As a Grazer you add +5 to the D20 roll, so the main event available is that you survive (which is fine). If you roll a 20, you gain +10% to your ancestor's skill (why your ancestor's skill? This is the 'Your History' section, so the PC actually acomplished this, not an ancestor. Perhaps it should be a bonus to a combat skill). Of particular note you also have a chance of gaining the passion Hate Tarsh (which initially sounds okay), and you have another chance of gaining the passion Hate Grazers (why? Especially if you are a Grazer!). However the rationale for gaining these passions is that you are killed in battle! So yeah, things were going great, until the unworkable Grazelanders Raid Tarsh Events Table on p8. Not sure how to contact the authors to give this another look, so I'm posting it here as suggested by the editor. Yes I know that this is Glorantha, and resurrection is not entirely unknown, but it does seem like it would not be part of usual character generation. No player character dies during the Background/ Family History tables in the RQG corebook, so I'm assuming this is a mistake in this document. Everything else seems great, exactly what I wanted! Although I also wanted my character to survive long enough for me to roll his/her attributes up. This ain't the original Traveler rpg! 😁
  5. Here I am working a weekend shift up here in Brissy, and PAX Aus is on down south! Just my luck, oh well, there's always next year for me; it'll be a decent excuse for my mate and I to fly down to Melbourne again. Good luck with the Chaosium booth 😎
  6. When describing the system strengths, I would focus on how logical the core mechanics are, how tactile combat feels, and the fact that everyone can do a bit of magic at times.
  7. If they raise Ducks, then remind them that D&D has Owlbears. Problem solved 😎
  8. Wow, I am really hanging out for the Great RuneQuest Campaign Book!
  9. I loved the ElfQuest comics back in the 80s, and collected most of the anthologies over the years. I don't think BRP was a great system to portray the flavour of it, something like WEG D6 would have been much better - today Fate Accelerated or HeroQuest may be a good fit
  10. Writing rpgs as part of university course work? These Millenials are having such a good life! 😁
  11. Well I'm just thinking of running RQG face-to-face with my local group. Dice at the table and all that. One of those friends discovered Glorantha with me back in the mid 80s as teens, and has recently got back into it with the current iteration of Glorantha. He is no doubt eager to roll dice and cause some kinda Rune Lord carnage, heh heh (he is an occasional lurker here, so he may be smiling as he reads this...:-) However if there is interest for an online game, then that is something that could be considered next year, pending time commitments. We'll see. I would be eager to be involved if the stars are right 😁
  12. Wil Wheaton played a game of Fate Core on his Geek n Sundry Tabletop show a few years ago, and sales apparently went thru the roof for a few months, according to Evil Hat. So I have no doubt that something like this could easily happen here now that CoC 7E has been played on Critical Role.
  13. Passions and Virtues are the main focus of the character sheet, with Skills being secondary to this (or at least equal to them) I originally presumed that it was the other way around, but not so. In many ways, Greg Stafford was way ahead of his time in rpg design
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