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    Been reading and rolling dice since the mid 1980s, and happy to say that I'm still doing it!
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    * Adventure/Investigation (Pulp Cthulhu 7E)
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    * Mythic Britain (Mythras)
    * Old School Weird Fantasy (MagicWorld, OpenQuest)

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    Also occasionally Shadowrun and Battletech.
    In my earlier days we played Basic D&D, RQ2, Rolemaster, and D&D 3E.
    I bought D20 Modern and True20, but moved into Savage Worlds instead, then wrapped that up and returned to something more sensible like BRP.
    Tinkered a bit with HeroQuest, but its not for my current troupe, so it's now back to some version of Fate Core or BRP.
    I'll probably grow old and grey running these two!

    * Hard Sci Fi (Classic Traveller or BRP: OQ River Of Heaven).
    * Cyberpunk (BRP RD100)
    * Hyborian Age (BRP: RQ or Mythras).
    * Star Wars (Fate Core)
    * Star Trek classic era crew (HeroQuest or Fate Core)
    * Wizarding World (Fate Accelerated)
    * Dr Who (Fate Accelerated)

    Too many games, not enough hours!

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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. Mankcam

    RQG Character Sheet

    This is really good. In particular I like how all the Common Rune Magic spells are on the sheet, that is a very good idea. I also like that the Skill Cat Mods calulation is on the sheet as well. If this could be form-fillable, then you have my sword 😎
  2. Mankcam

    Swords of Central Genertela

    @M Helsdon Your work has been great; it all helps so much with the immersion of Glorantha. I love the creativity we see at times within this forum, and appreciate anything that makes this setting come alive 😁
  3. Mankcam

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    A bright young face to lure newcomers to the horrors of the Mythos? Surely just another Mask of the Big N! Actually this Starter Set series is a good idea, a very simple piece-meal approach to introduce newbies to this great game 😎
  4. Mankcam

    Before I buy 7th edition

    About the only thing I don’t think was necessary was to switch core stats to the percentile format, as it looks a little inconsistent with previous edition stat blocks. Not a huge issue however, it’s much better than edition compatibility in many other game lines. I think defining the skill success levels was a big improvement over every other BRP game, having a Hard Success defined as such is a great thing. Would work well in RQ as well for breaking ongoing combat ties when trying to determine opposed combat rolls. I recommend just writing standard skill values on the character sheet, otherwise the sheet can quickly become cluttered and look over-complex. It’s not hard to mentally calculate the values on the fly or with a mobile phone calculator. I also would have preferred the skill list to be trimmed. I think Mythras is on the right track here with consolidated skills like Athletics and Perception etc, and this approach would have suited a contemporary version of CoC. I like simple modifiers, and feel that the Bonus/Penalty Dice plays well at the table, just like in D&D 5E. However BRP is a more granular system and I think I would have preferred Minor and Major numerical modifiers like in OpenQuest or Mythras, I just think that suits BRP better. However it is no big deal for those new to BRP, but it does feel a bit pulpy for experienced BRP players, it should of been a variant included in the Pulp Cthulhu rules instead of the core rules. The other rules additions for Re-rolls are great (Pushing and Luck). They don’t overbalance gameplay, and just provide rule structure for when a player wants another attempt (a common occurrence at any casual game table). It doesn’t lead to having powerful characters, instead I have found that it just extends the enjoyment. Roleplaying how a character puts extra effort into attempting additional non-combat rolls often leads to really interesting situations in order to justify the second attempt allowed in the Push rule. The stakes are also increased as well, as failing a Pushed Roll is a big deal, it is akin to a Fumble, so that’s always fun to see how it plays out. Also the sense that a character’s Luck is running out can add to the tension in the same way as seeing their physical capacity decline when their Hit Points plunge down, or seeing their Sanity getting stretched. So I feel that these rules often enhance gameplay experience by allowing some flexibility early on, only to add to a sense of desperation and heighten the drama later on. I love my GW hardcover CoC 3E, but found all the subsequent editions to be a rehash until CoC 7E, and these are the only editions that I tend to show people. They both have artwork that tends to capture new players, and they feel like different editions. .
  5. Mankcam

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    Stormbringer was a great game, I still have many of those titles on my shelves. The BRP system worked well with it. I love the ElfQuest comics, but in hindsight I'm not sure BRP was the best fit. Something simplier like the D6 system used in Ghostbusters or perhaps WEG Star Wars would have been a bit better. Something like Fate would work quite well these days. However I think BRP could do it well with a smaller skills set (even smaller than the original set of skills in EQ), or have no skills at all. Just use the core Characteristics for simplicity (perhaps using the CoC 7E difficulty levels, with the GM determining difficulty (ie DEX 15 = 15% / 38% / 75%). That would keep things pretty simple. And one or two knacks/feats provide Bonus/Penalty Dice. I would also add a few Passions to the mix, as EQ is very emotive, it would suit it. However EQ was a great property to have, but I just think that even the slimmed version of BRP at that time wasn't slim enough for the EQ flavour, and the setting needed more support as it was difficult to come up with scenario ideas which wouldn't conflict with the actual story arc. If it had come out today it would have been much bigger, I think more women are into fanzine stuff now and EQ often appeals to women, given Wendy Pini's character pervades throughout it. I might go back and try and collect EQ anyway, it still has possibilities
  6. Mankcam

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    To say the least. Lots of unhappy customers dropping comments as well.
  7. Mankcam

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    Yes, that's what I thought Rick, thanks for your reply. Good, I just wanted some clarification 😊
  8. Mankcam

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    Is this up for Pre-Sale? I couldn't see it on the Chaosium webpage, but eBay seems to think it's a thing... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Runequest-RPG-PRESALE-Roleplaying-in-Glorantha-deluxe-slipcase-set-New/192676017711?hash=item2cdc62b62f:g:6D0AAOSwK0pbsjJV:rk:4:pf:0 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Runequest-RPG-PRESALE-Roleplaying-in-Glorantha-Gamemaster-Screen-Pack-New/382588612142?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20180124153937%26meid%3D0446bc917ce14811a32e0636f1a9f8db%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D192676017711%26itm%3D382588612142&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1 Confused...
  9. Mankcam

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    ...or even Revolution D100! 😁 It pretty much serves the same purpose of being a generic toolkit like the BGB, but has some cool new dials. It's generic, but it runs fantasy as good as anything else, it even has some background char gen specifically designed for fantasy. Plus the skills can easily be tweaked to fit whatever setting you wish, so it's a great GM ruleset.
  10. Mankcam

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    For most of this last decade I ran Glorantha using the BRP BGB as a base, with elements from RQ3 and the MRQ line (which has ultimately ended up as Mythras). For Glorantha I'll just use RQG instead now. However if going for a non-Gloranthan fantasy setting I would recommend MagicWorld, it's a great version of BRP tailored specidfically for fantasy. Either that or go with the MRQ SRD line, in which case I would recommend OpenQuest (lightish rules) or Mythras (for crunchier rules). They both run fantasy RAW. Having said that, if all you have is the BGB, then that is perfectly servicable. There is a chapter in the back which lists which rules to use for which genre, and that covers fantasy right there. The BGB is a great toolkit, and if that is all you have, then that is also all you'll need. In many ways I just want to see a new edition of the BGB with better art, it really is such a good book to have. It's one of the few books I'll never archive.
  11. Mankcam


    Sounds great. I think all of The West has great playing opportunities, however I really want to see an official version of Malkioni before I start fleshing out these areas myself. (I find it hard to get a grasp on the current interpretation of Malkioni, perhaps Etruscan meets Early Byzantine Empire meets Vedic perhaps?) Anyway, I like the ideas you are kicking out here
  12. Mankcam

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    OMG. Waking up this morning to read this sad news. Greg Stafford has been an influence in my life since my early teens, and I am now in my mid-forties. As far as I am concerned, he is up there with Tolkien for me, having discovered their works about the same time. I am yet just one more person whose life that has been enriched by Greg's creativity, wisdom, and humour. RIP Greg Stafford, you are already missed
  13. GM References Booklet Page 8: Augments Table A Success should yield a +20% result (not a -20% result as indicated on the table)
  14. Mankcam

    So many errors and contradictions

    New rules for Passions/Augments looks good, seems clear to me.