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  1. Well I'm just thinking of running RQG face-to-face with my local group. Dice at the table and all that. One of those friends discovered Glorantha with me back in the mid 80s as teens, and has recently got back into it with the current iteration of Glorantha. He is no doubt eager to roll dice and cause some kinda Rune Lord carnage, heh heh (he is an occasional lurker here, so he may be smiling as he reads this...:-) However if there is interest for an online game, then that is something that could be considered next year, pending time commitments. We'll see. I would be eager to be involved if the stars are right 😁
  2. Wil Wheaton played a game of Fate Core on his Geek n Sundry Tabletop show a few years ago, and sales apparently went thru the roof for a few months, according to Evil Hat. So I have no doubt that something like this could easily happen here now that CoC 7E has been played on Critical Role.
  3. Passions and Virtues are the main focus of the character sheet, with Skills being secondary to this (or at least equal to them) I originally presumed that it was the other way around, but not so. In many ways, Greg Stafford was way ahead of his time in rpg design
  4. It's great to see RQ is back and getting played again, particularly in the setting of Glorantha. It very much reminds me of my old RQ2/RQ3 days, except Magic works a bit smoother, and now we have Runes & Passions playing a pivotal role. It's always been a great game, and even with these amendments it is relatively intact and easily recognisable as the game we played back then (in contrast to a certain well known rpg which keeps changing dramatically so with every edition). I really like how the Pendragon dials got seemlessly blended into RQ - that has been a great idea, and this edition has the most clear version of Glorantha I have seen. Really cool stuff, I'm eager to run a RQG game next year (after our current rpg campaign wraps up), and it's great to see pics of it at others' gaming tables! 😎
  5. This was an enjoyable watch as I did my ironing. Yes there was some bumbling over the rules parts, but that's not uncomon in any game. I think it is great exposure to get on Critical Role - it has been so D&D-centric that this is a big win for BRP games. Yeah I thought the GM would know the rules a bit better, considering it is a 'professional' production these days. But he had the right attitude, and got most of it down-pat, so it's no big deal, and it shows people that GMs & other participants don't have to get things right ALL the time. I still bumble over rules at times, and I've been playing for a few decades. They did hammer the Body Count notion just a bit - yeah this is always on the table in a standard Cthulhu game, but characters can also be heroic as well and go on to have many investigations. However it is very old school in that character death is generally more probable than some other rpgs, and I guess they were using this as another point of difference between CoC 7E and D&D 5E, in addition to the radically different setting. That isn't too bad, as people do often need a reason to expand out of their usual gaming comfort zone. A few more of these and the sales will definately go up. I wouldn't mind seeing how they go with Glorantha one day This was a good idea
  6. Pulp Cthulhu rules could easily be reskinned as Action Flick rules, then you pretty much have the same thing in a modern setting. You could easily make a character sheet in Excel and import a 'contemporary' feel to it. (I have a sheet that I used, so I'll send you that to see if it is of any use)
  7. I converted The One Ring rpg easily into Fate Core, so I see no reason why it wouldn't work well for HeroQuest either - both system mechanics are much better than that of The One Ring for portraying Middle Earth. Cubicle 7 have been outstanding with the artwork, content , and flavour for their Middle Earth games. That will be still easy to work with HeroQuest, perhaps moreso. Once you define how things work in the setting (ie: Cultural & Racial Backgrounds, The Shadow, Hope, etc), then everything else will flow great.
  8. Yeah this is the way we played BRP/RQ - the Hit Location values are 'thresholds', not actual Hit Points. The damage still comes off the character's Total Hit Points, but the Limb HP are just thresholds for damage, working pretty much as you described. The main thing for me as a GM is that I found it easier to track one set of Hit Points for the NPCs/Opponents (their Total Hit Points), and this was one less thing for me to keep up with. It was also great for the NPC stat block - I didn't actually need to list their individual hit locations, I just referred to my GM screen which had the intial limb HP values according to the chart. This takes up so much less space with the stat blocks The game plays a little less grissily than the RQ RAW, as mainly limb locations will get disabled rather than hacked off. So it is a bit less gruesome, although opponents still die the same when their Total Hit Points are reduced. Whenever something really gory happens in the combat, it really is a highlight, and it is often the result of a critical hit. I am in two frames of mind whether I'll play RQG with declining Limb HP, or whether I'll just return to my comfortable old Limb Threshold rule.
  9. I think it's good for at least a decade
  10. Wow I downloaded it and it looks pretty good, if not blaphemous, heh heh Actually those 'kewl powerz' are pretty good Simon that better have cleared up your writers block , so that you can get back into some gritty Merrie England stuff for us !!! 😎
  11. Mythic Babylon !!! 😎
  12. I think that cover works okay for a goofy variant of Pulp Cthulhu. However I really don't think it has the right tone for the standard Call Of Cthulhu game. Just sayin'
  13. Wow, these all need to be added to a new edition of Plunder!
  14. The G2G has some good depictions of Malkioni, which has certainly whet the appetite to know more about them. I think it has been great in the fact that they feel in keeping with the other ancient-world cultures described in Glorantha. I kinda envision the current Malkion with a lot of early era Byzantine Empire Constanople and Palmyrene vibe, very Near Eastern, perhaps with a liberal dose of Vedic India; the caste flavour lends itself to alot of Vedic influences, and the vivid skin tones associated with caste also feel quite Vedic. I feel that the Horali war companies present themselves like a cross between factional roman legions and later italian mercenary companies. The Zzubari feel like a sage caste that is a cross between hellenic philosphers, court advisors, and archaic magicians. I think the Safelsteran City-States may also have a fair bit in common with some of the setting flavour seen in Friz Leiber's Lhankmar, and R.E.Howard's Hyborian Age cities of Old Tarantia (Aquilonia) or Shadizar (Zamora). The myrid of mystery cults, thieves guilds, and secret societies lends itself well to these kind of urban sword & sorcery settings. Will be good to see some offical Malkioni resources for RQG or HQG
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