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    Originally became involved in rpgs via my interest in Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks in the early 1980s. Friends introduced me to D&D, but my cousin countered this by introducing me to RQ2. D&D had much better artwork and production standards, although the game itself could not compete with the RQ mechanics, or with the world of Glorantha - I was totally hooked!
    By the mid 1980s I had RQ2 and had progressed onto RQ3, which I used for many games set in Glorantha.
    As a player I was often involved in Rolemaster which I really enjoyed, although as a GM I still preferred BRP.
    In the 1990s I branched out into Call Of Cthulhu and Stormbringer, and eventually tested other waters by diving into White Wolf's World of Darkness, and from there I spread my wings into many other rpgs.
    Despite such, I still have a preference for the BRP system, and an affinity for both The Mythos and Glorantha. Chaosium seems to tick a lot of boxes for me, and I'm really looking forward to the next version of RuneQuest.

    BRP is definately my favourite system:
    * Chaosium BRP (RuneQuest, Call Of Cthulhu)
    * Non-Chaosium BRP (Mythras, OpenQuest)

    My other favourite system would be Storyteller, which was originally produced by White Wolf but now is produced by Onyx Path:
    * Classic World of Darkness (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Dark Ages)
    * Trinity Continuum (Adventure!, Abberant, Aeon)
    * Chronicles of Darkness (only Mortals/God Machine)

    Other systems I enjoy include:
    * Rolemaster and HARP Fantasy,
    * Traveller
    * OpenD6 ( esp WEG Star Wars),
    * Advanced Fighting Fantasy,
    * HeroQuest (although NOT for Glorantha)
    * Shadowrun
    * Numenera
    * FATE Accelerated
    * Mechwarrior / Battletech

  • Current games
    Involvement in several campaigns, some of which are in partial-hiatus due to conflicting schedules and real life:

    As a Player:

    * D&D 5E Forgotten Realms (I dislike much of the system, but the game itself is fun)
    Recent previous involvement:
    * WoD Dark Ages Fae
    * Shadowrun
    * HARP Fantasy
    * Mechwarrior / Battletech

    As a GM:

    * Call Of Cthulhu 7E (Pulp Cthulhu) - a long running low-pulp adventure romp that has segued into The Masks Of Nylarthotep campaign. Great stuff!

    * Advanced Fighting Fantasy - a great non-D20 OSR Classic Fantasy game. Lots of fun, little prep or engagement. Perfect for light-hearted games, and also for teaching my kids the fun of rpgs!

    Future Games to GM:

    * RuneQuest Glorantha - I have no doubt that I will return to Glorantha once the next edition of RuneQuest is published by Chaosium. Glorantha has held my fascination since 1985, and the recent products from Moon Design has been great. The G2G is an absolute work of art, and I really love the ancient-world flavour of the setting. The RQ mechanics are perfect for it, and I am quite excited that the writers of the G2G are the same as those for the next RQ edition. I can hardly wait to see it!

    * Classic World Of Darkness (Vampire or MAGE) - I know they are not BRP, but I love these settings and rules!

    * Mythras: Mythic Britain - the rulebook is a work of art, and this is another potential setting I would consider running. Hopefully there will be some more supplements for it, as I think it's one of the flagships for Mythras.

    * CONAN rpg - I am currently crowd-funding this rpg, it certainly captures the Hyborian Age vibe, and the mechanics look reasonable. It has Hit Locations, so if BRP is not doing this setting then at least the rules look like they are on the right track. I could have fun with these!

    * I also wouldn't rule out doing a SciFi game like Traveller, however I'm also open to doing this with OQ River of Heaven or perhaps even Legend's Mercenary Breed
  • Location
    Queensland, AUSTRALIA - "Hot one day, bloody Tropical the next!"
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    "Amy Pond's out there and she’s surrounded by Romans, I’m not sure history can take it!" - The Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens'

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  1. Wow, that looks really good
  2. Guess we won't know too much more until the published info comes out. We know that MOB has been involved with formulating some Gloranthan resources on Casino Town & God Forgot, so I guess this may show up in that work. Interesting stuff.
  3. I really love that RQ2 map, one of the best maps for flavour anywhere. Up there with a good map of Middle Earth I reckon. However I'm holding out for the one from HQG, which looks like a more colourful version of Wilm Chuch's map. Then Redbubble gets my money! (Although the b&W one may actually be more readable on a coffee mug...hmmm)
  4. Looks good for a QuickStart product, very much a teaser for the full release of RQG later this year. Looking forward to this edition of RuneQuest
  5. Karse is an excellent choice if one doesn't want Matriarchs running everything, and wants a coastal setting to sandbox. I have been considering using Karse myself, it feels very Mediterranean-flavoured, and it has lots of possibilities. It's certainly not as big or as powerful as Notchet, yet it is still a pivotal port. The city is a Theyalan/Orlanthi settlement, which looks to be the coastal port for the Hendreiki people. At this stage I am mixing Dorians with Thracians for a cultural flavour to help portray the Hendriki, although published sources may alter this in future. The coastal Hendriki of Karse will have a nautical flavour, as would any population living on the shores of the Mirrorsea. There may also be many Pelaskasites trading their deep sea catches here. I envision that they may be analogous with the historic Pelasgian culture (a rudimentary people who were adept with fishing & sea travel, sporadically populating the Adriatic, Aegean, Marmara, and Black Seas; whom eventually were subsumed into one of the more prominent Mycenaean cultures. Sometimes referred to as 'The Sea Peoples', especially those whom were involved in piracy). So again another potential reference for ancient Mediterranean flavour. The Lunar presence here is also quite important, adding to the tension and local politics of the city. The Lunars finally have a seaport now (alongside the more remote Corfu), so Karse will be quite important in their future plans. However it is a long way from the Empire, and Lunars have no experience with the sea, so they will be relying on working with pre-existing local interests in order to develop any potential trade or travel routes. Lots of great sandbox potential here. I would perhaps use Mycenaean-era Argos as a reasonable analogy for Karse; an excellent choice for the type of setting Spence is describing in the original post.
  6. For Lunar Empire, I would portray the core Pelorian culture as a mix between Sumerians, Hittites, and Achaemenids (early Persians). Then for the Lunar Imperial Army I use a lot of Roman Republic military trappings, but overlay this over the base Sumerian/Persian mix. That way you get a very different flavour for the Lunars, far less Roman than they were portrayed in RQ3/HW era products.
  7. In the current view of Glorantha, the Theylan/Orlanthi culture is very Mycenaean Age, so dong online searches for Mycenaean Age cultures around the Mediterranean is a good fit for visuals of Orlanthi. I tend to use Thracians as an Orlanthi foundation, and mix it up from there, depending upon whether they are Sartarites, Tarshites, Pavisites, Hendriki, Esrolians, etc. For Sartarites I am mixing up the Achaeans with Thracians, in liberal brushstrokes. For Esrolians I am mixing Minoans with Thracians, it seems to fit a lot of the imagery associated with them. Plus they are adept with ocean travel since The Opening, so the harbour of Nochet will be filled with Galleys and Tiremes. For Pavasites I tend to mix Ionians with Thracians, as I always felt that Old Pavis was a Trojan analogy in some ways. If someone is wanting to play 'Ancient Greece' then I don't see any close analogy to the Hellenic Era, but using the earlier era fits well.
  8. Yeah I was initially turned off by CoC 7E by the percentile stats as well, although they have actually worked quite well in gameplay. My only gripe with them now is the core stat block is out of synch with other BRP games, but it's not a big issue. Many good features in CoC 7E, and I count the skill levels among them. You can roll a Regular Success, a Hard Success (1/2 skill), an Extreme Success (1/5 skill) and a Critical Success (01). Extreme Successes grant Special Effect Rules, and a Critical is always a Critical. But the best thing is that it works great for opposed rolls. In combat a Dodge has to match the attacker's success level otherwise it is not effective, so this stops Dodge blocking attacks every time, and combat is not as stale as it used to be. For example, if an attacker hits with a Hard Success (1/2 skill), and the defender roll a Dodge and scores a Regular Success, then the Dodge did not match the attacker's success level, and the Dodge was not effective. Simple, and works well to add tension and variety to combat roll outcomes. The Thru The Ages supplement introduces Parry, which works the same as Dodge, which means the defender successfully parries if the attacker's success level is matched. The variance is if the defender rolls under their skill, but does not match the attackers Success level then it is considered a partial Parry, and the defender rolls a variable dice roll for AP, based upon what they are parrying with (ie: Shield types, etc). Works well. There is also the Fight Back option when the defender forfeits Dodge/Parry and rolls Fighting instead. The highest success level scores the damage, so that works well only if the defender is much more proficient in combat than the attacker, but it does allow the successful defender to score damage outside of their DEX SR turn. Anyway sorry to digress, this is not a CoC 7E thread; but yes, having the extra success level makes a big difference in opposed rolls, and combat has much less stalemates than it previously did in classic BRP. I hope the concept has been ported to RQG, but if not then I'm likely to do so for my own RQG as it just works better than the old stalemates inherent in the classic combat system. A minor change which makes a substantial difference to combat scene flow. However for more simple rules, having Special Effects kick in on a 1/2 roll instead of a 1/5 roll also is quite fun and moves combat along nicely. Plus it's easier to calculate on the fly, as opposed to 1/5 rolls. I wouldn't do it with my more serious gamers, but if wanting to play a more simple game then it does work well. If D100Rules has quick char gen and a reduced skill list like OQ then I'll be very interested in checking it out to fill our beer n pretzels RPG niche
  9. The 'roll low' mechanic works really good for opposed rolls in CoC 7E, although it has one more level of success than what is proposed in these D100rules. But I see no reason why these rules should not work. In fact I play a simple version of BRP with my kids like this. We mainly use the OpenQuest rules for char gen/char sheet, opponents, etc but replace the skill roll mechanic with the same 'roll low' mechanic you describe, having RQ2 special effects upon a 1/2 skill roll instead of 1/5 roll. Works great. However for simplicity we only have Crits on a 01 and Fumbles on a 00, and the effect is purely narrativ rather than a game mechanic roll. For most combats, it means that the character who scored the Crit just 'wins' the combat, leaving it up a mix of GM and player narration to describe the result. If they are fighting large opponents (great trolls, giants, large beasts, etc) than we usually don't rule an automatic win, and have some neat dice mechanic bonus better than the usual Special Effects. This all works really well in practice for a clean, simple game.
  10. I've ignored negative damage mods for years, since about 1987. Works for me
  11. I would find a +d8 DB to be a little high for humans, even if we are talking Arnie strength
  12. In my experience I have found 'the highest number under sucess' to be counter-intutitive; I understand its rationale, but it just seems to feel wrong when we do it. So my troupe finds rolling the 'best level of success wins' works much better for us. I always thought that it was the standard rule for BRP, which is why CoC 7E's rule is the same concept, just adding in one more level of success. Without the extra success level this does gets bland due to the high chance of ties. In CoC 7E I havent seen that many ties, so it seemed to work for us. Although I must say that we have only played a handful of sessions. It hasnt seemed to add to any complexity for us. We dont record skills with 1/2 and 1/5 values, as it definately would clutter the character sheet up. Its pretty easy to do these calculations on the fly. I dont think there will ever be a consensus on this within BRP gamers, its one of those few game mechanics in BRP that people tend to polarise over.
  13. I would consider it if it can print out Pulp Cthulhu characters. It also needs to let me fill in my own text, especially for Talents as my troupe tends to have a few extra Talents we have ported from other Pulp Adventure games in addition to using some of the official ones from Pulp Cthulhu. Otherwise I'm happy sticking with the official form-fillable sheets or my own excel spreadsheet character sheets.