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  1. Nope. The mechanism reflected how we really fought in Westrealm in 1978, when Steve Perrin was a fighter in the West, and Paul had just started teaching the snap. We've moved on since then. The key is not being lost in the details.
  2. No. Sorcery is about Law. Spirit Magic is about Spirit. Dragon Magic is about Beast. There are several sorts of magic.
  3. Under RQG rules, you get to augment once per session, ie when it's important. Page 144.
  4. Air is for action. Death is for killing. Fire is for spotting stuff. Law is for sorcery. Spirit is for dealing with spirits. Earth of for surviving. Beast is for animals. And so on. If you're a herder, then you'll use Beast a lot more. If you're a Wizard, ensorcelling armor for the fighters that are sent out, then you'll use Law a lot more, because cows are those things that go moo in the markets, right ? Likewise, a Healer will use Harmony, and so on.
  5. You mean you wouldn't let a Shaman roll against their Spirit rune for assitance on a summoning, or a Wizard role against the Law rune for assistance in a spell ?
  6. Your Glorantha May Vary, but this is my best guesses. 1. Fatleaf is a duck name, so we're basically talking stew made from something with feathers. 2. There's a plant called Fatleaf that is a major source of plant fats (ie like avocado or olives in our world) and that is the core of a stew together with barley,. cabbages, carrots and onions.
  7. Note that's holding it more or less like it's a two handed sword ...
  8. Depends on technique. A quarterstaff is essentially a pole weapon without the war-head, and as such it can either thrust for longer distance or it can be swung at somewhat shorter distance. The rules system ignores this, along with using swords to thrust or cut, feints and a whole lot of other good stuff
  9. He has a regular circuit, and that means his trading partners know where he will be at what time of the year, which means they can be there to trade with him.
  10. Trav didnt do trade right until Gurps Traveller: Far Trader That product was the first one to actually try and answer the question "How much trade is there, from where and to where".
  11. The Mystery Cult skill would be on top of that, to allow a Left-Augment-Right, Right-Augment-Left, Right-Augment-Battle, and Left-Augment--2 Hand Secrets Its a little munchkin'y, but hey, thats our Arkat
  12. Trust me, you don't want to do this - for a start, 12 seconds is just about forever in combat, with a tempo allow acting/reacting being about 0.25 seconds for most people. (Ive been doing historical swordsmanship for about 15 years now, and Im decently good at it). Sword and shield is two weapons, and there isnt that much difference at parrying with a shield and parrying with a weapon - it's about controlling lines, the initiative or the geometry (depending if you're italian, german or spanish). A "successful parry" could just be about making the attack not happen, as the opponent recognises that going through with the shot they've prepared will just end up with their weapon controlled. You also dont want to go down the rabbit hole of true edge vs false edge parries, and the rest of it Regarding two weapon fighting, its mostly about using one weapon to open a hole for the other weapon to hit through, ideally with a body fake to put them into false distance or moving the wrong way - in RQQ terms using one of your Sword skills and your Battle skill as assists to push your other Sword skill well over 100% and thereby reduce their active defence The way Id do it is leave Rules As Written, but have a special cult skill for a Humakt/Jar Eel/Whoever subcult for Two Weapon Fighting to reflect how you can get the two weapons to help each other, including neat stuff like allowing them both to parry a given attack, parrying arrows and parrying without damaging your weapon. This way, you have Mystery Cults that deal with the secrets of hip flicks, back edge motion, control of the line, lying in the speaking window and all that other good stuff without going to deep into the simulationist weeds.
  13. https://wikisaga.hi.is/index.php?title=Egla,_10 Good old Egilsaga ... guy goes to collect tribute and trade and then loots some other merchants/raiders, and gets so much loot he needs to build a boat Chapter 10 Thorolf in Finmark In the winter Thorolf took his way up to the fells with a large force of not less than ninety men, whereas before it had been the wont of the king's stewards to have thirty men, and sometimes fewer. He took with him plenty of wares for trading. At once he appointed a meeting with the Finns, took of them the tribute, and held a fair with them. All was managed with goodwill and friendship, though not without fear on the Finns' side. Far and wide about Finmark did he travel; but when he reached the fells eastward, he heard that the Kylfings were come from the east, and were there for trading with the Finns, but in some places for plunder also. Thorolf set Finns to spy out the movements of the Kylfings, and he followed after to search for them, and came upon thirty men in one den, all of whom he slew, letting none escape. Afterwards he found together fifteen or twenty. In all they slew near upon a hundred, and took immense booty, and returned in the spring after doing this. Thorolf then went to his estates at Sandness, and remained there through the spring. He had a long-ship built, large, and with a dragon's head, fitted out in the best style; this he took with him from the north.
  14. Back of the envelope numbers here. Assume an isolated garrison of 100 troops, and a Moonboat can carry 1 ton. Therefore, thats 10 kilos per man. Assuming something high density, thats maybe a month worth of soup.
  15. Back when Trav was a thing, there was also a game called Runequest that had a supplement called Cults of Prax, that had fluff based around a guy going around buying and selling. A party could either be that guy, or be hired by that guy, or be trying to rob that guy.
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