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    1st ed CoC thick box, my favorite edition is the latest French so so pretty. I helped in the playtest of "Cthulhu by Gaslight". And have a fondest for the Roman ed.
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    One time Chaosium booth minion and cultist I now along with my partner in crime....Mr Shiny lead the Miskatonic U. Rally's leading up to the Elder Party Nominating Convention. Which is lots of fun and a high body count. I serve at the bidding of Chaosium.

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  1. I was one of the old booth minions at Gen Con and Origins. Show up Wednesday late afternoon and set the booth. Remind Charlie that 'Greg had to have his office'. Greg had to have a little table and two or three chair in the back of the booth where he hold court. I would usually run the till, hand backpacks to our talent, Sandy or Ken Hite. I brought water and snacks. In exchange, I got Cbaosium swag and other gaming swag on Sunday. When the show closed, we struck the booth, did inventory, and packed everything up that evening "We" Chaosium staff, booth minion’s artists, writers, guests and family would sit down for a big meal, usually at Maders. Greg would talk how all a family were and how much he loved us. I felt that I roomed with him several times and just enjoyed the quiet time where he shared his thoughts and time. Chaosium party at show became the Elder Party Nominating Convention another things. In 1997, Greg invited me to help preach at the Chaosium's Devial. Yea there was preaching and other vile things. We were going to sacrifice Peter Adkison to Cthulhu but...he was not evil enough. Greg said one thing that I think sums up his life "no spectator’s only participants". Randy Porter
  2. GET RIGHT WITH CTHUHLU! BEFORE HE GETS RIGHT WITH YOU!! 1st Church of Innsmouth Traveling Revival Show is coming to GEN CON Thursday Aug 2th and it you don’t go you will die, someday. Save yourself for the Dark Ones by testify for eternal love and prizes. Host by those touched by his unholy hand. Boy preacher Dr. Rev Randj Portajonni and the most Rev. Albert Shiny. They will lead you down the thorny path with special guest Father Dagon and Mother Hydra as our special judges. For there will be judgement…prizes. Tell why you LOVE the Elder Gods Don’t forget to enter all gender all species Duct Tape Girl contest! ZED 18125983 $2.00 Thursday Aug 2th 7pm Lucas Oil: MTG Rm 2 We can’t wait to meet you.
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