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    Pretty much everything, from back when D&D was 3 levels and we had to use a programmable calculator to roll d8
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  1. AceDashDog

    Will it work with RQ III?

    Probably run it under RQIII, unless it connects to RQG - though I've not used that yet
  2. AceDashDog

    Will it work with RQ III?

    Thanks all. I note some skill category modifiers are different; are theybthe same as Mythras?
  3. AceDashDog

    Will it work with RQ III?

    Hi, I ran a RQIII Vikings campaign for years, and really fancy joining MI up with that for another stab. As I don't have the BRP rules, are they different enough that this will fall on its' face (everybody do the Flop)? Cheers