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  1. My PCs use alot of the same spells as Rodney indicated - although not Earthshield so much - Shield is probably the most used. Command Cult spirit is another favorite as two of the PCs have POW storage crystals housing an Elemental each. The use of Spirit Magic drastically increased, once three of the PCs received Allied spirits and realized they could ask the spirit to cast spells on their behalf, while engaging themselves in their own activities - that and the extra MP the allied spirit allowed them to use.
  2. OK here go's mine: 1. RQG 2. Nearly 3 years 3. 1625 4. Started in Johnstown - have ranged as fae East as Pavis/North to Aldur-Chur/West to Hope Valley/South to Nochet 5. 2 Praxian's, 1 Esrolian, 1 Sartar 6. All of them 7. Sandbox 8. The events have mostly provided the backdrop for the PCs to act upon - although they are now heavilly involved in the Battle of Queens 9. Hero's of the Hero Wars (meaning our PCs will be the Hero's in the events attributed in the histories to others) 10. Prob my biggest mistake was having the PC's from such diverse backgrounds - difficult to focus on the PC's relationships and relations when their from so many different locations - results in very cyclical focus depending on the location of the PCs. If I was starting over I would have asked the PCs to pick one or 2 closely located cultures.
  3. Right clicking on a token brings up the option for "Add Turn", in which the SR can be manually entered - but don't know if this can be added to a macro.
  4. Yes - Rt clicking on a token (by GM) allows you to move the token between the various layers (you can aslo multi select several tokes and move them between layers as a group). Moving a Token to the GM layers makes it unseen in the player interface. There are 3 Layers Tokens can be on - Map (effectively becoming a part of the map, eg adding statues, beds, etc), Token (The main interaction layer), and GM (Hidden Tokens) - there is another layer used for Dynamic Lighting, which is used to mark walls etc to limit sight and light, but play can occur without using the dynamic lighting layer.
  5. Here is my script after dressing it up: &{template:skillRoll}{{name=@{selected|token_name}}}{{skillvalue=[[((@{selected|curpow}-?{Passive|10})*5)+50]]}}{{fumble=[[{(101-(round((100-(((@{selected|curpow}-?{Passive|10})*5)+50))/20))),100}kl1]]}}{{crit=[[round((((@{selected|curpow}-?{Passive|10})*5)+50)/20)+1]]}}{{special=[[round((((@{selected|curpow}-?{Passive|10})*5)+50)/5)+1]]}}{{success=[[((@{selected|curpow}-?{Passive|10})*5)+50]]}}{{roll=[[1d100]]}}{{skillname=POW v POW}} Hope someone else finds that useful Chris
  6. Bill, Some notes on how I use the Tokens myself. For Multiple copies of the same opponent (e.g. Generic Broo) I have one character sheet linked yo the token, I can then pull out multiple copies of the token, by dragging the name to the map space. I have the 3 circles setup manually, red tracks total HP, Yellow tracks MP, and Green melee SR (newly added). I then track any specific location HP or Weapon HP damage as part of the token's GM notes. I also add icons to indicate status - Red circle means bleeding, "snail" means slowed (usually 1 leg <0), and "discord rune" I usually put up on a befuddled opponent. Thus I don't need squad sheets. The updates to the NPC sheets will prove very useful as up till now I've had to put these generic opponents in using the full character sheet, and just leave most of the sheet un-populated. The PC's Tokens I have setup to automatically track their HP and MP, from what is entered in the character sheet however. This helps me know as a GM when I've been hitting the PCs too hard and perhaps need to backoff a little - not that I need to do this much now as the PCs are approaching Rune Lord status (3 are already Rune Priest). Sometimes I decide to use different tokens for the same unit, this takes more time (to setup the page) as each Token has to be manually loaded, set to size, and configured (e.g. with sight/light if dynamic lighting is being used) - this is useful in some cases - actually used it for broo last time as each broo had a different chaos feature - and I wanted to know which one was going to reflect spells back at the PC's. Being able to drag the buttons from the character sheet is going to help now too - as I don't have to open each character sheet to finds the melee attack die. In most encounters once things get established into melee there isn't much to do except melee attack! Chris
  7. Thanks dvdmacateer - I should be able to dress those up and include one or two versions in my Roll20 game now.
  8. That initiate Macro is great/ Another Roll20 Quality of life Macro I would love is a POW vrs POW (POW of current token vrs enter POW from popup). But I suck at macro writing.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions and other threads to check. The session for the summons of Evil went down tonight. Spirit taken care of quite effectively - first round it cast Multispell3 in an attempt to Befuddle-lock the party (and take them down one at a time) - but before it was able to cast its spirit magic on round two, the Orlanthi let loose with a Lightning that wiped out the remaining HP before it could act. The Lunar Sorcerers that were summoned by the Spell were also eliminated quickly a little time later, as "Ward against Weapons" doesn't protect against falling damage - and the same said Orlanthi opened his "bag of winds", and his Large Air Elemental bounced the weak Sorcerors up and down till they yielded! Still it was a fun session - and the main course of the "Battle of Old Top" starts next week 🙂 Chris
  10. Hi, Anyone have any experiences with the Summons of Evil spell in RQG? The rules says the spirit is bound to the effigy, and that the spirit must be defeated at the end of the ritual, and that all participating in the ritual gain the benefit. Additionally the spirit/ritual summons an enemy to the location of the ritual. Firstly what Spirits/Spirit powers have people used, and what enemies have being summoned? Any fun actual play stories? Secondly, who participates in the defeating of the spirit? It seems a bit lopsided (for the benefit) if any participant in the ritual can attack the Spirit (can this be half the clan?) but then again limiting it to just the caster or a designated champion also seems a bit too difficult? Basically, I worried as a GM on making this either too easy or too hard! Most of my PCs have access to at least 1 magical weapon (Iron/Truesword/etc), and so allowing them all to attack is going to take down the spirit in short order. Any other thoughts on the spell is also appreciated. Chris
  11. I ran Urvantans tower - my PCs didn't investigate the tower at all, and focused on the the Mercenaries. After harrasing the raiders, freeing the villages, and causing the leader to give up his siege of the fort and come after them. The PCs skirted arround the main force of the mercenaries heading to the village and charged the Centaur and his group (Mobility spell) - a Critical to the centaur in round 1 was all it took for the Leader to call Ransom and the Battle was over. I had the Tower fold into itself and avoid the Deus Ex Machina ending in the plot. I have heard tell of others undertook a heroquest to unite the disparate natives into a force to match against the Mercenaries also. So that being said there are many ways of resolving the issue without an NPC saves the day kind of ending. But it is nice for that kind of ending to be there if the PCs get stuck or need the aid of Urvantan.
  12. Can't wait to get this - everything looks amazing.
  13. Firstly - Amazing maps and pictures. Love the detail and the travel guide. One comment - on the city map location 12 is listed as "Mayor's House" - in other discussions the title of this position was listed as "City Rex" - is this being simplified for the Starter set, or does Johnstown have some special use of this title?
  14. ChrisJ

    Famous Bell

    Any Idea what is so Famous about this Bell?
  15. Loving these peeks to the Starter sets - and while wishing I could get my hands on the PDF sooner, I understand the strategy behind releasing this set as physical copies at the same time as pdf. Props to the artists and the layout team on these character portfolio's they look amazing - just wish I could get something so amazing for my roll20 virtual tabletop PC sheets.
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