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  1. We just had our first near death experience for one of my players - a demon had a special on its claw attack striking the abdomen of our bezerking Storm Bull (hence no parry) - a large demon has a claw attack that inflicts 4d6 damage, thus the special now did 8d6 - I rolled low and did 27 damage (against 5AP) so 22 penetrated - with the HP boost from the Bezerk the Storm Bull had 9hp in the abdomen (so no instant death) - but only 21 hp. Fortunately the Babeester Gor Initiate was close by and had not acted and was able to cast Heal Body. This did require 1 Fudge for MGF since Rune magic is supposed to occur at SR 1, so I ruled the Heal Body took effect 5SR after the change of intent. Just an FYI - Large Demons are nasty - 21 POW => 21 HP and 21 AP.
  2. Spell Teaching is described as a week of prayer, fasting, and forming the spell focus. But one of the outcomes of spirit combat is wresting a spell from the spirit you defeated. So the concept is still present.
  3. Its been used in some unusual ways in my game - the Babester Gor Warrior Sang a song of war and death (augmenting her Sing skill with Battle) - the Sable Rider told his Khan of the Battle of Dangerford using Battle instead of Orate - it has been used in place of scan to avoid obvious ambush sites (could be used to find the best site too if you wanted to make an Ambush).
  4. Many of the NPC's appear to have added the move silently penalty for each piece of armor they are wearing - but it was my understanding (and can't find a change) that it was the highest penalty for the "noisiest armor that was used (and not the sum). E.G. Jardin on pg 21 has a move quietly penalty of -70, but by my understanding, the penalty should be -25 for the heavy scale skirt (the armor piece with the worst penalty). This same interpretation is repeated with several NPCs wearing heavy armor.
  5. In the character history - there are a couple of opportunities to receive a boon. One of the potential boons in an extra RP.
  6. In runequest there are fixed point spirit magic spells and variable point spirit magic spells. Variable spells can be learnt at many different point levels (typical values are 1 to 6), a variable spell learnt at the 4pt level can be cast at any level from 1-4 (e.g. if the player knows Heal 4 and only wants to heal 3hp damage they can cast heal 3 - but that player character can't cast heal 5). The spell disuption is an example of a fixed point spell with a fixed point of 1, other spells such as demoralize have a fixed point of 2 and the spell lightwall has a fixed point of 4 - these spells cost their fixed point when cast. Now Glorantha is a magical place and there are some exceptions - one exception is the Rune Magic Spell "Multi-spell", which allows(in RQG) multiple spirit magic spells to be cast at the same time - there is a special text in the spell description that describes how this affects disruption. Another exception is to enable a spell to overcome magical defenses, in which addition MP may need to be spent to overcome the defenses of the target - this is described in the defensive spells such as countermagic or the Rune spell "Shield". There are probably other examples where some exceptions to the basic rules occur - but these will be special circumstances. Hope this helps and welcome to the game.
  7. Neat - Thanks for the explanation.
  8. One of the PC's in my game is a sable rider 7 Mother's worshiper but follower of Whitebull - I'm interested to see how his conflicted loyalties transpire into actions at the upcoming Battle of Dangerford. His mission is to help his clan chief understand whether their undecided clan should commit to Whitebull 100% or if they should continue playing the fence between Lunar and Argrath loyalty.
  9. We just started using roll20 last week and fint the in game character sheets very useful - this guide is excellent and a good help to learning the features. One thing we've not yet had to navigate is exp checks - I'm not seeing any functionality in game and expect that will be some "/roll d100+mod" on the side.
  10. Since the spell "Thunderbolt" includes an explicit "without needing to overcome the target's POW" statement and this spell does not - I would rule that a POW vrs POW is needed for this spell - but YGMV. CJ
  11. Sounds reasonable - I'll just be a little more inventive when it comes to interpreting fumble rolls Plus for my Size 4 Drulz NPC - I have added a bearer/squire responsible for carrying said Greatsword - should add some humorous interactions - after all that's the point of Drulz
  12. Currently the rules only list minimum STR and Dex to use a weapon - but surely the size of the wielder has some bearing. I was creating a Humakti Drulz the other day and while the character had the minimum STR and DEX to use a greatsword it didn't seam reasonable that a 1m tall creature would be able to walk around let alone use a 1.5m long sword. But currently RQG has no minimum size to use a weapon. Should a Size 4 Drulz be able to wield a greatsword? CJ
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