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  1. Chaosium is not a reliable company when you see their realeres. I always waited for new material for Cthulhu. In the moment I am in the comfortable situation, that I am german and Pegasus is releases constant and good. But the audience for Runequest is to small and will become smaller, when the release is not coming in the near future I‘m afraid. Promises without releases is not helping a small product like Runequest glorantha.
  2. In the moment I feel very bored about the politics of Chaosium. Old men try to be interesting. Not giving arelease date and try to make it mystic is not verygood for Runequest. The teaser game is uncomplete and not really usable. Why this?
  3. NurgleHH

    RuneQuest 6 Deutsche Ausgabe!

    A german version is very good and solid in winter. Maybe you had it, if it was nearly impossible to find in sleep that night... I know it, I'm from germany
  4. NurgleHH

    Your ideal Call of Cthulhu 7th edition

    I play it since the '80. I'm happy with the actual version. I think I do not need an update. I need more sorcebooks and even scenariios/campaigns as a product of too less time
  5. NurgleHH

    Any Mac users?

    I'm using macs. I hope that 10.9 will bring more battery-time. I don't think it was a very exciting WWDC, but it wasn't also a bad wwdc.
  6. NurgleHH

    BRP Interplanetary

    Any release dates???
  7. NurgleHH

    Astounding Adventures! BRP goes Pulp!

    Releasedate? Pdf avaible?