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  1. Great to hear! We are eager to get our hands on the printed books.
  2. Just plain amazing Durulz lore and illustrations Quackatoa!
  3. After seeing the hunt image below and the stats for a T-Rex in Runequest Glorantha Bestiary, I say good luck sending 4 swords and 3 bows to hunt it. https://sixages.com/
  4. Nice thread. Thanks Dimbyd. Maybe should put spoiler in thread title, if any info from Eleven Lights is to be posted.
  5. For sure players can like it for flair or role playing perspective. But from the technical point of view it is basically always worse to use meditate than not using it for increasing spell casting chance. And as RQG is a more technical system than for example Heroquest, I think rules should be either useful or removed to lessen rule bloat.
  6. Good points to think about. I mostly threw out some ideas, as I want my low POW players have options to improve casting success. Pull things in one rule and it might tear other rules.
  7. We could probably do without the extra meditate mechanic. I guess they wanted to make the skill more versatile. Regarding augmenting, it is better. But still not normally viable in combat as for most players it takes two extra melee rounds without defense to use. And out of combat you can just recast the Spirit Magic until you succeed as there are no penalties for failing. I'm thinking of creating some house rules for this. Augmenting I think augmenting should be quicker and with less risk to make it viable in combat. Shorten it to one combat round for augmenting with normal skill roll. Extra rounds add bonus to succeed. If you sing or dance for roughly 12 seconds you will be able to get in some verses or moves. Is it realistic? I don't know. Then I think you can parry or dodge, but lose the augment if you do. I mean if you are singing and a Broo attacks you, I think you should be able to abort and parry. It's not a trance, it's using the dancing or singing skill. Then add meditate as a skill possible to use for augmenting casting instead of having a separate rule for it. Only snag is that I'm not sure it would fit being able to parry and dodge. A character with very high percent in the skill used would then be getting a fairly sure +20% to cast a spell or increase resist with one melee round extra used for it. But it requires heavy investment in the skill, and there is always the risk of rolling bad and getting -20% or worse. So augment for one round to get +20% or try twice with your normal roll. I think it would be fairly balanced. Boosting Lastly, I'm thinking of letting extra magic points be used to boost spell or resist chance like they can be used for getting past defensive spells. Let's say +5% per extra magic point used. So casting a Demoralize and boost it with 4 magic points for a total of 6 MP used would give you +20% to cast or resist. This allows for an instant bonus, but it does also costs a lot of magic points.
  8. Yes, but let's think about it with a lot of munchkinism. Situation You want to cast a Spirit Magic spell, let's say Detect Magic. You have 12 in POW and therefore 60% casting success chance. Meditating Let's take 25 melee rounds or five minutes to get a +20% bonus. You can then cast the spell with +20% success and therefore have 80% chance to succeed. Not meditating You can roll to cast Detect Magic at 60% every round 25 times, or possibly twice per round for a lot of rolls if you have DEX 13 or more (SR3 for first cast, SR11 for second etc). Failing the roll will not lose any magic points, you can just try again. I'm not good at math, but I think choosing to not meditate will give you better odds of succeeding with the roll, and also faster success. As the rules are, meditating is just worse in almost every case.
  9. No problems, I could have been a bit clearer. But it seems to me that meditate is almost always a bad choice unless you want to use it for ritual-like spells that aren't rituals. Detect spells maybe? Augment can be good if you have high augment skill and can afford to spend two turns augmenting before casting. Not being able to dodge or parry in one or two rounds is really dangerous in a fight.
  10. Because when the chance of success is high, rolling twice is better than a +5% bonus and rolling once. You have to spend one round meditating to get the bonus while not being able to parry or dodge. Instead you can just ignore the meditate and cast the spell again. If you have very low POW rolling twice gets worse than the +5% bonus.
  11. Is it just me or is the two options to improve non-ritual magic success chance extremely specific and poor for spells in combat? Meditation Can only improve chance of casting a non-ritual spell or rune (not resistance roll). Requires 1 melee round to increase casting chance +5% or 2 rounds for +10% bonus. But cannot do anything else like parry or dodge in that round. As casting a Spirit Magic spell is based on POW you must have extremely low POW for this bonus to be any good. As Spirit Magic does not lose you any magic point if you fail, and you can parry or dodge while casting the spell, it would be wiser to just try twice. With POW 12 you have 60% chance of success. Would you rather do two rolls at 60% and be able to parry or dodge, or do one roll at 65% and not being able to parry or dodge in one round? Augmenting (with Dance, Sing etc) Somewhat better as you can augment POW resistance rolls, and gives much higher bonus with success. But also takes longer time and has the risk of giving you a negative modifier with failure to augment. Similar to meditation you cannot dodge or parry while augmenting the spell or resist roll. Doing it for one round before cast halves the augmenting skill, for two rounds you have normal skill and for each round after you get +5% on the augmenting skill. The example text for augmenting is funny. It says that Yanioth want to increase the chance to overcome POW with a Demoralize spell. So she uses Dance at 65% but only for one round, halving the skill to 33%. That means there is a 77% chance of worsening the resistance roll. Does she really want to augment her opponent?
  12. I find it interesting that so many use miniatures, I wouldn't have thought it was so popular.
  13. So that ship with RQG books to US in harbor. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:3533459/zoom:14 The one to UK has a few days left. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:199690/zoom:9 Hype level increasing.
  14. Love the wood work Belgath!
  15. I think it's mostly because it is so well known. What makes it easier is the compartmentalisation of the player into a class with limited rules for that class. But spell casters are on the other hand more difficult in 5E because of the huge range of spells, at least if the player is somewhat indecisive or unfamiliar with the game. 13th Age makes that latter part easier, because it has compartmentalised the spells to each class too, which in my opinion is a much better choice. I regard 13th Age as much better than 5E.
  16. I wish for RQG books about Notchet, Esrolia and Holy Country.
  17. Sounds good. I do own the other books and as 7Tigers said above, the HQ Pavis book is great. Maybe Pavis is for Runequest what Masks of Nyarlathotep is for Call of Chthulhu.
  18. Is this for both RQG and Glorantha Sourcebook?
  19. I think they will be good to order when Q Workshop put up the variant set on the site again. The standard set is fine of course, but I wanted to order both sets, so I'll wait until then.
  20. Cargo ship classed "Hazard A (Major)". It's those dangerous roleplaying books!
  21. Don't take this to negatively - I'm happy for all books that get done for RQG. But I'm a bit disappointed to get another "Pavis" book. The last one for Heroquest was done 6 years ago is it? I'm very much for "do new stuff" instead.
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