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  1. I've started prepping to run a scenario from this volume (The Crack'd and Crook'd Manse) and was hoping to use the pre-generated characters. Whoever created these clearly did not read the "Involving the Investigators" sections for any of the scenarios. As it is, I found them all to be unusable, and I'm going to have to use the pre-gens from the updated Dead Light book. I was a bit disappointed by that.
  2. The floor-plans need corrections too.
  3. I'm loving these podcasts. The production quality is so good! Looks like the last two just dropped today.
  4. Thanks everyone. I enjoyed reading through it. I should add that a lot of things that I caught were a part of the original text from the first edition back in the 80s, and were just never spotted/corrected in the subsequent editions throughout the years (I tended to read this new edition side-by-side with the earlier ones to notice what had been changed/updated). I can totally see how the current team would miss these types of errors being focused on updating old material, adding new material, and providing new layouts. This is a huge magnum opus here! Having access to pdfs in advance of the print runs just wasn't a thing back in the day, so it's great that we can make use of this technology now and have so many helpful eyes on board. Thanks for providing this forum to submit corrections!
  5. Well, that seems to be it for me. I'm quite sure I didn't hit every spelling or grammar mistake, but I tried to get the obvious errors that might cause confusion while running the campaign. This was a wonderful update to a fantastic adventure. Great job in bringing it up to 7th edition.
  6. Page 644 - The Black Tome Under Spells, Go Beyond (Journey to the Other Side**) is marked with two asterisks indicating the description is only available in the Grand Grimoire. However this spell is described in the previous appendix.
  7. page 641 - Life As A God "English, by MontgomeryCrompton, c.1810. Duodecimo, handwritten, bound in human skin." Missing a space between the author's first and last names.
  8. Page 635 - Hands of Colubra This description differs from the Grand Grimoire in the distance that the transformed snakes can reach, and more importantly, omits the phrase "if the target fails to make an Extreme CON roll".
  9. Page 643 - Eye of Light and Darkness Description of this spell no longer mentions "Once activated, the symbol disappears within the substance into which it has been etched, chiseled, or otherwise physically inscribed, and cannot then be removed by any physical agent or by any ordinary magical means." I'm not sure if this is an update or an oversight (no pun intended), but I did like the idea that ordinary people are unable to see the activated Eye.
  10. Page 628 - SKILLS "For the purposes of this campaign and at the option of the Keeper, one skill might be learned or increased per investigator at the conclusion of a peaceful period of ocean travel of no less than 14 days;" Contradicts further down "Increasing a current skill: grants +1D4 points to the skill. Two skills may be improved per journey."
  11. Page 628 - RECOVERY "If Pulp Cthulhu, then indefinite insanity may be automatically cured without the need for a roll" This should either be something along the lines of "If Pulp Cthulhu is being used, then indefinite insanity..." or "In Pulp Cthulhu, indefinite insanity ..."
  12. Page 626 - AIR TRAVEL "For Keepers who want to play more loosely with historical details, air travel is possibility, and for those running the campaign with Pulp Cthulhu the sky’s the limit" Missing the indefinite article "a", as in "air travel is a possibility".
  13. Page 609 - Firm Action Warehouse Guards "Use this profile for all of the warehouse guards: a mix women and men, all committed to the cause." Missing the word "of", as in "a mix of women and men"
  14. Page 601 - PULP: REWARDS "In addition, apply the following rewards or penalties to surviving investigators." No rewards are actually listed. However, I assume as per all the previous chapters that investigators should get 1D10 Luck points.
  15. Page 551 - The Demon Cabinet "Alternatively, the investigators can just try to force their way out (an Extreme STR roll; the door has STR 200, so combining investigator STR may reduce the difficulty). Failing that, a successful Locksmith roll picks the lock from the inside. Lung has the only key on his person, on the other side of the door." "The investigators can make an escape attempt if they have smashed enough of the cabinet’s interior; otherwise, the debilitating effect of the cabinet means they can only focus on the mirrors." These two paragraphs seem to contradict each other. Can investigators force their way out without breaking mirrors or not?
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