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    I've played RuneQuest for about 20 years and MANY other RPGs (especially DnD and various Paladuium RPGs) for ... even longer.
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    Playing Coming Storm/Eleven Lights with characters created using RQ3 (ish) and continuing using the new RQG.
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    Montreal Video Game developer who loves all kinds of table top games especially classic RPGs like Rune Quest and a wide variety of board games. Zodgrod is an old 2nd edition WH40K Ork hero.
  1. Gustbran and other Sartarite crafts-gods. More depth in Orlanth/Ernalda worship (i.e. more sub-cults like, Heler, Yavor Lightening) and more depth to existing ones (like Vinga).
  2. Hello, Having just converted some "RQ2.5" characters playing Eleven Lights over to the new RQG, got a bit confused about Rune Magic...especially summons: We have a character who has Summon Air Elemental. He's got 3 Rune Points dedicated to in Orlanth Adventurous as a very novice adventurer. 1. Does he really have to cast X level Summon followed immediately by Command Cult Spirit for 2 Rune Points to control said Elemental? This seems to be the explicit instructions in most parts of the rules but Summon Elemental seems to imply that control for the summoner is automatic. 2. I (the GM) was planning on having the same PC roll up the stats for the Elemental the first time he summoned one from each size category. Thus, eventually he'd establish a "stable" of 3 elementals - assuming he acquired the ability to cast Summon Large Air (ex: as a Storm Voice). Any flaws in my logic? How are the rest of you handling this? 3. Number 2 made me think of a more fundamtal question: when a character sacrifices a point of power to gain a rune point and chooses to "learn" a cult variable spell (ex. Summon XYZ), I had presumed that he was learning a variable version of the spell. Thus he could cast it at whatever level he chose once he'd gained access to it. Is this as intended? Thanks! James
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