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  1. Looking around for information about the Wyrmghost Ruins for a Telmori campaign I'm running. Some tantalizing info about it having been the object of a convention HQ Scenario and possibly in a Wyrm's Footprints upcoming (? as of 2019). Any info on the history, contents and publications about the ruins would be greatly appreciated! James
  2. Thanks all, great inspiration as always (both here and from other threads in here I searched on Godspeed's advice 🙂 )
  3. My players in our RQG 11 Lights campaign are going to Ash Anvari to join Kalyr's quest (they don't know the details but know she wants them and their Three Stars temple bodyguard to join in something important). They are heading there via an insanely circuitous route via Tink to talk to Forang Forash and Shaker Temple to talk to them about a dinosaur problem. While there they are going to pilgrimage to Kero Fin because why not. I'm at a bit of a loss about the shaker temple and the great mountain. There are a couple of paragraphs about each in the guide but I'm not finding much else. So I'm looking for any inspiration whatever about those 2 locations once up close. The year is Sea 1624 so I might have some Lunar Tarsh soldiers patrolling but any ideas about the details of those locations would be great! What do you think the shaker temple is like? How do they treat Rando male Sartarites asking religious questions? What does Kero Fin look like outside the remarkable height and spiral path. Is there a shrine there to monetize all the pilgrimages? Any ideas or sources at all are welcome!
  4. Awesome, thanks for this!! Tonnes of inspiration. Definitely a chance I'll give them an opportunity to help on the quest now. To your point @jajagappa I'm not actually that clear what the boat raising achieves for Kallyr. Some implication that it impacts The Closing but does that have anything to do with Pennell or the Dragonrise in your mind(s).
  5. Hi all! Our 11L RQG campaign has us in Earth Season 1623: the Culbrea are being annoying and the Lunars are starting to catch on about the Three Stars. So the PCs are cleverly looking to find Kallyr again to see if she can help with either. Given all that, I'd like to know peoples' take on what, when, how and with whom Kallyr performs the Boat Planet quest. I'm guessing she and Minartyth are actively hunkering down to get ready to perform it but wondering who else is involved so that the PCs also can't find them (thinking of her Iron Ring and maybe some of the other rebel heroes like Venharl and Thundercape). That said, its also possible the PCs reach her in time to join or at least help in the quest! So with that, would love to know what people think happened in Your Glorantha (or at least what you imagine she did to raise the Boat Planet). Thanks!
  6. Yes, very helpful, thanks @Jeff! Reflecting on your post I think maybe it was I who almost took the bait by escalating too quickly This phony war seems more interesting and probably leads more easily into Broddi's ouster in late 1623. Very cool!
  7. Hi! Still running my RQG sandboxy version of 11 Lights and we've made it to mid-1623! I've positioned the Culbrea as looking to instigate a war by backing the Two Pine's quest to restart their 7 tributes. Both clan and tribe are overmatched by the Red Cow and Cinisina in terms of wealth and population (and ergo Fyrd size and quality one would think) but have access to more magic thanks to having proportionally many more New Breathers versus intermittent access to Three Stars magic. With that, they decide to go for it but not without at least trying to draw the Cinsina into declaring war first if they can (for rebel optics' sake and to ensure the Jonstown Confederation doesn't come down on them). So far the players are playing it cautious and not taking the bait looking to grind down the economically poorer Culbrea. So, in other words, the complicated situation has them unwilling to take significant action. In those cases I generally let "history" take back over and so the Culbrea eventually have to actively instigate so that the 1623 war starts. Which is all fine but this has me wondering: who actually won this war and what were the impacts on the tribes and the rebelliion? Kallyr I'm guessing took no direct part but did nothing to stop it making her even less popular with Ivartha. I'd like to know the "real" outcome as I'll lean on this if all things (i.e. dice rolls) remain equal? Guessing the Culbrea win a short but bloody war but only just and they pick up Greenhaft and maybe even Blueberry in the Peace Weaving. Any input (even non-canonical) is welcome! James
  8. Awesome, thanks guys for the clarifications/info, this is exactly what I was looking for! Love the idea of introducing the Hostfaring Hero Cult ...could easily be an opportunity. I'll definitely use the fact that Kallyr would be recruiting in Culbrea more than in Cinsina as a possible point of conflict/decision/opportunity for the players and their chosen leaders. One further question: I'm blanking on her main retinue. Any persons of interest in her Iron Ring?
  9. Hi! Context: I'm running a fairly player driven Eleven Lights campaign in RQG. I've decided to run the Great Winter in a "I go, you go" style giving the players every other week to initiate something. It's closing in on the end of Sea Season and they've just returned from Boldhome via Johnstown after tracing the Resurrection doors for Minaryth. It's their go and I've just off hand mentioned that it's rumoured that Kallyr is in nearby Culbrea lands. True to form, the players feel like clan based activity is an excersise in futility given the larger problems facing the clan & world so they jump on the chance to talk to Kallyr and offer support for any kind of grander mission (being also extremely anti-Lunar at this point). So they are going to travel through Two-Pine into Culbrea in search of Kallyr so that's where I need some inspiration: Where precisely should Kallyr be? And what does Culbrea land look like in these dark times? Is she already looking for recruits to fight at Aurochs? Is she and her entourage in hiding? (Maybe not necessary with the Lunars holed up and undermanned especially in the very unfriendly territory of Culbrea) Is Two-Pine ready to start threatening Red Cow leaders? Do they have any strength at all given the lack of good reading and mercenary work? Is Culbrea just massing for rebellion? How does a warlike clan & tribe feed itself in the Great Winter? Is Hostfaring back? If so, how does he treat Cinsina? Any ideas would be most welcome!
  10. This is awesome news, thanks for the effort guys, I'm subbing as I type. Would love to know of any other G-tha casts in English.
  11. OMG, awesome, thanks! Except it seems down now, FYI
  12. One Quibble: "Fazzur replaced by Tatius the Bright". I believe Tatius had taken over as Governor General of Dragon Pass and the siege of Whitewall by Sea 1621. Fazzur was still active with a small force in Esrolia and would eventually retreat back to Tarsh in time to take back over after the Dragon Rise. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Love the 2 PC approach! That is helpful: thinking tilting this against the PCs will probably be a strong dramatic play. They haven't necessarily come off as understanding how lethal ghouls can be (with their Fear inducing screams and general super human-ness). They do have a lot of Humakti and are cognisant of the fact that the woods are full of ghouls...but maybe not enough. Will depend a bit on battle rolls though.
  14. Thanks! Would be interested in knowing how it went for you guys as well! Should also note they just returned from a secret night time raid of Stonegate. One of them has been proscribed by the Lunars and another is not far off thanks to their support of Free Sartar. The whole group are on Ivartha's bad side thanks to their Telmori apologist stance so getting rights to travel north to the Woods seems like a likely complication. The Emerald Sword, Jomesland and Cinsina government know and actively do not trust the PCs. They might need to lean on the Mud Hens support (again) even if hunting ghouls seems a universal good.
  15. Hi! I've been running Coming Storm in a HQ/RQG hybrid and I'm looking for inspiration for a specific adventure the PCs want to embark on. The setup: It's Fire 1621 and the players are an Issaries Priest, an Orlanth Thunderous god-talker and an Orlanth Adventurous initiate verging on devotee status as well. Main deviations from the Eleven Lights campaign is that they have aligned themselves with the Telmori, have struck a deal with the Sazdorf Uz and even more seriously oriented themselves towards saving the Dolutha. Alot of "side content" is stemming from the latter especially. The scenario I'm looking for help with is no exception: Having successfully heroquested to turn Ivar to a More Loyal Thane bent, the party have found that those who are not favourable to that development (ie the Lunars, the Sworn Knives and remaining anti Orlanthi Elmali) have taken indirect control of the clan by keeping Ivar in command but on a very short leash presumably using threats of violence and blackmail. To continue to garner support and good will towards Red Cow influence, the group have organized an extensive war party to hunt and kill Good Arnal to free the Dolutha from at least one of its scourges and hopefully break it's kinstrife curse. They have managed to convince the local Humakti barracks (Orkarl and his followers) as well as The Temple of the Wooden Sword troll Humakti initiate and his dozen or so trollkin followers who now reside at Black Glass ruins (!!! never underestimate the power of Issaries diplomacy). Wanted to use the Highwall Inn scenario somehow but this is turning into a bit of a mass combat situation. Does anyone have any sdvice, ideas or inspiration on interesting twists to insert here? Don't hesitate if you have more questions about the setup.
  16. Gustbran and other Sartarite crafts-gods. More depth in Orlanth/Ernalda worship (i.e. more sub-cults like, Heler, Yavor Lightening) and more depth to existing ones (like Vinga).
  17. Hello, Having just converted some "RQ2.5" characters playing Eleven Lights over to the new RQG, got a bit confused about Rune Magic...especially summons: We have a character who has Summon Air Elemental. He's got 3 Rune Points dedicated to in Orlanth Adventurous as a very novice adventurer. 1. Does he really have to cast X level Summon followed immediately by Command Cult Spirit for 2 Rune Points to control said Elemental? This seems to be the explicit instructions in most parts of the rules but Summon Elemental seems to imply that control for the summoner is automatic. 2. I (the GM) was planning on having the same PC roll up the stats for the Elemental the first time he summoned one from each size category. Thus, eventually he'd establish a "stable" of 3 elementals - assuming he acquired the ability to cast Summon Large Air (ex: as a Storm Voice). Any flaws in my logic? How are the rest of you handling this? 3. Number 2 made me think of a more fundamtal question: when a character sacrifices a point of power to gain a rune point and chooses to "learn" a cult variable spell (ex. Summon XYZ), I had presumed that he was learning a variable version of the spell. Thus he could cast it at whatever level he chose once he'd gained access to it. Is this as intended? Thanks! James
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