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  1. As a French fan of Call of Cthulhu, and a buyer of Sans Détour's products, I find that decision sad but fair. We are duscussing about it on a French Forum (the Blach Book Editions' one) and none of us do understand why Sans Détour didn't pay the royalties during so much time. We are waiting for Sans Détour explanation, hoping there will be one rapidly. I personally think that Chaosium was very, very patient and thank you for that.
  2. Yes, I totally do agree. Maths never have been a true problem with Call of Chtulhu's rules.
  3. You're welcome. I'll have to look at Mike and Lynne's videos too.
  4. Yes, multiplications are easier and faster to do in mind than divisions, as well as additions are easier and faster than subtractions. But, precisely, with Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, you do none at all (except adding dice when rolling for damage). Half and fifth values are calculated in advance and recorded on the character sheet. So, all what you have to do during game is comparing numbers (bonus and penalty dice even replace bonus and penalties that you had to add to the skill in the previous edditions).
  5. You will have a lot of fun. Welcome in Call of Cthulhu! Also look at the videos mentioned just above, if you want to. They are very well made. I'm not an English native speaker and still did understand everything immediately. Paul Fricker is an amazing teacher.
  6. And you did the good choice, in my humble opinion. Call of Cthulhu 7th edition gives the most flexible rules I have ever seen. Its rules can appear more crunchy than before but it's not true, actually. Rules wasn't that simple in the previous editions, especially when dealing with combats (grappling rules were quite complicated, for instance). With the 7th edition, everything has been streamlined and use the same mecanism, no matter what you do : trying to punch your foe, to knock him down, to pin him on the ground, to push him through the window... It is simple, fast, and makes sense bec
  7. In call of Cthulhu, APP can be interpreted either as beauty or as magnetism. It's up to the player (or the GM, for NPC) to decide which one is valid for his high APP (or lacking for his low APP) character. Of course, a character can have (or lack) both.
  8. Merry Christmas to you and to everyone else too. And a happy new year, full of amazing BRP games!
  9. In Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, hard successes (1/2 skill) and extreme successes (1/5 skill) are not really different qualities of success, because there is no qualities of success (except for combat attacks, where an extreme success still allows to get a damage bonus). The general rule is only to know wether the goal of the Player Character (what he wants to achieve) is successful. So, hard and extreme successes are just here when there is a Non Player Character who resists (to achieve his goal, the PC must then get a better success than the NPC) or when the difficulty of the action is h
  10. Just note that Call of Cthulhu 7th edition disconnected POW and Luck. The future BRP edition (if any) may follow that manner of handling things.
  11. It is what Basic, the french edition of BRP, chose. The only problem is that it gives a quite high average (13). Now, with the BRP system, skills are much more used than characteristics, so it is not a real problem.
  12. In my humble opinion, Luck is tied to POW because POW is the ability with wich the character imposes his will to the world. As psychologists say, someone lucky is actually someone optimistic, that is, someone who strongly considers the world as good for him, while someone unlucky is someone pessimistic. It's more a matter of faith than a matter of external events. Now, for Will rolls, I fully do agree with Colin. But slightly differently. To my mind, there are two kinds of will. The POW based one: you want and you are sure it will happen like that (I resist my urge to eat that choc
  13. Yes. GURPS sounds strange ... But, as it is said in its rules, it was originally a joke, a code word to describe the game while Steve Jackson was designing it and searching for a better name. But he never found a better one. I fully do agree with Mankcam. A new edition of the BRP, more consistent (and consistent with the 7th edition of Cthulhu) would be welcome. Having said that, I don't think that changing the name would be a good idea. People know that the BRP is Chaosium's Roleplaying game, and it does exist since dozens of years. So, going on with that history is the best think to do.
  14. Yes, you're right. I was speaking about guns compared with other kinds of weapons ... Revolver, medium, 1D8; Longbow, 1D8+1+½db. Sorry for not having clarified it They could be named "simulators" because they give plausible results for a fictional story, yes. But they are not simulators in that their purpose is not calculating what would really happen, like scientific simulators would do it. Light club, 1D6+db. Pistol, medium, 1D8. In reality, a medium pistol is far much more dangerous than a light club. Especially when dealing with armors. Yes, I fully do agree here. But you a
  15. Sorry if I repeat what has already been said (I just read this thread diagonally) but, in my humble opinion, magic can perfectly be sufficient to face modern weapons. Just think about well used spells like Control, Dark, Invisibility, Lightning, Seal, Unseal, Teleport and so on. It could really surprise and disorganize a modern military squad. Especially if the monsters use these spells in a vile and treacherous manner.
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