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    Started with AD&D 2nd edition and carried on from there! Fondness for fantasy settings and games with a narrative flair. New-ish to Glorantha and Runequest, entered via Dragon Pass and have been enjoying the journey ever since.
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    These are my go-to's at the moment:

    Other Worlds
    The One Ring
    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
    Stars Without Number & Silent Legions

    Looking forward to Runequest in Glorantha!
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    United Kingdom
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    Social work student, guitarist, aikidoka. Keen interest in spirituality, magic, heroic mythology & narrative, Jungian archetypes, Campbellian monomyth and their application in SW practice.

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  1. Pendraig

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Thank you Greg for leading the way into the realms of Glorantha, and beyond. Thoughts and condolences to Greg's family and friends at this sad time. May Orlanth walk beside you on the next step of the hero's journey.