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    First game system was D&D3.5 in my teens, moved to Pathfinder instead of 4e. Been mostly playing Pathfinder and RuneQuest since.
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    Currently GM an RQG game centered on New Pavis & the Rubble in 1625 starring a morokanth, troll sorcerers, and a Praxian herder in way over his head.

    Longest character was a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It's set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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    Southern Minnesota
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    I'm an aspiring writer, currently in school online for my MFA.

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  1. Hah, wow! I thought I was luckily on the early end for getting discount code before seeing official word . How's the dead Aldryami edition looking?
  2. Looking forward to these a lot. Thanks again, Rick, for making it happen. I've been wanting a physical copy of the GC Pavis & Big Rubble for a while, and it looks like these RQ2 reprints will be perfect for armchair reading. I hope the POD process proves to be financially satisfying, as well as making some fans happy. I've been wondering, as you share pictures of your collection - do you have a favorite item? Is it even possible for you to name just one? I imagine it's a little like asking a bibliophile what their favorite book is...
  3. (I'd meant myself as Dishonorable, since I'm not supposed to participate... )
  4. Ain't there supposed to be a time limit on this thing? I know I'm ineligible for neato prizes as a sponsor of the contest, but are y'all interested in entries for Dishonorable Mention? Popped in my head recently, and with the extended deadline, I'm considering muddling something together...
  5. Speaking as a Minnesotan, yep, accurate. My experience compared to when I lived on the east coast (and a few hundred miles further south) is that it's more that our summers are shorter, rather than more mild. Maybe by 5 or so degrees, but anything above 90 is still pretty beastly. And then add humidity... Ugh.
  6. I'm in a similar spot to Nick - playtesting for the JC, a curse-breaking adventure tentatively titled "The Fouled Earth". We haven't played in a while due to life stuff, but with the lockdown we initially kept consistent games over Discord. Prior to this adventure, I ran my players through "Gloomwillow's Hollow" from The Pegasus Plateau. Believe my co-GM has a hunting interlude planned next, and after I'm planning to run "The Pairing Stones" (again from TPP) since I found a couple nasty little plot hooks for my group's Bison tribe adventurer... Oh, and at some point they need to go kill K
  7. Bear hands are an unsanctioned building material, please visit your local Gold Mostali representative for a mandatory re-education session.
  8. August's MOTM, Storm Rams, is now available on DriveThruRPG! Filling the Air from horizon to horizon, the noble Storm Rams are a new spirit for your game of RuneQuest. They are the embodiment of rain-giving clouds, found anywhere throughout Glorantha. Included in this supplement are: A description of what the Orlanthi believe about these spirits The bestiary detailing storm rams, lightning rams, cloud sheep, and advice on how to create your own unique, more powerful variations One minor magic item—the heat-relieving Mistwool An alternative perspective from Prax, in
  9. Wonderful, I'm happy to hear that. Need me a physical copy of Pavis/Big Rubble, at the minimum. Thank you. Will these be available only on Lulu, or on DTRPG as well?
  10. Copper's 50, Silver's 100, Electrum's 250, and Gold's 500. According to this article and DTRPG's own numbers, most products never even hit Copper.
  11. Crel

    What is canon?

    Well, so long as it's not impacting my SAN...
  12. Crel

    What is canon?

    I know. And I do appreciate it, sincerely, when you're able to take time and share information with us. I'm aware it's not a trivial task. My comments are equally emotional responses, as much as they are rational statements. Perhaps heavier on the sentimental side; I experience frustration when I ask a question, and someone just goes "Oh, YGMV. Easy, you don't have questions anymore, right?" That's part of why I, and people like me, want to have things written in stone. Another complication is this expectation that because Glorantha is detailed, Glorantha is detailed. It's a setting
  13. I can only speak for myself, but I'm happy hearing that it exists, and is still being worked on. That's good news to hear. Something like Forgotten Realms' Drizzt novels, or Warhammer 40K's Black Library would be really cool to read. The main fiction I'm aware of is the Griselda stories from the 80's (although I think there's other stuff out there?). The Rough Guide to Glamour has some short stories/fictive elements too, which are pretty good. Much more accessible than things like King of Sartar. The Queen's Heir by John Boyle began life as a Glorantha novel, although the set
  14. Crel

    What is canon?

    This is a huge piece of it for me, too. Seconded. I know I can change whatever I want for my campaign. But I want to be able to use new books that come out. If I've YGMV'd unintentionally, there's little to getting new material Chaosium publishes if my goal is to pick up published adventures/campaigns for ease of use at the table. To some extent, the "You can do whatever you want! Wonder of YGMV!" line of expression is tiresome because that's what the customer's paying for when they buy an RPG supplement. Someone else to do the hard work of worldbuilding, so we can sit down and ju
  15. No clue, sorry. I don't have Elder Races or the RQ3 Glorantha bestiary, just the core box, and only lately been acquiring some of the later books for collection/reference purposes.
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