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    Currently GM an RQG game centered on New Pavis & the Rubble in 1625 starring a morokanth, troll sorcerers, and a Praxian herder in way over his head.

    Longest character was a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It's set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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  1. That sounds heretically close to being "spend an hour each day with your spellbook" mister...
  2. That's exciting to hear. There's something special about physical copies IMO. I was wondering when everything I could find publicly indicated no POD for DTRPG community content.
  3. Notes, not necessarily in a particular order... My first impression is that this cult is strong. Perhaps stronger than a regional minor cult. I think I get that impression from the strength of Earth Spear and Raise Earth, but another notable element is that the cult gets access to both Heal Body and Shield through associate cults. (A combination which IIRC only Orlanth has direct RP access to otherwise.) That makes the cult very attractive to adventurers, even if some of the other spells don't have as much adventurer relevance. I'm unclear on if the raised stone remains after casting Raise Earth; I'm pretty sure it does, but because the spell has the temporal tag that makes me wonder if it lasts only fifteen minutes, then recesses into the ground. Earth Spear strikes me as really strong. I think the core concept of 1/2 current HP as damage is really powerful; I'm not certain if it's more powerful than 3 RP or not. It helps that the spell is nonstackable and therefore not viable for use with Extension. It might be simpler to say damage equal to half CON, so you don't need to muck about with bonus HP and things like Vigor. However, that does also improve an already strong spell. I did follow that link to the other thread, but among my first reactions to this cult writeup was "okay, but who is Gerendetho?" Developing a short explanatory paragraph or two would improve the writeup, especially if you plan to offer it to players. Does Gerendetho have Rune Lords? Thus far, my impression is of a warlike cult also concerned with fertility things. Likewise, the spirit magic selection is also very good, as a player adventurer. You have your debuff/POW Gain spell, healing, protection, damage buff, and HP buff, all in one cult. Plus, Detect Life is another great utility spell as an adventurer (even if it does give your position away). I feel like I don't know if this is meant to represent a major or a minor cult. My gut would say minor cult from what I skimmed in the other thread, but your writeup, to me, presents a cult and deity of a fairly substantial power and quantity of worship. Maybe not a major deity like Orlanth, but about as significant, perhaps, as Waha or Storm Bull. In that measurement I haven't run any specific numbers, but I'm rather eyeballing both the quantity and quality of Gerendetho's Rune spells against my memory of what spells those cults have access to. For example, IIRC Waha has small Earth elementals (from Eiritha) and Shield, but doesn't have an obvious "offense" spell like Earth Spear and further is restricted in his access to Heal. So Gerendetho seems to me in my mindset as a player to have more attractive war or "adventure" magic than the main god of the Praxians.
  4. Crel


    I think part of the challenge, then, is that for many folks around here the primary experience of pre-RQG Pavis is with Sor-Eel running the show, not Halcyon. I'm more distant from the canon than a lot of RuneQuest players, but a sort of semi-benevolent despotism is the image of Lunar Pavis which was in my mind from skimming Big Rubble & Pavis a while back when I started my game. Not good rulership, not compassionate, but far, far better than things were seventy-odd miles west. I got much the same image from my more thorough read of Borderlands & Beyond from Duke Raus; didn't want to be here, didn't like the people and surroundings, but overall wasn't that bad a bloke. From my perspective, I feel like historically a lot of the Pavis/Prax background has the Lunars as culturally antagonistic, but not automatically villainous.
  5. Crel


    FWIW every time I read an Argrath thread, it reinforces my personal opinion that he's actually just a Trickster who dumbasses his way to ever-greater success. I started my RQG campaign in Sea 1625, right after the fall of Pavis, with the players as members of the White Bull Horde or otherwise affiliated. I wrote up a little bit of prose to summarize, and definitely got a bit of player shock at the violence involved. For My Glorantha, there was a lot of murderin'. As I saw it, pretty much anyone who initiated to the Seven Mothers, at a minimum. Mass executions in the square, blood flowing down the streets for weeks. Almost French Revolution in hindsight, with the celebration of slaughtering Lunars. And then I juxtaposed that with a NPC Trickster in Argrath's employ pulling a Monty Python bit on them. Ultimately, my players seemed more interested in the Rubble-diving stuff than being "we're big bad Argrathi!" so I used the tension between Belvani & Vega Goldbreath, and the continued extermination of Lunar centers of power at Raus Fort and Corflu as background info for what's going on in broader Prax over the next few seasons (after Argrath's failed assault on New Lunar Temple in Fire season, of course). @Glorion, if you're in Pavis in early 1626, here's sort of the way I'm playing it in my game (we've just hit the end of Sea 1626): Pavis & Prax are in a state of uneasy quiet. The Lunars are gone, and a lot of the good things have gone with them. Notably trade, which has especially hurt Corflu (one of my players runs an Issaries merchant, and has started helping by establishing an Issaries shrine & market in the port town), and though there's some trade from Adari/Dagori Inkarth and Sartar, that whole area's also sort of holding its breath and waiting for Pharandros's hammer to fall during this summer's campaigning season. Argrath was going to march on Sartar, but after his failed attack on NLT (and Kallyr's success with the Dragonrise), I sort of have him "playing" at king in Pavis. He doesn't really want to rule Pavis, but there's a new Prince of Sartar and it'd be counter-productive to instigate a civil war by asserting his claim while his army's still a bit tattery. I've generally not focused on the day-to-day stuff (so a lot of the grit and grimy detail presented in the old RQ2 Pavis material--gangs, miscreants, bully soldiers, etc.--doesn't come up in my game), but in general I have Pavis's state as struggling, but not sinking. A lot of the population was slain after Argrath's conquest, but a lot of the population also wasn't. After all, a good portion was Sartarite, and although the White Bulls weren't merciful to Orlanthi "traitors" who worked with the Lunars, they also weren't really interested in killing other folks. As that vid notes, there'll be a power vacuum when Argrath's folks leave Pavis, but at the moment they've pretty cleanly filled the place the Lunars occupied. TL,DR: I figure the basic mood is "Sure was nice of good ol' King Argrath to kill those snooty Lunars and cut taxes in half, but I do sort of wish he'd take all his smelly Praxian nomads and go out noming a bit, y'know?"
  6. It's my document; had it printed to permit a more detailed typo hunt and formatting check. Gotcha. Was wondering because in the image, it looks bound rather than my usual stack o' sheets.
  7. 1) How did you get it printed? Looks good, from what I can see from the photo. 2) What're the rules regarding printed works from the JC? IIRC DriveThruRPG's EULA forbids works in a community content program being sold in other venues & media; do you have another way of offering a print product, or is that just a personal physical copy?
  8. Jeez, those are really good. You're making me feel self-conscious!
  9. I don't really have any advice to give which the other fine folks around here haven't said, but I'd just like to chime in and reassure that you're not alone in feeling this way . I often say "most detailed" fantasy setting over "best" fantasy setting to describe Glorantha for a reason. I've been playing an RQG campaign for about a year now (and about a year in-game, too!) and it's a devil of a thing to organize a house campaign such that, if and when cool new canon-fitting scenarios are published, I'll be able to slot them in and finally stop writing as much material on my own. Now, this is doable. I promise. But there's other gamemasters getting Gloranthan brain-cramps out there too.
  10. Would you be willing to describe that a bit more for me? Or point me toward where I should read myself? Reflecting, I can see how that's plausible, but I didn't receive that impression from RQG, or generally from most Glorantha stuff I've read (which admittedly hasn't been about Gloranthan shamanism). My impression that shaman="cult shaman" largely comes from the use of a cult as descriptor in scenarios, etc. E.g. Daka Fal shaman, Mallia shaman, and so on. Although now that I think on it, maybe the shaman in the quickstart wasn't? I can't recall; I haven't run that adventure.
  11. There are non-cult shamans? 🤨
  12. Yep. Speaking as a GM using, more or less, RQG's magic rules as written, it can be a right pain in the arse. I've printed out the one-page calendar from the PDF in the GM's Screen Pack for each player, and that does help them keep track of their holy days, somewhat. The other challenge is that if an adventurer is trying to optimize their access to and use of Rune magic, then the "one adventure per season" paradigm RQG encourages breaks down. For example, I can't just narrate "Weeks pass, and it grows hot as the world turns to Fire Season, when a mysterious courier comes to Pavis..." because my Issaries merchant player will go "hang on hang on hang on! I've got weekly holy days, and I want to be poking around each week to see if there's any new opportunities to Spell Trade with my bonus 1D6 Rune points on those weeks!" So my game process at-table has instead become something more like "Death Week, anyone doing something? Okay, moving to Harmony Week," etc. between adventures. @weasel fierce My old RQ3 game didn't really use much Rune magic—I was a sorcerer-knight, and we had a couple other sorcerers and a shaman for support, plus one lonely theist—but I'd say the play experience of using Rune points is really fun. It's both strong and flexible. However, I do agree that something a bit more slow and granular than RQG would best fit my taste, both in terms of starting skills as well as in terms of magic access. In hindsight, if I were to re-start a campaign with new rules & norms, I'd really like to try implementing some of @soltakss's suggestions above. Probably have adventurers start without "free" Rune points, but eligible to become initiates if they meet the skill requirements. Probably have to buy the common spells (maybe each cult would have one or two for free, instead of the whole gamut), and initiates only able to replenish their Rune points on a seasonal holy day. Fortunately, if you like the RQ3 engine better (and I do as well in several places) IMHO it's not too difficult to tack RQG's Rune magic and cults on top. I'm not quite convinced that D100 games are as modular as some folks claim they are, but in this case it seems pretty cut-and-paste to me. If, of course, that would suit your table and Your Glorantha.
  13. @Smokebadger do you use these mostly for Roll20, or do you print them out and use them for at-tableplay? In any case, they look really good!
  14. I'm gonna take y'all's example as an excuse to spoiler my own work's cover. Blurb: Winter Descends on Dragon Pass! When the child Rolf goes missing after a blizzard, his parents Rastolf and Serla grow frantic. They come to the village of Apple Lane begging for help from any who will listen. They come seeking any who will brave the wind and snow of winter to find a little boy. They come seeking adventurers. The search will lead adventurers to a mysterious cave, known to locals as the Throat of Winter for the howling winds which blow forth. Inside, they face a terror from before the Dawn—Krampus. In this Gloranthan take on Scandinavian myth, the adventurers will find their bravery and Loyalty tested as they decide how best to protect Apple Lane from the demon’s predation. This site-based adventure is intended to provide one to three sessions of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha play for four to six beginning to intermediate adventurers. While it is integrated into the Colymar campaign provided in Chaosium’s Gamemaster Screen Pack, this adventure is designed for use in any Dragon Pass campaign.
  15. Don't worry, most of mine are too. @Dissolv, lovely work with those minis! They look really good. My favorite from Mad Knight's line are probably the broo, because there's such a diversity of animals involved. In particular, the elephant and the bison broo are fun. The one problem I've had is that some minis have uneven bottoms, making standing them upright tricksy.
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