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    First game system was D&D3.5 in my teens, moved to Pathfinder instead of 4e. Been mostly playing Pathfinder and RuneQuest since.
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    Currently GM an RQG game centered on New Pavis & the Rubble in 1625 starring a morokanth, troll sorcerers, and a Praxian herder in way over his head.

    Longest character was a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It's set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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    I'm an aspiring writer, currently in school online for my MFA.

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  1. What, vaguely, did you have in mind? My mind was moving toward basically trying to make D&D 5E, BRP-style. I know, I know, blasphemy. But doing something with a simple, playable core centered around standard medieval fantasy tropes, which focuses on building upon the SRD (and no matter what doesn't remove parts, for maximum compatibility). I make the comparison to 5E because that's my impression of the system—an efficient and complete, albeit setting-less, engine. If I can steal some time from other projects during my upcoming weekend, I'll write up and post a brainstorm & outline document. (@g33k see, us kids can play nice together .)
  2. I did this too for our most recent session (although our dicebot isn't homemade). Everyone took their paper sheets home after our last in-person session, and I have a scanner and have just been scanning bad sketches up for various locales or personages, or occasionally screen-shotting from other stuff. But, we haven't had to do combat yet.
  3. I've got a handful of mental notes for outlining an "OpenBRP: Fantasy" which I might type up and post. I've been waiting to see if there's more expressed interest in doing such a project before putting time and energy into it.
  4. For those of you who have purchased Night of the Quacking Dead, or any other issue of my Monster of the Month series: To celebrate the third month in a row that Monster of the Month has become a Copper Bestseller on DriveThruRPG, I've just uploaded a preview on DriveThruRPG of a forthcoming larger project, Treasures of Glorantha Volume One: Dragon Pass. This is a new, intermittent, series that provides magic treasures, secrets, and gamemaster advice to enrich your game of RuneQuest. The inaugural volume lays eyes on Dragon Pass and describes thirty magic items found throughout the region, plus three longer articles for player and gamemaster use. The preview describes four items: the Bones of Luck & Death, Hippoi's Feather, Icola Seeds, and the dread (and stinky) Ompaga's Beard. On DriveThruRPG, you should be able to find the preview in "Updated Titles" on your account under "My Library." As always, thanks so much for your support. I'm utterly humbled that so many people are interested in these little supplements.
  5. If I were to re-start my campaign, this is what I'm most likely to try. I haven't played Mythras, but I think its structure looks really interesting, and it seems fairly easy to me to bolt Passions, Runes, and RQG's magic systems onto a Mythras foundation. Of course, we'd have to then see what changes while we play. (Historically, it's always lots of stuff.)
  6. I felt unsure if I was in agreement here, considering the Vinga sub-cult is still in the game. But I think this is a case where it's more that I'm unfamiliar with previous iterations of Glorantha than that I'd say "that's inaccurate!"
  7. How long does layout usually take on Chaosium's products? Are you able/willing to comment? I've been curious about what it looks like from a professional perspective since I started doing it for my Jonstown Compendium stuff.
  8. I'm not interested in discussing the license in this thread (considering there's plenty of space and ongoing debate in the other BRP OGL threads), but rather potential solutions the community could provide.
  9. I recently watched the 2019 Western Badland on Netflix, and while I wouldn't say it's a great film, the main character, Matthias Breecher, is nearly a perfect example of a Humakti. Stoic, badass, and intensely honorable. Blurb: "Gunslinging detective Matthias Breecher is hired by one of the first African American senators to track down the worst of the Confederate war criminals. As he traverses the titular hellish badlands seeking justice, his resolve is tested when he meets a determined pioneer woman who is far more than she seems." Plot spoilers:
  10. Yeah, I figure as much as possible would be pulled from BGB, while avoiding plagiarism.
  11. Here's my suggestion: let's put a more robust SRD together ourselves, under the BRP OGL. Organize it by theme and/or genre packs, like "OpenBRP: Fantasy", "OpenBRP: Space Opera", "OpenBRP: Wuxia", "OpenBRP: Western", and so on. Use the base of the BRP SRD, and try making something which a new designer could come along, and use to create their own RPG & setting. They wouldn't be official, but they could at least provide a collective base ground within a genre to work from. So Fantasy having a core simple magic system, Space Opera having core rules for space ships & combat, and so on. Basically bolting the rules necessary for basic genre tropes onto Chaosium's SRD, then checking to make sure it isn't substantially similar to one of their products. (Note: I'm not necessarily claiming I have the design chops and knowledge to do this, or the management skills to organize this, or the time and energy to do so... but I'd be willing to try if needed, and certainly willing to help put together an "OpenBRP: Fantasy" SRD.)
  12. Be careful, or else we'll end up somehow with Elder Scrolls XXVI: Genertela featuring broo on no-clip and Thomas the Tank Engine modded in for the Crimson Bat!
  13. Thanks for re-confirming, Jeff. "Substantially similar" is a concept I still feel kind of squishy about, if that makes sense, but I appreciate you and @MOB clarifying it.
  14. I've confirmed with MOB over in the BRP OGL questions thread that the following simple system qualifies as "not substantially similar" to RuneQuest's spirit magic. So, it seems to me that you can make something which will play fairly close to how BRP's simple magic typically feels, without violating the prohibited content clause. For the record, anyone can make use of the following in BRP OGL work. In case that wasn't explicitly stated by me posting it publicly.
  15. @Puckohue I like your mechanic in this for entering the heroquest. It's much simpler than anything I would have come up with, and that's almost certainly for the best.
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