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    First game system was D&D3.5 in my teens, moved to Pathfinder instead of 4e. Been mostly playing Pathfinder and RuneQuest since.
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    I'm currently playing a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It's set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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  1. Crel

    The cost for enchanting weapon

    You get an iron sword! And you get an iron sword! Iron swords for everyone! Oprah the Trickster? I'm into it.
  2. Crel

    Narl's Apple Lane Campaign Report

    That was the thrust of my thought too, on the complexity of the encounter. I imagined a bison, Stone Woman, adventurers, and then like twenty cows all crowded onto the board at once
  3. Crel

    Narl's Apple Lane Campaign Report

    How did you end up running this encounter? It sounds fun and exciting, but also complex, with cows and warriors and a Stone Woman all over the place. About how long did the combat take?
  4. Crel

    The cost for enchanting weapon

    Enchant Iron is a one-use Rune spell, and all of the Rune enchantments are locked to God-Talkers, Priests, and Rune Lords only. So it'll probably be pretty hard to get it enchanted (without GM fiat, anyway). My suggestion is that your player could have it forged into the desired weapon by a skilled redsmith (I don't think RQG really has a distinction in different types of smithing... yet, anyway), and then the enchantment might be a reward for completing a big quest or service for a temple. That is, unless they become a Rune Lord or Priest and enchant it on their own. It's going to cost a point of POW for whoever casts it, so it's a non-trivial spell.
  5. Crel

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    Toss my Wish in on the Lunars, too. There's lots and lots of gods & goddesses in that space I'd love to see in more detail. Also, the Lunar Colleges of Sorcery!
  6. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Thanks! I figured it was adequately bizarre and nonsensical. I intend to use her as a recurring character (though I don't know if she'll always be doing a Python bit)... I've got portions of the Classics line, but well... reading time is limited at some point. It's also challenging for me because I can skim a lot of material in hard copy (I got the paperback of Borderlands & Beyond and it's wonderful) but it's harder for me on laptop. Would love a POD of some of that out-of-print material... 😉 And @Darius West thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Is Gorakik(i) a troll deity/troll cult? I'm not familiar with the term.
  8. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    We had our second session (our first "real" session, moving beyond adventurer creation) this evening (Tuesday, November 13th). I thought it went pretty well. We started with finishing up adventurer creation (mostly discussing Rune magic and Rune points), and we've added one adventurer to the group: Derket: I don't remember exactly how the player spelled/pronounced this one, but it was something like this. He's a Food caste trollkin (of his own choice, though I do have a D10 table made up for determining caste) who worships Argan Argar. Derket got dragged into the conquest of New Pavis by Beowulf--the previously-unnamed human worshiping Zorak Zoran. Beowulf is his master, and Derket took a lovely blend of Fear and Hate Passions centered on humans and trolls due to his caste. He rolled max SIZ (a 6 on 1D6+6), and then gained +2 from his primary Darkness Rune, making him a SIZ 14 trollkin! He's the third-biggest in the party, though I ruled that's more bulk than actual height. Beowulf may be fattening him up... The adventurers started in the outer hall of a half-destroyed building, which once housed the Lunar bureaucrats governing New Pavis. They've come because word has spread that Argrath seeks adventurers to aid him in his crusade against the Red Moon. But the hall is mostly empty, except for a tanned, black-haired woman. She invited them to sit, introduce themselves, and then "interviewed" the adventurers while making notes on a wax tablet. (I stole a bit from Monty Python for this.) Eventually the trollkin broke down sobbing in the corner. When an older man entered she fled, cackling. This was Sir Narib who (for better or worse) has ended up in a position similar to chancellor for King Argrath. Sir Narib revealed that the woman was Argrath's Trickster, Elusu, and apologized for her actions. He made note of their names as potential members for the Expedition into the Big Rubble in a few weeks, and asked if they could help with some busy-work in the meantime. When they agreed, Sir Narib introduced the party to Jevona Sithert, a peddler of Pavis County and initiate of Issaries. She's been robbed by trolls twice in the last few weeks. Each time they waylaid her cart near dusk, threatened her with spears, and then swiped her donkeys. Upset, she's come complaining to the new King (which really means she's complained to Sir Narib) and now Pavis's new rulers have passed the buck on to the adventurers. Each time, the thefts took place near the small farming community of Blueflower Village, about two days north of New Pavis. So, next session the adventurers will be on their way north, to investigate for signs of troll bandits. Thanks for all the comments/suggestions/discussion, everyone. I love seeing all the thoughts and ideas! That being said I've inevitably got some more questions (especially for the uzko out there). My Zorak Zorani heavy cavalryman has the Ride (Beetle) skill since it seemed interesting, but all the beetles big enough to mount (SIZ & STR 26+) seem really strong in comparison to the equivalent human mounts. We're currently saying that his beetle was slain during the battles with the Lunars & when conquering New Pavis--he rode in a ZZ mercenary company--but he's reasonably wanting to "replace" it. I'm of the mind that whatever the story, a riding beetle feels like something he should earn, but I don't think I want to force him to wait until Rune Lord (I'm thinking it would be a fun host for an allied spirit). Does anyone have suggestions for good beetles, or what a good cost would be if he tried purchasing one? I haven't seen any market info on them listed in the Bestiary.
  9. Crel

    The Silence Spell

    Hrm, good point. Perhaps just removal of ENC penalty as default, with GM discretion on more interesting effects. That kind of makes sense from a game balance perspective--after all, it's only one MP.
  10. Crel

    The Silence Spell

    I feel like the minimalist approach to the description is that Silence removes the ENC penalty to Move Quietly rolls for its duration, or perhaps other penalties similar to "the clank of plate armor while its wearer tries to hide in shadows." It could feasibly also apply to other sound-affiliated Stealth checks, like Hide (because of that sentence). But, that's not very exciting now, is it? I'd probably play it that the opponent only gets a Listen roll if the sneaker fails (no roll on a successful Move Quietly), and on a fumble something significant happens, like knocking over a vase or breaking a branch underfoot.
  11. Crel

    Download section @BRP

    It also might be worth updating the subforum's tagline from "Runequest forum for Chaosium's roleplaying game system, classic editions and the upcoming one" since RQG has, after all, upcame.
  12. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Glorantha Bestiary, p.29 ("Creating a Baboon Adventurer"): According to the entry, baboons worship Daka Fal but call him "Grandfather Baboon."
  13. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    We had our first session this past evening, and did adventurer creation. It seemed to go pretty well; three of my four fairly-certain players were able to attend. Two of them have experience with RQ3 (though I'd call that game a bit Glorantha-lite) and the other has never played D100, but has played Pathfinder for years. Everyone seemed pretty happy with their adventurers. So far we have: Tatonka Watco: A herder of the Bison Tribe who helped manage the herds while Argrath & Co.'s army marched on New Pavis. He eventually ended up choosing the cult of Waha after originally wanting Eiritha. I pointed out that it noted female Praxians only (but offered him the cult anyway) and he declined, wanting to try sticking with the material. He expressed some frustration that he couldn't find an Earth Rune cult which was actively accepting of males, and I couldn't think of any vaguely canon-friendly suggestions on the spot. He seemed bemused and excited that his adventurer basically starts play with a small herd (6 meat bison). Unnamed 1: A heavy cavalry warrior of the Bison Tribe, but who worships Zorak Zoran rather than a conventional deity. This player had played Storm Bull in RQ3 and basically wanted "same but different." The first adventure I have set up involves trolls, so I thought it could be interesting to offer this. So far, he seems really happy with his character--he rolled three 6s for CHA! Which was hilarious and weird--we figured he's big and scary and brutal (CON 19 and SIZ 17) but has that sort of cult-leader, Charles Manson-type appeal to normal folks. He was part of a Zorak Zorani cavalry group (giant beetles!) who joined Argrath's horde in conquering & sacking New Pavis, but has mostly split off from them to pursue his own ambitions (I figure in hopes of gaining enough power to rank higher in troll society). Unnamed 2: A morokanth assistant shaman, who worships his ancestors. We're still working on his story, but I plan to suggest that he's accepted the call to adventure because he's heard stories of Argrath's odd mystical insights (this adventurer has a very high Moon Rune). I'm cribbing the baboons rule about using Beast Rune instead of Man Rune for Daka Fal, since it felt like it fit better with this character--not exactly the savage parts, but very separated from normal society. His favorite food is newtling. Additionally, my fourth wants to play a trollkin because I intentionally described it & set it up as "Hard Mode," and he enjoys a challenge. I plan to introduce him to play as a slave of Unnamed 1 (which he's approved). Beyond that, I rolled up a few NPCs using the same adventurer creation rules for if new players want to step in and try the game out: Shadowpaw: A large, dark-furred baboon shaman who worships Grandfather Baboon. (I'm not entirely sure if he'll be assistant or full shaman, but when I did the [POW+CHA]/2 x5 roll for approval, he succeeded. And, his shaman skills ended up really strong.) He hates humans--especially Praxians who killed most of his mother's troop--but is also strangely fascinated by them. He's adventuring to understand them, perhaps to figure out how to overthrow them and rebuild the Monkey Empire. Garick Ulstor's son: A heavy infantry warrior from Sartar, he joined Argrath's followers shortly after the Battle of Pennel Ford (if I have my battles right). He's kind of my "example standard Orlanthi," who worships Orlanth Adventurous, has good weapon skills, and so on. I'll probably say that Shadowpaw and Garick tag along with the party (just to make the story flow better), but I don't know yet if I'll end up GMPC-ing them; I'd like not to, but it'll depend on how many players are able to make it to sessions, on average. I figure once we're settled a bit into the system I'll let other players run them if needed. I'm running sessions in a game store, so my hope is that I'll have people see the game and be interested in jumping in if I've got the spare characters to offer. Next week, we plan to finalize character choices (and maybe at other points during the week, for those of us who can get together) and start play in New Pavis. My plan is that they're in the city while a party of adventurers is mustering for an expedition into the Rubble, but they get caught up in more mundane issues in the meantime as a local peddler complains to the new "authorities" about having been robbed of her pack donkeys for the second time this season... (Plus this'll give me more time to actually figure out what the heck to do with the Rubble! )
  14. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    This is what my RQ group has done for several years now, and it's worked really well (although not just in the Rubble). We've played a mix of AD&D adventures and old RQ material that my GM has access to. I expect at some point to be doing the same (if only because there's some adventures I'm dying to play, like D&D3.0's Red Hand of Doom). A few of our highlights have been The Lost Shrine of Tamoachan and Castle Amber. There was also one with ghouls in a castle near a village named Vast I liked, but I haven't figured out what module that actually was. I know a module which has caught my eye that I may adapt for RQ is Spire of Iron and Crystal, by Frog God Games, for Pathfinder (and other systems). It looks like a cool way to mimic crazy God Learner technomagic. If you have suggestions for the Rubble, I'd love to hear them .
  15. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    I like this idea, though I find it a bit tricky to work with. It feels like a useful direction to play with. Unexplained and as sudden as lightning. I feel like I'd want to emphasize that it's sudden and unexplained for the other NPCs, too. I tend to be of the school that "If an NPC can do something, a PC should plausibly be able to do it (even if it requires obscene time and effort)." That being said, I do find this useful as a way of thinking about how Argrath acts. Rather than "this is bigger and cooler Rune magic," just "Look, he's being Jesus, okay? It's a miracle. You've got no freaking clue." Conceptually, I feel like this puts it in a different category than "normal" magic. This is really helpful, thank you. I'm playing pre-Dragonrise (but only by a few seasons), but this definitely gives me some material to work with. My understanding of the (New) Pavis & Prax relationship was somewhat antagonistic, but not open warfare. I had no idea the Zebra Riders once were the Royal Guard, though I did know in passing they were a major faction in the Rubble. I wish I could get a physical copy of Pavis & Big Rubble; I find it hard to skim PDFs for tidbits and I don't really have the time to sit down and read that one . I really like the idea of "in the name of Argrath!" while he's off in Sartar. These are probably areas where I'm going to drift into YGMV because I find it more interesting. I see Fort Raus surviving to some degree simply because walls are good against nomads, especially if (in my Glorantha) Argrath's focused on stuff other than mopping up random Lunar farmers (and I'll just YGMV-assume it was Argrath & Jaldon who knocked down the New Pavis walls against the Lunar garrison). Corflu's also smaller than I had thought it was, as I keep reading material. Of course, the Praxians want to clear out the valley, but I think it might provide the PCs some interesting choices about mass-slaughtering peasants. Eh, I'll figure it out. It's in a similar vein that I'm seeing a period where Argrath (or rather, his followers) wants to consolidate control of New Pavis. I just see "king by conquest" providing more interesting stories and options than "and everyone liked him and was happy and ate cake." (Largely joking there.) This is also incredibly helpful for me, thank you. The White Bull Society is something I've struggled with understanding--as it's usually just mentioned, rather than explained--and I appreciate this. I think I will go with the "Argrath fathered White Bull with Eiritha" just because again, it's a way to describe Argrath's power in a concrete, but basically untouchable way. "The dude conceived with a goddess, okay?" Even if this is a cult secret from the start of play. Didn't know they had cars in the bronze age...