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    First game system was D&D3.5 in my teens, moved to Pathfinder instead of 4e. Been mostly playing Pathfinder and RuneQuest since.
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    I'm currently playing a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It's set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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  1. Crel

    Balancing combat encounters

    Borderlands & Beyond is great, and still has copies in dead elf, if you're like me and enjoy having a book to riffle through. (Would love a physical Pavis & Big Rubble for under $100...) The easiest solution to this, though, is probably to check out the scenarios at the back of the book in the new Gamemaster Screen Pack, since that's intended for beginning adventurers. I've only read one of the scenarios--the dragon one because c'mon, dragon--but it looked pretty solid. I forget who said it, but one of the pieces of advice over on the Gamemaster thread made the good point to be careful about big bad boss monsters. A human-sized, higher-skilled opponent is a better match to the party (maybe with better gear & some spirits, too?) than one larger a lot of the time because of how damage modifiers work. That's what makes a lot of animals so nasty (Hellooo, bison charge attacks...). Another important factor in weighing combats is action economy. It's less significant in RQG because of the new parry rules, but one dude versus the party eventually is just going to run out of parries, dodges, etc and start taking hits. I've been playing a sorcerer-knight in full plate (RQ3, where bronze plate is 8AP, +1 for cloth layering, +armoring enchants) and depending on the gear and numbers you use in your game, it is possible to reach the point that average damage doesn't do a lot. But it's always going to wear someone down. A boss who only can either heal or attack is in a tight spot. Our game's pretty heavy on dungeon crawls. My experience with it is that keeping encounters frequent but combat encounters sparse is the most fun. The most fun encounters for me are ones with a mix of opponents doing different stuff. A dark troll leader accompanied by four or five trollkin is pretty classic, and a solid fight for beginning adventurers. (Though, might need to beef them up a little since RQG starts at a pretty serious power boost from previous editions, to my perspective. Probably just better gear, not skills.) As for treasure, I've found that most often there will be a few coins, a few fancy things to loot, and that most often the opponents' gear is the best thing to get. Right of conquest, etc.
  2. Crel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    I do honestly think the OP has a point here. I agree with others that the OP post was... a bit belligerent? but I did raise my eyebrows a bit at some of the content in the book. Now, I want to remark that I do not think RQG is pornographic, and I do think it is done tastefully, and in a way which at least feels aesthetically representative of ancient cultures. (At least, of the Classical Greece that I've got some small expertise regarding. Hard to say for sure for me if it represents the Bronze Age, since Glorantha's seems more honestly a "Bronze" Age to me when compared to Earth.) The art throughout is beautiful, and it's a huge part of why I like RQG. I haven't felt so excited about an RPG's presentation since the ostentatious spell-tome aesthetic of D&D 3.5, when I first started playing. However, if one of the goals of RQG is to spread itself to a wider, newer audience, I do think this art holds it back in that goal. It doesn't matter how stupid or parochial or patriarchal or subjective the opinions are, but a book with nudity (at least in the American market) is going to find less audience than one without. I struggle to imagine the game store in my area leaving RQG just laying out on shelves for people to browse through, when I ponder it, because some little kid will see a titty and some mother will start shouting and it's just not worth the trouble. The distinction here isn't the content. The content, honestly, isn't important. What matters is the context. The Venus de Milo is in a museum--therefore it's Art. A statue in the center of the town park, or a college campus, is set up specifically to say "This Is Art." Because of the legacy of the eighties and gaming's reputation (thank you Dark Dungeons...) nudity in a gaming book comes across as smut. Not because of the quality or sensitivity (or lack thereof) but because it is in an RPG book. I reckon that we can all more or less agree that RQG more or less doesn't involve content we believe is upsetting. I don't think the conversation about what is/isn't appropriate is productive, but I do feel like a conversation about what aesthetic choices will best help RQG grow is productive. Maybe I'm totally wrong about the American market--I'd certainly like to be mistaken. But I don't think I am. Reminds me of a certain book which was only hinted at within a certain game by a certain Ken Rolston... "The Lusty Argonian Maid," I believe it was called. Careful--I'm not sure this is a promise Chaosium can keep!
  3. Crel

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    So true. I'm currently playing in a long-term Lunar campaign. IMHO Glorantha is at its coolest when the setting steps away from Orlanthi=Good, Lunar=Bad into actual culture clash and wars. Just because the setting privileges the Orlanthi as heroes doesn't mean the Lunars (even when fighting for standard Lunar things) can't be heroic.
  4. I haven't had issues as significant as you, but I recall some loading and viewing lag when checking out the map PDFs. I think I experienced this on more than just the Colymar Clans map, but I'd need to double-check.
  5. Crel

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    I know I've definitely felt paralyzed to add or change Glorantha, even when I've felt like the idea has merit. In part, this is because the Guide exists (even though I don't own it/haven't read it). There's a mixed bag of "oh cool, so much content!" and "oh jeez, I'll never be able to fit my site-based adventure into it" for me. I reckon advice from non-design GMs encouraging YGMV is good. As for my contribution... The Conrad Principle: Read your adventure material more than once. If time allows, multiple readings will let you internalize the NPCs and story. This in turn lets your adventures play more fluidly, without need to pause the action to review a room or NPC's description. I've found about two full readings before the adventure's first session is the right amount. This lets you know the story and the greater context of each scene and site. I usually skim what content I expect to play just before the session, too.
  6. Crel

    Worship and Magic Points

    This point has some merit, but I must ask: Is this reflected in the text of RQG? Without searching, I can't recall anything describing such. For many cults--especially the big ones like Orlanth and Ernalda--those enemy clans would be worshiping at the same time, since holy days are only certain days. Are enemy clans really a big concern on holy day worship? Of course, this doesn't impact a broo raids, evil spirits attacking, etc. On the note of cows, do the Orlanthi religions have specifics of what's required for animal sacrifices? Ex. in Hesiod there's the story that Prometheus talked the gods into accepting the inedible portions of the sacrifice, turning a sacrifice basically into a nice meat dinner for the humans. Is this the case in Dragon Pass, too?
  7. Crel

    Physics of Runes

    Drawing the Runes could be a neat aspect to play with, fluff-wise, or as the foundation for a homebrewed school of sorcery. I'm thinking something kinda like AonDor (spelling?) in Brandon Sanderson's Elantris, where the Elantrians use magic by sketching Aon runes in the air. (Pic is some of the Aons used.) Might be hard to put to tabletop as a sorcery system, but some food for thought (for me, anyway). Modular systems are super cool, but I've found they tend to be clunky in use. But I can totally see a warrior making a quick cross while casting Bladesharp, or finishing an Ignite spell with the dot at the center of the Fire/Sky Rune, as part of the casting description.
  8. Crel

    GM Pack and Iron Rune Metal

    Looks like simple writer oversight. Good spot. I'd go mention it over on the Tribal Edit thread.
  9. Crel

    Lunar PC rune magic in RQG Sartar?

    On the contrary, I see this working perfectly! "Excuse me, it's the Red Moon, not the Bloody Moon. Freaking barbarians. Don't you know it's 1625?" (Yes yes, it'd be some Wane number but I can't be arsed.) On a less humorous note, I'm a bit confused here. I'm looking back at my PDF of the core, "Replenishing Rune Points" on p.315, and it reads to me like you've got to be participating in one of the cult activities listed to replenish RP. Sanctify just seems to make a "temporary temple" (but I also don't understand how long it lasts?). I feel like I'm missing something really obvious in this. And I'd love to see some weird sorcery/Rune Magic shenanigans, when we get a proper Lunar supplement! They are the religion of breaking the rules after all! (So who knows if the Core even matters to them...)
  10. Crel

    Becoming a Shaman

    That's hardly charitable--if one of my players spent 24 hours dancing in a cave, I'd definitely give him a bonus at the table! 5, maybe--mayyybe, if he asked nicely--a whole 10%!
  11. Crel

    A Dry Run in Prax

    The issue isn't the variety of options which exist, but the options which exist within RQG. The Prax Homeland focuses mostly on the animal tribes, and the Lunar Tarsh Homeland is focused on... Tarsh. The only Lunar cult offered in the Core is the Seven Mothers. I think the point g33k was making is that RQG doesn't support the Lunars as well as Orlanthi. But OP's blog link indicates he'll just be using Lunar Tarsh adventurers with a soldier occupation, so options aren't super important. I'm guessing there won't be character creation (it is a Con game, after all). Does sound like a cool premise. Hope the game works out well!
  12. Crel

    [RQG] Increasing chance of success with magic

    This makes sense to me. I figure you can still snap out of it to parry and dodge, just because that's the simpler game design answer. Reduce it to one way to augment casting in-combat, and can always stop to parry/dodge, but lose your round(s) spent in the augment. If you wanted to complicate it, I feel like it'd be on-flavor (though IDK about realism & doable on Earth) to have adventurers singing battle hymns to augment casting while in melee, and still ducking, weaving, etc. But that will end up with a more complex, possibly more representative ruleset. I like the idea of the simpler one better. How would you do the ritual time spent with Meditate for spells and prep longer than two rounds? I feel like the tables have to start with the augment bonus, at the very least.
  13. Crel

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    I find adding minis and keeping track of all the odd tactical movement is fun. Extra decisions to make. 100% valid that others don't feel the same way. A lot of my first games were the old GBA Fire Emblem and Advance Wars games before I discovered tabletop, where positioning mattered a lot. Plus board games like Stratego and chess. Most of the people I've played RQ/D&D/etc with have a similar history, or at least are also wargamers (at least 3 of us in my current group have an active interest in Warhammer 40k). I didn't even realize until these threads that RQG dropped RQ3's tactics and facing rules. But it's easy enough to re-introduce the parts I like and leave out the parts I don't.
  14. Crel

    Linked Spell Shenanigans

    Maybe if you did a linked Truesword Rune Spell (from Orlanth) and Fireblade Spirit Magic spell? At least, as a GM I'd allow them to be linked to make an electric-flavored fireblade. Dunno about RAW.
  15. Crel

    Linked Spell Shenanigans

    Speaking of arms races and bendy systems... Running some numbers in my head, and here's an example of what seems to me like the craziest horseshit a Lunar sorcerer could get up to; like, if the Red Emperor wanted to destroy Whitewall without the Crimson Bat type of crazy is what I'm looking for. This isn't exactly a Linked Spell shenanigan, but this thread feels closest to appropriate for munchkinery. Using the interpretation of sorcery inscription (p.390 in Core) that the bonus levels given by extra POW don't cost MP, but even with MP costs just means a bigger MP Matrix is needed, or to cast the spell on Full Moon Day. Assume a max-stat, fanatical sorcerer being directly commanded by the Red Emperor. He has 21 POW and 18 INT, and only has the spell Moonfire (p.396) memorized. He's willing to die for the glory of the Red Moon. He has all four Runes/Techniques required for Moonfire mastered. He creates an inscription of Moonfire with 20 of his POW. This makes an inscription which has a base cost of 4MP (the basic cost of Moonfire) and an Intensity of 20 (1 base, and 19 additional intensity because of the extra POW spent). He assigns all the additional intensity to add to the spell strength (for a default of strength 20, for 4MP). He can still manipulate this with his full Free INT. He uses 4 Free INT on strength (bringing the total strength up to 24; base 1, +19 from inscribed POW, +4 from free INT which costs 4MP), and 8 Free INT on range (340m), with the last 6 free INT on duration (160min). This costs +18MP, a total of 22MP (which is the average of a 4-POW Magic Point Enchantment, rolling on 4d10), or 11MP on Full Moon Day. This spell has strength 24, range 8, duration 6 for a total intensity of 38. At strength 24, Moonfire deals 6D6 damage to a random hit location to everything within a 320m radius each melee round. It can be cast from up to 340m away (just far enough!) and lasts for 160 minutes, or 800 melee rounds (at 5 rounds/minute, I believe?). The spell's active, so if the sorcerer is inside it when he casts he'll quickly die and end it prematurely, but at raw strength alone he could effectively commit suicide and cast the spell at strength 36, with two more points for duration (because why not?), to deal 9D6 damage a round to random hit locations to everything within a 2,560m radius. Still costing 22MP (or 11MP on Full Moon Day). Using the interpretation that the bonus POW extends how much the spell can be manipulated (but that it still costs MP) means that this spell requires +19MP, total of 41MP (about 8 POW), or 21MP on Full Moon Day, which is the average on that big-but-plausible 4-POW matrix. Kablewey. (Note: Not saying this is likely to happen in an actual campaign, unless maybe the very absolute end of one. Just theory-crafting.)