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    Longest character was a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It's set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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  1. For what it's worth, I was rummaging through RQ3 Elder Secrets recently and yes, fetches attuning to a second crystal is supported in that text. P.36 of the "Secrets Book".
  2. IIRC both Teleportation & Guided Teleportation only allow the transported being(s) to carry up to their ENC. Now, if the matrix just happens to be a big ol' rock which they can't carry around... Of course, then there's the problem of getting it into an Orlanth Temple for a recharge.
  3. What, no duck? What kind of Glorantha board is this, anyway...
  4. RQG p.102 has a full chart for different travel speeds if you want it, which does max out at 50km/day mounted on the Royal Roads. Lately I've been using the Guide's hex-maps and hand-waving that the party can travel two hexes in rough terrain, or three in even terrain. It's a bit of a pain in the arse--and makes me wish the AAA had print versions available--but gets the job done without too many tears. In the Bestiary on p.147 has a table for different mount speeds during overland chases comparing both Praxian animals and different horse breeds. I'm not sure how useful the information is, but it could give an idea what's quicker for overland travel when several creatures have a flat MOV of 12. Love the Farsee + Teleportation trick. Almost worthy of the Munckinnery thread... Especially without curvature! Cross Prax in the blink of an eye! I'd recommend caution on trying to co-opt Dragonewt Roads, since most of them go to Dragonewt locations. Of course, that may well just be the start of another fine adventure... Realistically though I suspect that they're unlikely to get an adventurer to a useful location. I'm unaware of current rules support for creating such an item; mostly the enchantment rules work for making matrices, which just hold the spell rather than a modified/longer version.
  5. Per Bestiary p. 169, a disease spirit always has Spirit Combat 75%, and a minimum POW of 9 (rolled POW stat of 3D6+6). That being said, casting Restore Health on a disease spirit is indeed a fine piece of Munchkinnery.
  6. Crel

    Dragon's Blood

    --"Dragonrise", Glorantha Sourcebook, p.40. My adventurers are currently exploring the region around Dragon's Rift and the ruins of New Lunar Temple, and the above text caught my eye in re-reading the section on the Dragonrise for ideas. As far as I'm aware, a True Dragon is really more a cosmic entity than a Middle World one. Further, magic crystals are IIRC the blood of gods either still-living or dead (I don't think this is noted in the GM's Pack, and think my memory comes from RQ3's Elder Secrets or maybe some sidebar in the Guide but I claim no certainty). So that got me thinking: what is a True Dragon's blood like? They're hugely magical and powerful creatures who fight gods in some of the Orlanthi myths, so I reckon their blood my have some parallel properties to a god's blood. Has anyone worked with something like this before? Is there some odd grognard-trivia which talks about True Dragons in that way? What sort of weird powers or characteristics do you think a True Dragon's blood would have? Currently, my thoughts are something involving attunement, like a crystal, but I'd prefer weird abilities to bestow rather than the generic chart. I'm thinking that using one might incur penalties to an adventurer's Elemental Runes? Invoking the whole "detachment from material things" schtick that dragonewts are into. I imagine it could also have some interesting alchemical or other magical properties.
  7. I've GM'd a mixed-species party in RQG for about eight, nine months now, and have some insights. I should emphasize first that our milieu treats RQ more like a "game" than an "improvised drama." Players are in character and think about character decisions, but there's a moderate-to-fair amount of min-maxing in my group. I'd like to note that for most players I've encountered with this attitude, the approach isn't "hurr durr optimal decisions only" but more "What cool stuff can I do, and what options inhibit me from doing cool stuff?" Our campaign has, to date, involved the following non-human adventurers: a baboon, a morokanth, two dark trolls, two trollkin of the Food caste (same player each time--he chose the caste too), and briefly a newtling. Morokanth are an extremely "strong" choice, with their 4AP hide. A morokanth adventurer with close connections to the human world could get some wicked combat tankiness from metal armor. Dark trolls are also a very strong choice, although more dependent on the occupation chosen. The troll Noble and Priestess occupations clearly outstrip human occupation choices. Darksense is massively useful even above and beyond D&D's darkvision. You can soft-nerf it a teeny bit by relying on non-visual descriptions--I usually describe the ability to my players in terms of smell+echolocation--but I'd not push too hard on that, or else it becomes unbelievable that trolls use it as their main means of perception. Baboons are interesting. Being able to climb stuff is very good, provided the player keeps it in mind and is creative. I didn't see enough of the newtling in play to really get a good grip on it, but I think it's viable. Like a duck, the species is going to struggle to be big and tough, but unlike a duck IIRC they are amphibians and can breathe both water and air. I suspect both ducks and newtlings shine the most depending on the environment adventures take place in; if two out of every three adventures takes place in the Zola Fel river valley, I'm sure they'll come in handy. I encourage each group to try having trollkin in the party, at least once. It's... an experience. Our current trollkin is effectively the Issaries merchant's pet because he keeps feeding him table scraps and just barely being useful. And of course, an excellent reason for any trollkin to be partied up with human adventurers is that they won't eat him. Probably. Pluses for trollkin are Darksense and a point of AP. Something to note with many nonhuman adventurers is their bonus AP. Not all have it, but for those which do it definitely makes a difference. An average sword strike by slightly strong human (1D8+1+1D4) on average deals 7 damage. This could nearly or entirely incapacitate a limb on a human wearing decent (4 or 5AP) armor, but deal no HP damage at all to a nonhuman wearing the same armor. Several also have increased STR or SIZ, leading to a higher Damage Bonus; but in my games I've found this causes less impact than increased AP. For playing a dragonewt, I suggest Crested as well, and that the adventurer is a dragonewt which has fallen off the draconic path or whatever, and is basically outside dragonewt culture. Cut them off from reincarnation, basically playing a D&D dragonborn with a weirder cultural history. IIRC the other basic stuff for a Crested Dragonewt isn't over the top, though you'd have to make up occupations. I recommend against playing a Mostali. I don't think the Bestiary entry is comprehensive enough to play one, largely because the occupations have many undefined skills (and in some cases, substantially stronger gear, like the Iron Dwarf's iron chainmail and helm, which could cause a good bit of envy at the table). In addition, their POW-devouring custom sorcery feels lackluster, and I suspect mechanics-inclined players would be disheartened by it. I don't have experience with aldryami, but I like many of the suggestions in this thread (particularly the "go plant special seeds everywhere" hook...). My gut says that Aldryami are basically playable along with Uzko, whereas Mostali are not. On interspecies tensions, my campaign revolves around New Pavis and what nonsense Argrath's getting up to in 1625/6. This provides a framework in which adventurers of all backgrounds & species can meld together because he's a wackjob and actively pursues building an eclectic following. We've experienced few interspecies tensions beyond threats of eating the trollkin (and indeed, eating random things has become something of an in-group meme for this campaign...) In particular, it seems to me that trolls and humans are broadly compatible in ways that some other species combos aren't. After all, many of them just want somewhere to bed down, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy some sex. They're weird to one another, but their basic desires are similar in a way that the desires between humans and Aldryami, for example, aren't.
  8. So what about a sentient elemental?
  9. Crel

    HP in RQG

    I think it's still relevant, as someone who one day, if I ever get to sit in a player's chair again, wants to go rampaging with a pet dinosaur. Maran Gor's got Command Dinosaur for a reason!
  10. I think of it similarly to Sumath; if you fail your Battle roll, that's basically like saying you took a crit in one of the melees involved. So, no armor because that's the biggest, nastiest blow you took during the fighting--smaller ones are probably patched up by the end of the scene. The Battle skill seems intended more for a narrative perspective, not a realism one, in this usage.
  11. I recall a rumor that something similar to 5E's DM's Guild or CoC's Miskatonic Repository was/is in the works. Hopefully soon (but isn't everything "hopefully soon?"), because you're right--there's a dire need for more 1625+ adventures.
  12. Is there a official rule on it? I'm sincerely asking. The way I see/understand it, I feel like that would mean double-dipping on the modifier. If you've got Conceal (05) and add a +5% modifier, you've got a skill of 10% at the beginning of play. And you've got a +5% modifier still then as well? I suppose that would give each adventurer some more variety in their basic skills, but with how easy it is to end up with a big modifier in RQG I feel like I'm probably wrong in that understanding. That's how we ran in RQ3, and how I'd rule in RQG if/when it comes up since most of the (00) skills are Lores or other specialized skills. Gotta have some sort of percentage to get anywhere.
  13. I'm not sure there's a situation in chargen where you add just 5% to a skill (since the electives are +25% and +10%) but that aside... I'd rule they get that percentage added atop the base percent. So, the skill on their sheet would go from Conceal 5% (base) to Conceal 10%. Then when actually attempting the skill in play, they'd be rolling with the modifier, so have a 0 or -5% skill chance, which should IIRC mean they can only succeed if they roll an 01-05 for auto success (provided conditions aren't impossible), with the full 96-00 range a fumble. I've always tracked skills on their own, and then added/subtracted the modifier in play. I'm not sure off the top of my head if there's text which supports a particular approach. But in most situations I believe the 01-05 range always succeeds, just like rolling 96+ always fails.
  14. I've not had an issue, and I've beaten my first printing up pretty bad. Haven't used second printing enough to say (shelf copy v. table copy).
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