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  1. Ooh, that's an interesting idea...
  2. A similar item I like is Ring of Speedart. 1 POW for the spell, 1 POW to link it to a POW Storing crystal (or burn another POW creating a Magic Point Enchantment), and 1 POW for the attack condition "when the enchantment touches an arrow." Wear the ring, make sure it touches your arrows as you fire, and free speedart for your first few arrows. Helps fire multiple times per round if your initial DEX SR is low enough, since you're not taking the time to cast the spell. Also good with Multimissile and Firearrow, but Speedart's cheaper, making it something you don't need to plan a long time to cre
  3. Shores of Korantia for Mythras might have some ideas for you. I really liked it, but I'm a Greece geek and for me it riffed in fun ways on classical Athens with its setup of city-states, etc. I'm not sure how approachable it would be for your table since it's more HISTORICAL fantasy than historical FANTASY. More Thucydides, less Homer. RQG with an Atlantean/Mycenaean veneer sounds fun, to me. I think you'll really want to make sure you've got a copy of The Red Book of Magic. My suggestion is basically assign a few Runes to different Greek Gods, and use those Runes to draw together a thema
  4. I would like to be the first to ask, "When POD?" 😉 But seriously, congrats to Jon and you, and everyone else involved. Genuinely looking forward to #4.
  5. This month's MOTM is now available on the Jonstown Compendium! Continuing our series of Rune Masters, this month's issue of Monster of the Month presents a shaman of the Golden Bow. Vajra is a grief-stricken elder of the Pure Horse People who wanders the skies of Dragon Pass on the back of the great vrok hawk Sunfriend. He is designed to allow the gamemaster to use him as a tragic antagonist, a flawed mentor, or with a blending of themes. In addition to describing Vajra, this issue includes: A sidebar discussing Drugs in Glorantha, including optional Addiction rules, and fo
  6. Crel

    [WIP] Sylthi

    I've posted another playtest writeup over on my blog. It's kind of obnoxiously long, but I hope a few people will find it interesting. During the session, we heroquested the myth I shared previously, "Asrelia Retires," while trying to improvise the heroquesting rules.
  7. I agree with your sentiment/suggestions here - I do think that's how they're intended to work. I just wish similar advice was included within the rulebook. 😄 A good example of what I'd want is the Reputation section. It's not meant to be all-inclusive, and various published adventures use alternate Reputation increases, for a variety of reasons. It does a good job providing guidelines, without necessarily saying "This is the rule, this is the only way Reputation changes."
  8. I understand 0% to be the default, "I don't have an opinion" point. However, 50% does make some sense, because in terms of mechanical adjustments it'd take forever to drop a starting Passion of 60% to zero. I know Passions can and probably should fluctuate more freely based upon GM advice and the roleplay of the players. However, there's no rules or advice for this at the moment published. Relevant:
  9. Honestly, I'd suggest just sticking with this throughout. From my experience GMing it's fairly quick & simple to remember. I generally applied both penalties and bonuses pretty broadly, like Ludo notes he does. In my last campaign, I chose not to use skill augments because I wanted Rune/Passion augments to feel more "special." Ideally, my goal was that it would help RPing because being able to augment would provide the players with a mechanical payoff for non-cult Rune affinities (my group tends to focus on "roll" over "role" instinctively). This also had the side effect that augments
  10. This has been the behavior I notice from my players, too. They rarely use Passion augments, but grub for Rune augments as often as they can, if the percentage is 60/70%+. I mostly follow the same pattern when I play, although I haven't had a lot of opportunities to play. Augment rules are something I need to review, though. I thought they all worked basically the same, but I've been informed each type of augment actually has slightly different rules, not +20%/-20%.
  11. Crel

    [WIP] Sylthi

    Wrote a myth. It's up over on my site. Moving forward, I'll probably just share a link like this for longer stuff, unless someone suggests otherwise. I'll still share pretty pictures here. 🙂 I've also set up a page with which I intend to collect links to myths, session writeups, etc. The myth is about how Ernalda became the Queen of the Universe after Asrelia. It was inspired by a few bits in The Book of Heortling Mythology from the Stafford Library, as well as some of my own opinions about how Glorantha's mythology has, in the past, been written. The title is "Asrelia Retires."
  12. We're in the last few days of DriveThruRPG's annual GM's Day Sale. Lots of great stuff on the Jonstown Compendium has been marked down, including Treasures of Glorantha! If you've been waiting, now is a great time to check it out. If you use this link, you can get the softcover on sale too! However, this discount will only be active until the end of the sale. For those of you who already have Treasures, I'd be ever-so-grateful if you'd take thirty seconds to leave a rating, or five minutes to write a short review. Ratings and reviews really those of us creating content know what we'r
  13. We played a combat-heavy RQ3 game, and then a combat-heavy-ish RQG game. It's pretty impactful. At the old 5min duration, you could stack a bunch of spells, and then jump into the fight. With 2min - ten melee rounds - you can't really cast more than two buffs before initiating a fight. If you try casting, for example, Strength, Protection, and Bladesharp, you may already be down to half duration remaining by the time you take your first sword-swing. I don't know if I'd assign a value-judgement to this change. But it does cause a difference in how my players tactically approach combat.
  14. This month's #MOTM is now available on the #Jonstown Compendium! RENHARTH BLACKVEINS This month's issue of Monster of the Month continues the series of Rune Masters begun last month. Inside, you'll find a terrifying Sword of Humakt, Renharth Blackveins. Raised under the rule of the Lunar invaders, Renharth embodies patriotism without hatred, antagonism with respect. In addition to describing Renharth, this issue includes: Gamemaster advice for using this new Rune Master, including adventure seeds to inspire immediate play Several cult spirits Renharth has bound, including
  15. This is something I'm still a bit torn on, myself. I've put the stats mostly at the back of the two scenarios I published for the JC (The Throat of Winter and Clash with the Quacken, in MOTM #12), and that felt mostly right. I think that it'd be worth developing a limited statblock of some sort for use in-line. This is fairly easy with spirits since it's basically just Spirit Combat skill & damage, but it's more difficult with basically anything else. Maybe just HP, spell list, and important abilities? Various JC authors have been tinkering with ways to handle abridged/improvised stat
  16. Crel

    [WIP] Sylthi

    Here's some stuff I've also shared over on FB. So as not to glut the forum with a lot of different threads, I'm just going to collate anytime I'm talking about Sylthi/Esrolia from now on into this thread. Did adventurer creation for a new RQG campaign last night! Finally get to playtest/chaotically explore the Esrolia material I've been messing around with. We currently have: A Yinkini herder, the neglected son of the prodigal daughter of House Lorel. Despite humble origins, he's made a small name for himself as a warrior in the Esrolian Civil Wars over the last few years. A s
  17. RQ Classic Apple Lane is available for $10 as a POD. https://www.chaosium.com/apple-lane-softcover-pod/
  18. Here's what the core rulebook has to say on guilds, FWIW.
  19. Emotion. Whether or not they have a Loyalty (community) Passion, in RQ-mechanical terms. I don't think this is something which requires an "MPs and POW" type of explanation.
  20. Another one worth noting is player uncertainty about if the fetch's POW adds to adventurer POW for just magic defense, or both defense and attack. That error's relevant because of how the Hero Soul was being compared to the fetch, in that in addition to its other abilities it adds to the adventurer's effective POW. IMO that constant bonus to POW for attack and defense is probably the most powerful ability of Hero Soul, because it doesn't cost resources to activate. Also worth remembering that some rules for Hero Soul were published in TSR: (page 187) Which seems to match up
  21. I speculate that we're seeing a portion of the heroquesting mechanics, not the whole gamut. The adventurers didn't lead the Short Lightbringers Quest, they participated in it. If they were the ones leading—organizing the quest, taking the role Kallyr did, etc. etc.—I imagine the success/failure rules and consequent rewards or penalties are part of the main quester's portion.
  22. Crel

    [WIP] Sylthi

    Thanks! I've ended up reading a lot of archaeologically-bent history recently, and anything I ever read always bleeds into what I'm working on. I can't remember what the lintel relief depicts anymore - a city hero triumphant, I think? - but on the inside of that great wing-fortification, facing those leaving the city, is a similar-size relief of Issaries Pathfinder, blessing those who have visited. Both carved by the same sculptor, a cousin of Everendros (the architect who shaped the great walls).
  23. Crel

    [WIP] Sylthi

    Second portion of my downtime project mapping Sylthi, in Esrolia. As before, this is a rough draft, and questions and/or suggestions are welcomed. Of note is that I'm pretty sure I've mucked up my scale on both this and the previous. Got out a tape measure in my living room to get a grip on what 5m feels like and the scale's probably closer to 6 or 8m per cm in small buildings, 5m in large spaces (like the Hall of Fire). And a vista of the Foreigner's Gate in the south of the map. Less formal, more defensive, with a big ol' relief of Babs telling people to bugger off if t
  24. Do we know how this (or Hero Soul in general) interacts with a shaman's fetch?
  25. I've gathered 2020's issues of #MOTM into one nice, convenient bundle over on the Jonstown Compendium. Need man-eating Illuminate clowns? A cult of trap geeks, or clouds made of sheep? How about a duck leviathan? Monster of the Month has all that and more in this 150+ page bundle. Including printer-friendly NPCs, weird spirit cults, and a full-length adventure, MOTM has something for all players of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Note: I gave it a discount, because I felt slightly silly bundling these together without one. I gave it a *small* discount, because I felt that was mo
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