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  1. https://eightarmsandthemask.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-axe-and-sealed-jar-babeester-gor.html?m=1 There are four short Babeester Gor myths in this blogpost of mine, written to provide an alternate perspective on the cult and goddess. They are not entirely canon-compliant (the biggest variation is in having distilled liquor in Glorantha), but hopefully the worldview they present is helpful for providing the internal perspective of an initiate.
  2. I think it's also worth noting that many, if not most, This World Heroquests are ritual reenactments where you're in less personal danger because the participants are mostly people playing a role. And this distancing from the myth is what makes such quests generally less fruitful, too.
  3. Sodium (ta-metal, tan-metal) Sodium is an exceptionally rare metal, generally agreed to be made from the bones of gods of Sky Water or Firey Water, which are most notably Tanian and his few descendants. As such, godbone sodium has never been recorded. It is generally agreed that it is also possible, like how bronze can be created by combining tin and copper, to create sodium via combining aluminum or quicksilver with gold. The precise process remains unknown to the world at large. The most salient reason for this, as the philosopher Humphrys da Velan notes in his "de Re Foedi", is
  4. Bear in mind that the amount of land necessary to support a temple is dependent on how often that temple is in use, since a great proportion of that land's income is used to provide for sacrifices and rituals, and will also be dependent on the extent to which that temple is commercialized. A clan temple is not very commercialized and is in constant use, so it requires maybe 1500 lunars per year in agricultural income to support its direct operations, while a temple to Uleria or the Temple to All Deities, which are highly commercialized and/or in infrequent use, require substantially less agric
  5. Congratulations to the winners, who both deserve it very strongly!
  6. Eff

    Esrolia houses

    Are the halls on the Nochet map for Houses and Enfranchised Houses which live primarily in Nochet? There are 20 Enfranchised Houses that I count on the Nochet map, which is 10% of the total for Esrolia, which certainly seems to suggest to me that these are "headquarters" halls and country nobility/embassies from the other major cities aren't marked as such on the map. To contrast, about 6% of the population of Esrolia as a whole lives in Nochet, which certainly (and reasonably) suggests that Esrolia's nobility is more urbanized than the population as a whole.
  7. Blue Moon Brothers The player characters are secret operatives for the Blue Moon Assassins/Blue Army in disguise as a group of traveling musicians, or they were, until they ended up involuntarily joining the Danfive Xaron cult to protect the secrets of the Blue Moon cult. Released from prison into a world that's rapidly changed, they learn that in their absence the Blue Army has lost so much ground to the Unspoken Word, Great Sister, etc. that the Blue Army secret training center where they were raised as orphans to be musician-spies is in imminent danger of having the Tax Demons unleashe
  8. How does mining work in Glorantha, anyways? Is there any ore processing that humans do apart from very limited iron mining and smelting, or does metal mining consist of digging out solid nuggets or chunks of godbone with minimal processing? Is the majority of mining open pit or is shaft mining used sometimes? If we're looking at shaft mining (which historically dates back to the Neolithic for valuable minerals) then some of the most important things are fresh air and a low water table. Mining was, historically, a deadly occupation that was frequently the province of slaves or debt peons, a
  9. Yaupon/cassina (a holly plant native to the southeastern US) was used, possibly since the Late Archaic period, to make a highly caffeinated family of hot drinks used for ritual purposes. This is generally called "black drink" and is perhaps more known for the common reports of vomiting shortly after drinking it (Some variants have emetic herbs added to the blend to deliberately induce vomiting, but the vomiting reported outside of those known variants may come from the caffeine content likely being equivalent to 3-6 cups of black coffee in a single serving). Yaupon appears to have been pr
  10. Eff

    Snakes and dragons

    There is also the World Serpent in Hsunchen animistic traditions, which are themselves fairly populated with dragons in the upper hierarchy (Korgatsu, Hykimikyh). My overall theory is that dragonness is a state of being anyone, including gods, can be in, but that it's also one so withdrawn from material concerns that in surviving mythical cycles, the stories are ones of resisting or overcoming draconic temptations. Cutting out the Inner Dragon, as it were. (Or in Aroka's case, cutting out the inner raingod.) And snakes have strong draconic connections because they share more p
  11. In addition to the use of high heels and platforms to increase the height of zzaburi and help them conform to caste stereotype, among Rokari there's also the use of artificial fingernails and wigs to demonstrate a zzaburi's lack of involvement in the duties of a dronar or horal, and distinct, obvious makeup styles to clearly delinate their wizardry in any situation, and flamboyantly colorful clothing to proclaim the wealth of their talar and communities. The frequent sorcerous debate and backbiting often latches onto deficiencies in this presentation as points of attack. No one is quite
  12. It's stated in the Guide that most people in the Provinces abandoned Orlanth for Barntar, but it's also been stated by Jeff Richard that Aggar sees a massive Orlanth-worshiper revolt in the immediate future. So perhaps one way to look at it is that the oppression of Sartar is a specifically contingent thing, with the desire to suppress this gadfly kingdom from the people up in Glamour coinciding with Tarshite fanatical devotion to the Seven Mothers, Red Goddess, and Hon-eel... and rivalry with Sartar, and then further coinciding with a grand magical identification of Rebellus Terminus wi
  13. The lack of an existing cult to initiate the Illuminate properly. The difficulties that would face any human being trying to twist their personality around in such a fashion that they're effectively compelled to behave cruelly, mercurially, pragmatically, rationally, passionately, and dreamily/irrationally whenever faced with the choice. The existence of Glorantha as a fringe character in existing myths, making it difficult to talk to her if you try and revive her cult by venturing onto the Hero Plane. Then you have the matter that Glorantha is dead and doesn't provide
  14. As for RQG Passions, my immediate thought is that by default you'd pick up the new Loyalty Passion at 60% and lower your old Loyalty Passion some. At the very least, it should be below 80%, and if already lower than that... 10 points? Enough to keep the divided Loyalties on your sheet unless you take specific actions to alter them. Obviously, these are alterable by events. Truly burning your bridges could erase a Passion, while doing something to prove true loyalty as part of adoption should boost the new Passion.
  15. Eff


    I think there aren't many connections if we're counting up (eg, what's Hon-eel's connection with Gerra?) but if we're counting down, then there are some substantial connections present: 1) Glamour/Zaytenera: a new beginning, a city emerging de novo. 2) Yara Aranis/Natha: bring balance through violence, guardians of Hells. 3) Hon-eel/Orogeria-Ulurda: dualistic, gives birth to dawn and dusk together, brings life in the form of maize and death in the form of the Hon-eel Rites. So a 5th Inspiration would have Gerra connections and *looks at the 8th Wane* that seems fairly plau
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