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  1. I selected a matrix for Detect Tin at character creation, on the grounds that since it was in the shape of a Dragonewt it was apropos for it to be of dubious usefulness. And then I went and found a use for it (take a tin spoon/utensil, use it like a flare to temporarily blind or shock an attacking troll) and then never actually got to use it so far...
  2. Some say that when ibexes can wander freely from Riverjoin to Corflu, and from Castle Kartolin to Jangi-Shar, then the Red Dancer of Power will reveal her secret name for all to see, choreographed into the stars.
  3. Demi-bird thought: the South American terror birds have living relatives in the serienmas, smaller territorial birds that associate with livestock and are believed to use livestock to disturb the insects that make up a substantial component of their diet. Augners are too big to do the same thing, but the thought of them following herds around looking to pick off sickly animals and also being an apex predator and feeding on other predators is a bit of an attractive one.
  4. Adaptation is necessary but usually in an extremely contextual way. Basically, you can run, at a rough estimate, 90% of everything regardless of time frame, and the remaining 10% is mostly a matter of light adaptation- where it says "Lunar patrol" reading "rival tribe's militia" or something. There are a handful of things that would require heavier adaptation, but those are overall rare.
  5. The big difference is that the Lunar presence in old adventures set in Prax and Sartar will not be there in the "present day" and vice versa. This is not really a huge factor for most individual scenarios, because you can just switch things over to the current governmental authority and change the descriptions a bit. The biggest difference will be the Borderlands campaign, which you may or may not have, where you would probably need to do a lot more work to change Duke Raus and his household from Lunars. You could probably use individual adventures from that without large changes, though.
  6. My default assumption: time goes from strictly chronological to narratological. Spells behave normally in the context of a focused scene that looks like chronological time (eg a detailed fight), but once you go outside of that, they start to stretch or squash. Magic might last for subjective hours, days, or weeks if it's connecting narration and appropriate to what the narration is covering. As for returning to normal time... when you do things properly and safely, it takes a sacramental quantity of time in the external world. 14 days to venture to the Underworld and return with the Gran
  7. Just look at Donald Duck. Unquestionably a successful and respected warrior, unquestionably a coward. Or Howard the Duck. A recognized master of the 36th Nest of Quack Fu, fighter of vampires and bell-themed supervillains, and definitely at 75% or maybe even 80% Cowardly.
  8. Let's dig a little deeper into the phrasing here. Arkat's weapon had "always been the Unbreakable Sword". So perhaps it's not the physical object Arkat held in his hands as he stabbed away, but rather some quality about him which made any weapon he held an incarnation of God-Cleaver. But of course, Arkat would not have had this knowledge from birth. So at some point between 375 and 426, Arkat discovers that the Unbreakable Sword is part of his body or soul, and always has been, on a trip through the Otherside, possibly shortly before initiating into Humakt's cult. The Unbreakable Sword then
  9. I don't think I can cite page references directly, but the rule is to contribute 90% of income (and time). So if you can qualify as a Rune priest on your basic merits, and have substantial savings, you could occupy a position on the basis of financial support. Which is entirely reasonable, especially for NPCs- you go into semi-retirement and spend your days dozing off in the temple courtyard, but you're single-handedly paying for all the sacramental oils and a black lamb every Sea Season, so nobody's going to tell you you *can't* be the Thundering Voice of Orlanth in the Wilmskirk temple...
  10. The main intent for the 9/10ths rule is to say that at the Rune level your character's time not adventuring is devoted to cultic duties. By the rules, someone with vast financial resources could simply pay cash value for a priesthood, which is certainly an option, albeit sinecures are also generally obvious to everyone. So functionally, your characters would need a way to be fulfilling both sets of duties at once in that 90% of their time. This is somewhat easier for Orlanth/Elmalio Kargzantirius dual-runeing, because getting to be the ceremonial Sun for a number of communities is an imm
  11. Perhaps there's some redemption to be found in raining down Moonfire from the sky. Or perhaps it's a way to spread the moon-elf seeds and make sure they germinate properly...
  12. Well, the Hero Wars will kill it off, but just look at the power of Sartar and Nochet, grown on trade. Look at the rise of guilds. Etyries and Issaries whisper a way forward in our ears, one where we can have it all... but alas, you've still gotta bow to the old ways for now. You've still gotta pamper the wannabe Spikes, the upthrust pricks on the thrones. And it turns out that these upthrust pricks can do a lot of damage indeed. (Leaving aside that a world where there's a Ministress of Commerce, the Red Dancer of Power gone rampant, in place of good old TakenEgi, is probably not an espe
  13. Well, I sort of meant that in a broader historical forces sense. What are the forces working in Dragon Pass that Eneera was able to take away the avatarship of the Sorana Tor priestesses of Tarsh? What does it mean that the Grazelands are now the metaphysical center of Dragon Pass? Was Eneera a Pure Horse Woman or a vendref before she had her third birth? Does the triumph of the Feathered Horse Queen represent a sort of political alliance between the disfavored of the Grazelands, the women of the Pure Horse People and the vendref (and possibly other subalterns within the PHP)? For that matt
  14. It is surprisingly difficult to write Gloranthan fiction in a straightforward modernist mode. I made one attempt at doing so that twisted into a similar kind of postmodernist mask over the material as the Blue Arkat fragment, and another attempt that steadfastly refused to stay on the conventional lozenge. So the struggle is certainly real when it comes to presenting these ancient sources/core texts.
  15. I strongly suspect that the Feathered Horse Queen's bodyguards are selected primarily if not solely from vendref. But that gets into the question of just where the Feathered Horse Queen comes from and what political power really looks like in the Grazelands. (Certainly, the Luminous Stallion King seems about as important as actual stallions are to horse herders in the RW.)
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