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  1. Hypothetically, they may have accepted some kind of Lunar Truth about Yu-Kargzant that the traditional tribes reject completely. (And in turn, the abandonment of Yu-Kargzant by many Pentans after the Nights of Horrors might be due to another revelation of this truth...)
  2. Eff


    Historically, although regrettably I can't find the source now, about 10% of the population in Medieval Europe appears to have never had children. That's in the real world and without any relatively outre measures that are within the potential of described Orlanthi society. I think that the total percentage of non-reproductive people in a clan is probably less than 10% on average.
  3. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    An Element Rune is a kind of physical substance. A Form Rune is a kind of shape you can be in. A Power Rune represents one of the basic opposing forces whose conflicts define the universe. A Condition Rune is any other fundamental force or entity, but technically they're Runes which only exist as modifications of other runes (so the sub-elemental rune of Light is on the Condition tree in the Guide to Glorantha). The differences between them are mostly relevant to sorcerers, because spirits and theists aren't directly fiddling with the Runes, they're fiddling with things that emerged from the Runes. So, say, using the Command technique on the Fire Rune allows you to order around the kinds of material phenomena, like fires, which emerge from that Rune, while using the Command technique on the Beast Rune allows you to order around the kinds of beings that have the Form of the Beast Rune (animals), and using the Command technique on the Motion Rune allows you to order around the processes of change and motion in the world, and using the Command technique on the Communication Rune allows you to order around the power of communication and interaction between different people. Or, in practical terms, you would have spells for cooking safely over a guttering fire, spells for driving livestock, spells for keeping your wagon's axle running smooth, and spells for understanding the thick Safelstran accent of the trader. I don't know so much about what the Magic Rune does for you if you've developed it. The Infinity Rune, though, signifies that you've contacted the infinite if you're manifesting it obviously. Everyone that's a capital-h Hero has the Infinity Rune. That's a passive thing, it's a signifier that you've become part of the world outside Time. Using it actively, well... the description is that you can totally control energy flows in an area and magic only works on you if you want it to. The best way to describe this is via the Battle of Pennel Ford. Harrek charges across the front of the Lunar line in order to find Greymane and beat him to death. The Lunar army has their Yelm priests bombard him with every Sunspear they've got. When the light fades, Harrek has merely had his armor melted and is substantially angrier, and then a few moments later every Yelm priest in Kethaela and Dragon Pass has their head explode. That's what Infinity can do for you- it can allow you to shrug off the wrath of the Sun and turn it back on those who delivered it to you. Harrek, Jar-Eel, Androgeus, and a handful of others are some of the only people who can use Infinity to that extent, though.
  4. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    It's officially called the Hunger Rune now, I think? And the main reason for that is that Zorak Zorani zombies and Ezel's army of the Esrolian dead aren't Chaotic where vampires and ghouls are. So there's "undead" things which are an acceptable part of the universe, but the "Undeath" Rune is a blasphemous warping of Life and Death and so it's renamed to express the hunger for blood/braaaains bad-undead have. Chaos can be used as an Elemental Rune, but Chaos can be used as any category of Rune. Usually, though, IMO the typical Chaos cultist is using it as a Condition, because drawing on Chaos as a Form or Element is a good way to start dissolving into gorp, and drawing on it as a Power, well... *points to vampires*. Any Rune can be used for Chaotic purposes, but the Lunar Way will eventually teach you specifically how to draw upon your Moon Rune for that. The Magic Rune is a symbol of the communication between worlds. The Moon Rune is associated with balance and reconciliation between opposites. So by having a prominent Moon Rune in your makeup, you're already naturally inclined to be balanced between your Otherside self and your material self. You're also going to have an easier time learning diverse magic because you're prepared somewhat for the process of reconciling contradictory things. The Moon Rune is also associated with insanity, but one of the key principles of magic is Glorantha is that it's not a sane or rational thing if you're doing something impressive enough. To heroform, you need to convince yourself completely that you really are the incarnated god or hero, so completely that no one can tell you otherwise until you're ready. To gain spirit allies as a shaman, you need to convince them and yourself that you are a worthy and equal partner, or successfully beat them up, which quickly becomes an asinine notion from a rational perspective. What, you, a brief ephemeral mortal, can truly be equal enough to Oakfed or the White Princess to gain one of their close attendants as an ally? And sorcery is all about outright commanding the Otherside to obey you, down to the point of declaring that you sit above gods as far as authority goes if you've got the chops for it. And of course, mysticism is entirely about discarding rational processes in order to achieve deep insights about the nature of reality. Now, ordinarily you would have several competing powers of the Moon that would help split these great powers down into something understandable for pitiful mortals just starting out. Instead, you've got Sedenya, and understanding her all at once will snap you like a twig, and then you have Annilla and Octamo and Artmal as much lesser but slightly more comprehensible Moon deities- at least right up until Sedenya waltzes on in and proves she's all of them, too.
  5. Part of it is that Westerns and jidaigeki are drawing upon similar thematic elements- they're set in a time and place where legitimate authority is absent or distant and violence is part of everyday life, where a solitary figure or a small group of people can reasonably impose order on the world and be right. And so you see some similarities with knight-errant stories from Medieval Europe and youxia stories from China too. (Or for that matter, detective novels in the noir/hard-boiled bent- it's a fun game to watch Yojimbo/A Fistful of Dollars and then read Dashiell Hammet's Red Harvest shortly thereafter.) Another part of it is that jidaigeki is in its modern form a creation of the film and television industry more than novels and Japan was absolutely wild for American movies during the early part of the 20th century. So pretty much anyone making a jidaigeki movie when the genre was being defined had seen stuff from Bronco Billy up to about Stagecoach. And then after the 1950s the genres feed off each other substantially.
  6. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    It's also odd that it seems to have been utterly ineffectual at actually defeating Sheng. Yara Aranis spends a whole Wane preparing herself to challenge Sheng, loses, loses so badly that Kostaddi abandons the Lunar Way completely and Sheng ascends as a star the very next year, and then appears to be a total non-factor in the Battle of Kitor... (Which appears to be Sheng invading Carmania rather than Magnificus reconquering Lunar territory.) Overall, the Seleran wars are fairly confusing. The Reaching Moon also seems to be a non-factor in the Nights of Horrors and the Redlands Revolt, for that matter. Perhaps Yara Aranis exists solely to provide the very specific Lunar Hell Sheng is chained up in? Edit: And the Glowline would be a byproduct of the human sacrifices that provide her with the power to keep Sheng and other minor inmates like Hofstaring Treeleaper contained.
  7. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    This is from a relatively old source- can't remember if it's Thunder Rebels or SKoH, and I'd be perfectly fine with discarding it for generally accepted Glorantha. It really doesn't make much sense, after all.
  8. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    I think this would only be true for Sartarites and for a period after their arrival in Dragon Pass. Maybe Volsaxi too. (Belintar made use of the Moon Rune for the Holy Country, so I don't think he'd be especially fond of Heortlanders doing this). But a period of about 300 years of infanticide would be traditional enough in the real world. But it's entirely possible that most anti-Lunar folk beliefs only postdate the Lunarization of Tarsh! That would be a very rapid cropping up but such things have happened in the real world too.
  9. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    Traditionally, a child discovered to be strong with Moon or Chaos (or presumably Hunger/Undeath, although that would be even rarer!) would be killed. Pro-Lunar clans probably didn't do this under the occupation for Moon children, though.
  10. Eff


    Yeah. If the warrior women cults are just game-mechanical abstractions to allow women to play traditional adventurers while not being weirdos like Humakti and Storm Bullies or Lunars, then the restrictions are kind of 🤔. But if they have a Gloranthan reason for existing, then they're pretty much fun. Unicorn riders! Earthquake summoners! Women with bright red hair doing the Final Fantasy Dragoon thing with wind magic! The Kalin Kadiev (iirc) art of the Axe Maiden where she's painted her hands blood red up to the wrists and the rest of her arms the color of dark earth! All prime stuff!
  11. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    Well, I have my own theory, namely that the seventh soul is the representation of Chaos within the self. But it's also possible that it's seven as in one better than the completion of six elements and six forms, or seven as in one fewer than the eight powers and thus near-completion. Numerology is fun and frustrating, or, perhaps, funstrating.
  12. Eff


    Well, I actually see them as parallel. You can go deeper on either "track", (a surface level of the plower-and-sower role might well be what a friend described as her view of the prototypical Vingan: a sunburned woman sitting on a dock and fishing without a care in the world) and eventually emerge somewhere in deep mysteries.
  13. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    Oof, BoHM is one of the gaps in my Gloranthan knowledge. Interesting that the large birds of prey seem to be divided in that way. Essentially, Trickster in Glorantha is much more a Loki or maybe Coyote figure than Reynard or Nanabozho or a "contrary". Violently self-destructive and only helpful because he's usually to blame in the first place.
  14. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    Hawks, eagles, and falcons are most closely associated with the Sky, or rather with the Sun. Thankfully, the Orlanthi do have acceptable ways to mediate the powers of the Sky within their society (Elmal, Yelmalio, Rigsdal the Night Watchman), but a child with those kind of Solar connections would probably be marked for something. Priests and god-talkers would probably try to make sure that that something takes the form of "cast out from the Sky people and so of course we'll take them in as the hospitable Storm people". They may or may not succeed. I endorse all of this.
  15. Eff

    All about Tricksters

    Not if it's a Storm bird, like waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans) are!
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