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  1. We can link this to the Epic of Gilgamesh. Enkidu, wild, unformed, golem in several senses, encounters Shamhat, and is initiated by her into civilization by sex, being taught the mysteries of fashion and grooming. Enkidu then becomes the faithful companion/lover of Gilgamesh of Uruk, and is able to temper Gilgamesh and transmute wild unformed animal energy into strength and power through this encounter with the feminine. When Enkidu dies, he first curses Shamhat for awakening him to consciousness, and then blesses her for it. (It's no surprise that at least one recent take on the Epic of
  2. Eff

    Solar Campaign

    The best way of putting it is that before Death came out of the Underworld, things didn't ever actually die. What happened was that you'd break them into smaller pieces, and if you were unlucky, those pieces would be changed enough to not want to go back to the way they were before and join together, and perhaps you'd end up like Umath- a wreck, too weak to do anything, reliant solely upon your shards/children to do everything. But if you were even less lucky, you'd be fighting a thing of Chaos that could transform you so totally you forgot what you were, or split you into 49 or 343 or 2401 or
  3. On that note, I have discovered an authentic signature of the God-King, deep within a repository of autographs (Ironhoof had terrible handwriting, as a side note): Incredible the things you can find in archives these days.
  4. Eff

    Solar Campaign

    Well, think about it this way: good Lodril isn't around when bad Lodril is loose and vice versa. If you're not aware of the fact that they are the same deity, you might well think that Derdromus had imprisoned Turos, or that Turos could threaten to unleash Derdromus, as if they were two separate people. And they might even be separate personalities of the same entity! In fact, if you're praying to Turos/Lodril, only Derdromus/Monster Man is going to answer back, which would make the imprisonment seem credible.
  5. It has just occurred to me that one particular manifestation of the six-slice pizza that is the Holy Country in the material world is the layout of the core Disneyland parks: six themed areas laid out in a supposed circle around the central palace of wonders. Of course, the actual Disney parks follow this shape only on maps, and there are all kinds of tricks of liminality played by the Imagineers/Masters of Luck and Death to carefully blend the Sixths together. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, beyond the combination of pure artifice and control with spontaneous discovery of the proper t
  6. The tax value of a hide is 25W, which is 500L. A clan has 200 hides by definition, so it has a tax value of 100,000L embedded in that. Much of this is not liquid wealth and putting it up as collateral for a loan would be a complex process, but this is also neglecting sources of wealth not counted as part of the hide, like shops and mines and quarries and so on. Nor does it count the value of clan members as day laborers. It seems fair to say that a clan's financial resources could be mobilized to pay a lot of wergild or ransoms, but that doing so would put the clan in hock for a long time, sin
  7. Eff

    Solar Campaign

    Gorgorma and Monster Man... So, you have five very prominent goddesses in the big Dara Happan myth complex. You have Ourania, who rules the domestic life of the Sky Dome, Dendara, wife of Yelm, Entekos, ruler of the air and calmer of storms, Oria, the fertile earth and peasant woman goddess, and Gorgorma, who is the mirror image of these four faces of virtue. Gorgorma is insouciant, impure, corrupts whatever she touches, and in at least some material has a vagina dentata thing going on which I take as a kind of representation of that inversion- she devours with that mouth instead of anyth
  8. There's an entire city which has disappeared beyond anyone's acknowledged ability to access. Perhaps it's the core of a growing White Moon, or perhaps it's on the Red Moon, or still in the Middle World, but only visible to those who have the eyes to see... I also have to wonder if some of the other acknowledged demigod children of the Red Goddess, like Moonson's Cousin, are involved with the White Moon. They'd have some real authority and they're a lacuna in "official" Lunar history...
  9. Eff

    Solar Campaign

    Yeah, Shargash is everywhere. Often secondary, sometimes primary. Ernalda: There's a basic and fundamental difference going on here. Orlanth's position as King of the Gods is not inherent. It's a consequence of his deeds. Which is to say, the celestial order is made good through Orlanth acting to please Ernalda and thus retaining the Earth's assent to rule. Yelm is the Emperor because he is. His soul, his essence, is that way and cannot be anything else. As such, Dendara grants Yelm righteous authority if he behaves in a righteous fashion in turn. Thus, the sovereignty-granti
  10. Eff

    Solar Campaign

    Shargash: Shargash's holy city, Alkoth, was made from a bead from his necklace, or perhaps a bangle, that fell as he was slaying some monster. Shargash took it and placed it around some of his chosen people and made that the first of his Enclosures/temples. Alkoth has indestructible walls of green with a gemstone-like luster. The city gates are all tunnels underneath them. Alkoth is a magical place, part in the Middle World and part in Shargash's corner of Hell. Everyone who lives in the city is thus metaphysically dead, and everyone who enters for the first time receives a quick fu
  11. Yelmalio's restrictions on fire magic as part of a geas would probably still operate, but those are less encompassing than they might appear- they cover the use of fire magic for combat purposes, mostly, not things like Ignite. More generally, I think the tension between being a Cold Sun and Hot Sun cultist is probably manageable but also something that's ripe for dramatic tension over whether you're a blazing source of heat and life or a cold incarnation of justice and hope.
  12. Deep Lore Cut, from a Lunar-ish perspective- Yelm's Illumination comes when he accepts that Kazkurtum, "No Center" is part of himself, and that there can be an Emperor and a King of the Gods and so on and so forth. This is far too granular for RQG rules, I think, but if I were running a heroquest back to the Golden Age then the Emperor would definitely be defined by Stasis and holding things still and in place, and it's only after disintegration and reassembly that Yelm is defined by Fertility and Death. (Unless of course I was running one where the point is a clockwork universe of pure order,
  13. As the player in question, I thought about it and realized that the big thing here is ultimately the style of play you're going with, and I wanted to play characters who were driven by assorted deep drives and relationships. Also, if you've got that 90% Honor passion on your sheet, might as well make it work for you, and sit down and play dominoes honorably and hope that 20% augment negates the double-blanks the tilesharp has up their sleeves... Also, I remembered my Pendragon PC from a Great Pendragon Campaign game becoming friends with Gawain over their mutual berserk rages thanks
  14. Do we mean RQ initiation to Lodril? Because I think that Lodril is certainly worshiped (in a variety of roles) but I think that initiates to Lodril are fairly uncommon and probably focused more on identifying more with the heat of earthly fires than with the solar light.
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