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  1. The latest release from The Design Mechanism is live! Jesra Vorak, a renowned Fighter from Greymoor, hires the characters for a perilous adventure into Ravenholm. On a mission to find her family sword, Salvation, and destroy the enemy that inhabits her ancestral home, Jesra seeks only the most heroic allies. Many dangers await the characters in Ravenholm, most of them unknown; Jesra is determined to fulfil her destiny and cleanse her bloodline of its darkness or die trying. Will the characters become legendary heroes, or be doomed by Jesra's obsession? A Classic Fantasy scenario for Rank 3 characters. Available from DrivethruRPG in PDF ($6.99) and POD ($14.99): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/257909/R1-Salvation The Design Mechanism store in PDF ($6.99): http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Adventure-Module-R1-Salvation/p/126096319/category=23403107 Lulu in POD ($11.99): http://www.lulu.com/shop/darvin-martin/tdm507-r1-salvation/paperback/product-23902595.html
  2. Mythras Imperative: A short but sweet introduction to the Mythras Rules, and a big hit from customers looking to get into the Mythras gaming system. Here's what Brendan O had to say at Drivethrurpg:"I have yet to actually run a game with the rules, but this quickstart did a phenomenal job of explaining the system in a quick, digestible fashion. I read the whole thing over several days on my phone while waiting in line, eating lunch, waiting for the elevator, etc. Even though I read Mythras Imperative in such a casual manner, I feel completely confident in my ability to run a game using the rules. Furthermore, this quickstart has convinced me to shell out for the complete Mythras core rules. I highly recommend Mythras Imperative if you are undecided on the system. It's free and explains the system with excellent clarity and reasonable brevity."Check it out for FREE!http://thedesignmechanism.com/resources/TDM110%20Mythras%20Imperative.pdf
  3. An adventure pack for Mythic Britain... The fenlands of eastern Britain, where Celtic and Saxon tribes clash, and where old enmities between Britons do not always mean a united front against a common enemy. The spirits are quiet. The goddesses shackled. And a murder has been committed... Waterlands: Adventures in the Great Mire takes you into the desolate fens - a place of deep mystery and darker secrets. The central adventure involves the characters acting as emissaries for their Lord as a betrothal takes place, but soon becoming investigators as matters take an unexpected turn. The setting provides a mini campaign with extended adventure seeds, and full encounter tables for the mysterious and threatening denizens of the Great Mire. Available in Softcover, with a free PDF copy for $10.99 Also available as a PDF alone for only $5.99 Design Mechanism Store: http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Mythic-Britain-Waterlands-Adventures-in-the-Great-Mire/p/114392635/category=24197109 Drivethru RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/246666/TDM204-Waterlands
  4. Glad to see people are enjoying so far! Anybody else had a chance to look it over yet and have thoughts?
  5. Welcome to Gemini City... Down in Brigadier Bay, someone has a grudge. Gang members are taking a beating; corrupt cops are taking more than a pay-off. But Gemini City has always had vigilantes - this is someone with a score to settle, and there will be no rest until everyone has been made to pay. It is down to the heroes to get to the bottom of things, and ensure that innocent people are not caught in the fall out... This is the time of the Agony and the Ecstasy...! Agony & Ecstasy is a self contained superhero adventure for Mythras and Mythras Imperative. Use the heroes included, or create your own, and take to Gemini City’s mean streets to investigate the brutal activities plaguing the Ossuary district, and Brigadier Bay in particular. The scenario is especially suited to beginning players and characters, and includes a range of super powers to get you started. The special C.O.P.S alerts provide lots of scope for side adventures, and the pre-generated heroes cover a wide range of street-level superhero styles! This 28 page softcover scenario for the Mythras system is available from our webstore at http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Agony-&-Ecstasy/p/113517558/category=5186110 It is also available at Drivethru RPG at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/247862/TDM124-Agony--Ecstasy and from Aeon Games Publishing (http://www.aeongamespublishing.co.uk/). The print edition is $10.99 and includes a copy of the scenario in PDF. The PDF is available alone for $4.99. We have pre-generated characters available for free download from our website, and the scenario itself has all the rules needed, alongside Mythras Core Rulebook or Mythras Imperative to create your own custom superheroes. Check it out!
  6. The latest Mythras supplement Agony and Ecstasy should be launching any day now, and to whet your appetite for superheros, superpowers, and a new fantastic adventure scenario, we've put together a set of six superhero characters for you to take a look at. Get your first look at the superpower system, and get inspired for your own heroes and villains! You can check out the premade characters Here let us know what you think! Agony and Ecstasy will be $10.99 in hardcopy (with a free PDF included), $5.99 for the PDF only, and will be available through our web store, Drivethru RPG, and Lulu, and all the very best FLGSs (If yours is one of the very best and doesn't carry them yet, let them know to let us know!)
  7. That's definitely a good catch, and I'll pester Loz about it until he does it just to shut me up!
  8. I'm sure he has at least a few paternal feelings towards me, but alas we are not family.
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