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  1. I'm trying to make a customized sheet to my PC in RPG in Text processor (MSWord, OpenWriter, etc.) (I'm a very noob in this battles), so can you give me some links to any tools, lake fonts, frameworks, images, etc. useful for it (or recommendations), thanks so much.

  2. Ok, with spirits the control entity is useful if you have them in a matrix or in your fetch, but what about corporeal species like a horse. For example, I want to control the horse of my enemy, prior to control, I send a spirit to reduce its mp's to 0, and I have an unconcius horse, ok? and, then I cast the control (horse) spirit spell and... I can command an unconcious horse, I don't think it is very useful, so I think there is anything else I don't know.


  3. I´m playing a Kolati shaman in the eleven lights campaign in RQ Rolelaying in Glorantha (a Free Adaptation from my GM) and I want to take the Spirit Affinity to bargain better with the Air Elementals, so I don't know which is the correct category for that kind of spirits: Main category which gives me a 10% in command and -10% to others to control my spirit or the minor category, which gives 20% and -20%?

    Thanks for your answers.

  4. Hi. In RQ Roleplaying in Glorantha, shamans of certain cults (Daka Fal, Waha) acts as priests of the cult. Does it means they have the benefits and obligations of a priest, like easy chance to increase Pow, more oportunitties to increease it and to recover rune magic.? Or is it only a social role in the community? Since is easier to became a shaman than to became a priest I think the correct answer is the second but I want to ask another people. Thanks for your answers.

  5. In the RQG corebook, in page 73, in cult starting skills you can read "Each cult has starting skills taught to his members. Add the listed skill bonuses to these skills. Add an additional +20% to one of these starting skills and + 15% to another...", but in the Vasana's saga (the sample character), I don't see this bonus and I think that you can get a +40 to one skill via cult is too much increase. what do you think? You take this bonus in the character generation? thank you.

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