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  1. Makes sense, although the ride skill only mentions animals.
  2. What skill makes the more sense to drive a motorcycle? Drive Auto, or Ride? Or maybe even Pilot: Motorcycle!?
  3. I appreciate the concept of Build in CoC7 (combination of Size & Strength) as it makes sense for maneuvers: in general, a strong and heavy person will be harder to push than a similarly strong yet skinny person. However, it makes no sense for the Build of a creature to affect how easily it is to shoot it. According to the manual, if the target is Build -2 or smaller, one penalty die needs to be applied to the shooting skill. If the target is Build 4 or more, one bonus die is applied instead. This is absolutely illogical. If two targets are of identical size, it shouldn't be easier to shoot one just because it has more Strength. As it is, a strong dwarf is easier to shoot than a weakling dwarf of the exact same size! Typically this weird quirk of CoC7 has admittedly low impact on play, as Strength & Size tend to correlate & investigators generally can't be of Size -2 or 4+. However, the rule fails spectacularly when dealing with small creatures of supernatural strength (think Chucky from Child's Play), in which case said creature may have Build 0, even though it is quite small! Hence, I decided to change the rules to the following: "When shooting at a creature with a size of 32 or less, a penalty die is applied. When shooting at a creature with a size 143 or more, a bonus die is applied." The modified rule should produce the same result as the official rule when Strength and Size are the same, but may give different results if Strength and Size are very different. This should make it more intuitive for your Keeper to add murdering dolls to your game. You're welcome.
  4. Is there any adventure or supplement out there that provides rules for winter sports (skiing, snowmobile, snowshoes, etc)? I'm going to be running an adventure taking place during a snow storm and I was wondering what rules I could adopt. I know "Cold Warning" has a Driving Mishap Table for driving under snowy roads & a Frostbite Table, but beside that I don't really know any scenario that provides rules for dealing with ice and snow.
  5. My main concern is that it's almost impossible to have a well-balanced chase with such a swingy Speed Roll (CON roll). For example, if a Move 8 PC chases a Move 8 cultist, you could end up with the cultist having three times as many actions per turn as the PC, or the PC having three times as many actions as the cultist...
  6. I do enjoy the chases rules of 7th edition CoC. They can be really fun and a good chase can feel like a horror movie. However, I have issues regarding some aspect of the chase rules, First, the chase depends too much on the initial Speed roll for movement, especially for the NPCs chasing/get chased by the investigators. Most PCs will have a default move between 7 and 9. Suppose the PCs are chasing a cultist with a Move of 9. If the cultist fails its CON roll, he ends up with a Move of 8, and the chase will probably be quite easy. If he gets an extreme success, the cultist ends up with a Move of 10 and the PCs will likely automatically lose the chase. It's very hard for Keeper to make an enjoyable chase with such high random factor. Second, the chase behaves totally differently if a slow investigator joins the chase. For example, if two Gnoph-Keh (Move 9) chases four investigators with Move 8, the Gnoph-Kehs will move twice as fast as the investigators - making it hard for the investigators to escape, and potentially resulting in a TPK. However, if the same Gnoph-Keh chases three investigators with Move 8 and one investigator with Move 4, then the Gnoph-Kehs will have 6 actions each round while the Move 8 investigators will have 5 - which means the three Move 8 investigators will likely escape. So adding a slower investigator to the chase can actually be more beneficial for the investigators than adding a fast one, and the balance of each chase will dependent on if slow investigators take part in them or not. Thirdly, the rules state that a chase is automatically resolved if the speed of the chasers is less than what they are chasing. This is problematic: if the fleeing character is much worse at avoiding obstacles than the chasers, the chasers may well be able to catch their quarry in time. Also, flying monsters are likely able to catch a faster car if the road is windy. It is telling that the cool illustration of two cars chased by a Hunting Horror on a mountain road (page 143) is almost impossible to happen according to the rules because the Haunting Horror has Move of 11 while the slowest car has a Move of 13, so the cars should automatically escape. My personal recommendations would be to avoid the CON check for NPCs (just assume they win the CON check) & to not chase the PCs if the party has a slow investigator, and to apply judgment on when a chase should be automatically resolved.
  7. From my copy of the manual, the "Listen" skill default minimum is 20%. However, from the Autocalc character sheets provided by Chaosium, the default minimum "Listen" is 25%. So which one is it? 20% or 25%?
  8. Nice! Any idea on when the pdfs will be available?
  9. Some words have hyphens in them even though they shouldn't. Examples: "ra-ther", "disappear-ances", "un-canny", etc.
  10. Personally I would have a talk with the Keeper and ask him how long it will take for your investigator to "toughen up". If you don't find it enjoyable to continuously lose sanity for trivial things while the rest of the team is acting like total bad-asses then you should tell your Keeper.
  11. Neat! Btw, Camp Sunny has some formatting errors - any chance those get fixed in the future?
  12. Is it too late to take part in A Time to Harvest? I've joined the Cult of Chaos but I can't find the adventure anywhere. EDIT: They can be found in the email I got after joining the Cult of Chaos.
  13. Thank you! I'll check it out. It's a Delta Green scenario, with very strong monsters. The description of the monster (Ubbo-Sathla) explicitly states, "The agents will likely resort to incendiary rounds or explosives - or else will run, which isn't a bad choice".
  14. My players may be facing a monster that is resistant to conventional weaponry but not to fire. They have the credentials and resources to obtain Incendiary Rounds. However, the 7th edition rulebook does not contain stats for such ammunition. Maybe a previous edition manual has stats for incendiary rounds? If not, what do you think would be balanced?
  15. I just checked and it is! It's at the end of Chapter 7.
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