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  1. Is there any information about disappeared city of the White Heart, or the White Heart Revelations?
  2. So actually when we can get these holy books, preferably down-loadable ones? In order to placate the conquering evil spirits of Crowned raven, we need the help from as many gods as possible. In another words, we Japanese Glorantha-philes are quite bored and having a lot of free time, as most of us are under the self-imposed isolation because of the CORVID-19. To kill time, and satisfy my craving for Gloranthan experience, we desperately need these guides now!!
  3. Even though variant/mask cults share many things with their main cults, their cult compatibility tables are not same, I think. So, GoG will have some guidance in order to adjust its CC for variants, maybe?
  4. How sad to hear this news. May all good spirits guide his journey to the true spirit world.
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